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Man charged with manslaughter in death of Denise Pflum 34 years later

conejoN.Y. Daughter Helps Crack Case of Dad’s Killing After Police Said He Died in Fall

deorrDeOrr Kunz vanished 5 years ago today. Here’s where the investigation stands.

blackburnDNA discovered thanks to new tech

conroyNorth Vancouver true crime writer launches cold case podcast

radinaDeathbed confession sparks renewed search for missing schoolgirl

maliMystery beheadings stir fear in remote Mali town

perryNEW LONGREAD: ‘My heart’s broken, I just want to know what happened and why’

SCHNEE1SCHNEE2‘You can’t walk away’: A Colorado double murder and the chase for closure before time runs out


Man charged five years after the disappearance of missing baby Leonna Wright

John Mooney paroled after serving time for 1977 murder of T.K. Harty in Athens

Family Janine Vaughan hoping to meet with Bathurst bar staff, patrons

Family Of Diamond And Tionda Bradley Search For Answers

‘Dad’s been shot’: Harrowing story of a Danville family’s tragic off-roading trip

Deltaville killing remains unsolved three years later

NEW LONGREAD: ‘Where’s Flossie?’ solved as neighbor admits to alleged murder

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Murder of UNO student still unsolved 47 years later


July 9 marks the 16-year anniversary of Courtney Struble’s disappearance

‘It hurts me today the same as it did the first day when she went missing’

It’s been 26 years since Debra Asbury went missing

Bengal Serial ‘Chain’ Killer Sentenced To Death (plus VINTAGE LONGREAD)

Jogger Discovers ‘Badly Decomposed’ Human Head on Side of Road

NEW LONGREAD: Disappearance of Juanita Nielsen remains a mystery, 45 years on


Teenagers Filming TikTok Video Discovered Couple’s Remains

Hot Desert, Cold Cases: Lynsey Chainhalt In Phoenix

Friday marks 28 years since murder of Covington woman

VINTAGE LONGREAD: ‘Is John really dead?’: The mysterious disappearance of John Brisker

NEW LONGREAD: Questions haunt the 1974 murder of a West End woman (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4 + part 5 + part 6 + part 7 + part 8)


‘She had so much living to do… she will never be forgotten’

Capital murder case dismissed against man connected to 1979 cold case

Decatur man charged in 2018 murder of Kay Thomasson of Sandy Springs

Widower of Pittstown poisoning victim accused of beating man with hammer

NEW LONGREAD: Still no arrest in 2012 Linden High School grad’s slaying 

NEW LONGREAD: Why hundreds of people vanish into the American wilderness

VINTAGE Texas Monthly LONGREAD: The Sins of Walker Railey (plus CODA)


Families hoping for closure 32 years after disappearance

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Boy’s disappearance still a mystery

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Woman’s disappearance still a mystery

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Festus teen’s disappearance still a mystery 25 years later

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Woman’s 1997 Disappearance Still a Mystery


Missing for more than 20 years, Help Us Find: Karina Gaitan

COLD CASE MURDER: Family still wants answers 16 years later

Skull found in Clewiston near location of woman’s headless body

Notorious death row inmate dies from COVID-19

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 38 years later, Patricia Webb death still a mystery

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 30 years later, Greenwich native’s death in N.H. a mystery

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