Linkage Blindness XXIII: Take Another Little Piece of My . . . .

Posted: February 17, 2020 in Uncategorized

A selection of unsolved mutilation-murders and one (maybe) castration-murder for your reading (dis)pleasure. A little something to think about the next time some halfwit sidles up and screams, “You wanna a piece of me?”

A belated Valentine’s Day gift for angry women everywhere

Benny Evangelista let religion go to his head

An arm and a thigh is the Popeye’s combination meal you never order

The decapitation is henious but the creepy phone call is next level


ADDENDA: these articles aren’t longreads but the cases are on point and deserve a little publicity. Consider them the true crime version of an amuse-bouche (my younger self invariably misheard this term as amuse-douche, much to my adult delight.)


I’ve seen some bad things in Brooklyn but nothing like this
Three more reasons to stay out of Oklahoma (as if your current stay-out-of-Oklahoma pile didn’t already threaten to block out the sun)


Compared to the Evangelista dolls Annabelle looks like Barbie

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