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A teenage girl was stabbed to death 16 years ago in her own home. Her stepfather has been arrested.

Claremont killings: Alleged serial killer Bradley Edwards found guilty of two of three murders from 1990s

The Justice File: Who killed Mona ‘Heather’ Ulibarri? Part 2 (Part 1 previously posted)

Mother makes plea for information in case of missing children, Gage Daniel and Chloie Leverette

DNA pinpoints 12 potential new victims of France’s most notorious serial killer, Michel Fourniret

McLennan County cold case squad searches for remains in 18-year-old disappearance case

Mom of missing Welch girl pleads for tips from the hospital while battling liver failure

NEW LONGREAD: Who Was Alberta Jones? Murder of Louisville’s First Black Female Prosecutor Remains Unsolved

NEW LONGREAD: Dail Dinwiddie: 28 Years Later

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Double slaying remains unsolved


Investigators pursue 42-year-old unsolved homicide case with new DNA technology

A raw, open wound” The unsolved disappearance of Sheila St. Clair

Where Is Erika Lloyd?

Police investigate British woman’s disappearance in France a year ago

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Gulfport double slaying remains open cold case

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Murder of Elkins Park man remains a cold case 10 years later


Fort Worth Police on Arrest in 1974 Case Murder of Carla Walker

The Justice Files: Who murdered Mona ‘Heather’ Ulibarri?

PODCAST EPISODE: Cold Case Of Mom And Baby Last Seen In 1993

Ohio cold case unit looking into unsolved homicide of Fairfield 15-year-old

Police call overseas expert over missing Victorian campers

Heartbroken mother pleads for answers in disappearance of daughter

NEW LONGREAD: Police back on trail of real estate agent’s unsolved 1979 slaying

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who killed Mark and Maria?


After Human Bones Found in OC, Family Hopes for Link to 60-Year-Old Disappearance

Suspected Tonawanda serial killer dies (plus VINTAGE LONGREAD)

Boy, 6, called 911 after he saw gunmen kill mother and gravely wound dad

We don’t want revenge’: Parents’ plea for answers 22 years after daughter vanished

How Hong Kong teen’s mysterious death became a magnet for conspiracies

Kevin Dundon 1980 ferry disappearance: Foul play feared

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who killed Dusty Shuck?

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 1974 slaying remains an unsolved mystery


VINTAGE LONGREAD: The murder of Mark Twohey (part one + part two)

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Elderly woman’s death still baffling

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Orange park murder remains unresolved

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 10 years later, Wone murder remains a mystery

VINTAGE LONGREAD: In 1966, a Menomonee Falls secretary was stabbed more than 100 times. Her murder has never been solved.


ADBLOCK-BLOCKED: 36 years unsolved: Sandy Rea disappearance a mystery

Former Pasco officer recharged with murder in connection with 1986 Spokane killing

US private investigators identify suspect they believe murdered Annie McCarrick

Emily Osmond’s family still wonders what happened 13 years after her disappearance

Docuseries hopes to solve East Texas cold case

Family hopes T-shirts will aid in finding missing Hermiston woman

NEW LONGREAD: Bones hikers found in York County remain a mystery 7 years later

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Time hasn’t eased cold-case pain

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Sole survivor of family doing OK after ghastly bludgeoning, rape + CODA (plus bonus OVERLAPPING “Bee Ladies” murders)


Decades later, Hamilton nurse’s vicious murder haunts those left behind

Man’s death on train tracks a mystery 30 years later

Missing in Lauderdale County: What happened to Rebecca Paulk?

Amarillo police issue plea for public’s help in solving Nicole Moore case

5 years later, family and police still seek answers in Kandice Singbeil’s disappearance

NEW LONGREAD: Who killed Albert Woolfolk?

NEW LONGREAD: Before Theresa Allore’s 1978 disappearance: The life she lived

NEW LONGREAD: ‘Keeping her memory alive’: The Kim Simon case 35 years later (plus PHOTOS)

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