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23 Years Later, Slain Woman’s Family Continues Search For Killer

Unsolved: The disappearance of Corrie Anderson 11 years later

Memorial for 5-year-old Tiffany Miller, murdered 40 years ago (note the chair)

Police narrowly missed serial-killer suspect 25 years ago

Photographer Killed by Falling Branch During Shoot, Foul Play Suspected

NEWLY REPRINTED LONGREAD: 30 years later, decapitated ‘Jane Doe’ still haunts police

NEW LONGREAD: Mother drives ‘Caravan to Catch a Killer’ to solve 2004 murder

NEW LONGREAD: Creepy theories behind mutilated hikers’ deaths as Dyatlov Pass mystery reopened


New sketch in Hayward cold case of missing woman

LSU grad’s murder in Tigerland remains unsolved three decades later

Eyewitness News goes into the archives to shine light on 42-year-old murder case

The mystery of Maura Murray, 15 years later

Wolfe City woman’s disappearance still a mystery 12 years later

NEW LONGREAD plus PODCAST: What happened to Cassie Compton?

NEW Texas Monthly LONGREAD: The Hunt for the Serial Killer of Laredo

NEW LONGREAD: Mysterious Death Of The Hacker Who Turned In Chelsea Manning

NEW LONGREAD: How Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos Became a Cult Hero

NEW LONGREAD: Police reopen Vicky Hall murder investigation as new lead emerges after 20 years


The Day Helen Disappeared (scroll to the bottom of the page for podcast & 4-part video)

35 years unsolved: Shawnee’s Sandy Rea case still a mystery

Missing children: 8 Colorado kids who vanished without a trace

Nancy Beaumont, mother of missing Beaumont children, dies (plus vintage longread)

Police still looking for person who broke in, killed Mesa woman in 1988


Error in Daytona serial killer profiling? Arrest of black man surprises

NEW LONGREAD: Florida’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

NEW LONGREAD: Controversial Sheena Morris cold case is under review

NEW LONGREAD: For 34 years Colorado asked ‘Where is Jonelle ‘ Now, it’s ‘Who killed her?’ 

NEW LONGREAD: Fort Worth man’s search for his missing sister takes him to the bottom of a lake (plus a new longread on the technical aspects of the dive)


Police find suspect in 30-year-old Hwaseong serial murder case

Infamous murder still remains unsolved

Brooklyn mom ‘won’t roll over and play dead’ ’til the killer of her daughter is arrested

Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office believes composites could crack 1987 cold case murder

Decades without answers in Vernon cold case murder

After nearly 20 years, police receive tip in Bond Hill mother’s murder

Man confesses in 2003 cold case after cops find woman’s remains in storage facility

Police, family seek help in solving mysterious death of Academy Park teacher

Boy Found Asleep on Stranger’s Porch and Cops Discover Burnt-Out Car with Remains Inside

5-Year-Old Girl Who Vanished From New Jersey Park Was Kidnapped, Officials Say

The vanishing of Denny-Ray Poole (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 +part 4 + part 5)

NEW LONGREAD: Cokie Roberts’s father disappeared in Alaska. He was never found.

NEW LONGREAD; Decades Later, Investigators Searching for Answers in Killing Field Murders


Vanished: 27 years since Misty Copsey, 14, last seen in Puyallup

KRBC reporter Jennifer Servo killed 17 years ago, case remains cold

‘It Can Be Solved’: 17 Years On, Search For St. John’s Student Josh Guimond Continues

Search for evidence renews hope in 40-year-old Scott County disappearance

Volunteers plan renewed search for Lois Hanna, missing for three decades

What happened to Erin McGonigal?

Ali Lowitzer: Missing Spring girl’s case featured in new book

Possible clues found in Bobbi Ann Campbell’s disappearance

NEW LONGREAD: Larry Hurwitz, the ‘Starry Night Murder,’ and a life of crime

NEW LONGREAD: A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely Suspect 

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Nine-Year-Old Sherry Edgell’s 1959 Homicide Remains Unsolved


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