DAILY DREAD: You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style

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I’ve never been able to find any other information about this crime but I’ve always loved this photograph; it’s like a still from Adam-12 art-directed by the Beastie Boys


For the next two weeks we’re going back to old-school Daily Dread so I can work on something else during quarantine; I expect the crime news will be minimal but I’ll scrounge up whatever I can.


Police still searching for girl who disappeared decades ago

Superior Court overturns Beaver County conviction in 1979 slaying

Police offering $100K reward in decades-old cold case of shot undercover cop

Woman Missing Since March Is Found Dead — and 3 Are Charged with Murder

Nine years missing, Fluvanna deputies still hope for tips in Hourihan case

Jupiter police ask public for help after husband arrested in woman’s death

Donnell Still Seeks Answers About Father’s 1994 Death

VINTAGE LONGREAD: A Cold Case: Lake Huron Boating Mystery

VINTAGE LONGREAD:  Solving the Perfect Murders of L’Affaire de Chevaline (part one + part two)


Investigators make ID in 50-year-old Salem, NH cold case

Police still receive regular calls on murder of girl, 14

NEW LONGREAD: 1910 Seacoast murder still cold case

NEW LONGREAD: Jacob Cabinaw: A decade missing

NEW LONGREAD: The chilling story of the Bradford serial killer known as the Black Panther

VINTAGE LONGREAD:  12-year-old boy’s death remains mystery 40 years later


Mystery of NYC’s ‘Red Circle Slayer’ who branded victims with lipstick

Unsolved in Suffolk: The murder of Linda Smith

Missing Mesa woman found dead; police investigating case as a homicide

Family desperate for answers in 2016 disappearance of Mercedes Toliver

Rondreiz “Junior” Phillips went missing 2 years ago (brace for autoplay)

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Despite cold trail, Randy Hansen pursued justice for Aaroné Thompson

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Detective won’t let case of murdered Elvis die


Mom speaks on arrest in daughter Honey Malone’s 8-year-old cold case

Third anniversary passes in P.A. missing persons case

2007 Verona missing person case looks to reopen

VINTAGE LONGish READ: Family of Four Found Dead in Home

VINTAGE LONGREAD: ‘The pain she must have went through’: Cold case unsolved after 39 years

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Mysterious death still unsolved


Cops find two ‘decades-old’ bodies in ‘creepy’ flasher’s garden

Teenager arrested in connection to homicides of Madison doctor, husband

Murder Files: 4 Most Notorious Serial Killers in South American History

Inmate’s mysterious death in central Pa. prison was an ‘unlawful killing,’ family claims 

Halifax investigators seek information on 30-year-old unsolved murder

NEW LONGREAD: Alicia Ross: Everyone’s daughter



1972 killing of 12-year-old Fairfax County girl has been solved, police say

Missing Midfield mother Tiffany Osborne found dead under mattress

Suspect in 1985 Northwest Florida cold case murder found dead in jail cell

Sister of woman killed in shed arson homicide still grieves 3 years later

Search called off as mystery over disappearance deepens

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Coalition seeks to heat up murder investigation of Sheriff’s Office lieutenant

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Rockford man’s slaying haunts loved ones 15 years later


Cold Case Benton Harbor: The Disappearance Of Glenna Jane West

Trio busted in 2011 cold-case murder of Brooklyn cafe owner

Disappearance Of Waukegan Attorney Has ‘Unusual Characteristics’

Woman with ‘Smile that Lit up the Room’ Is Found Dead — as Police Investigate 

NEW LONGREAD: 33 Years After Dubious Conviction, Joe Bryan Released on Parole

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Unsolved slaying haunts Magnolia family

VINTAGE Texas Monthly LONGREAD: A Dark Journey into the World of a Man Gone Wild


MULTI-PART PODCAST: She’s Gone: Podcast shares stories of women with lives cut short 

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who killed Bobby Wallace? 

VINTAGE LONGREAD: ‘A mother should never have to go through this’

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 36 years later, police are trying to solve woman’s murder

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 25-year-old murder mystery gets new look, gives family new hope (plus a WEEKLY WORLD NEWS link just for the hell of it)

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