Daily Dread: Nancy Grace is Back So the Devil is Dancin’ Tonight

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VIDEO: Documentary on Ryan Shtuka’s disappearance debuts

Founder of African American museum in Louisiana died of ‘traumatic asphyxia’

NEW LONGREAD: Remembering Princess Doe and seeking answers

NEW LONGREAD: When a man vanished 25 years ago, Ross Perot helped in the search

NEW LONGREAD: Lillie Belle Allen died saving her family 50 years ago

NEW LONGREAD: Inside Australia’s most mysterious and baffling deaths

NEW LONGEAD:  Hopes of breakthrough in ‘savage torture and murder’ of teen beauty

NEWLY-REPUBLISHED LONGREAD: Writer Never Gave Up on Justice for Daughter

NEW LONGREAD: Could serial killer’s sketch found in archives reveal a hidden victim


Forever 17: Tracy Kroh vanished nearly 30 years ago, but tips keep the case alive

Vatican hunt for Emanuela Orlandi uncovers two sets of bones

25 years after Sarah Boehm’s murder, investigators hoping for break in case

Man seeks DNA testing of nunchucks in effort to clear himself of 1986 murder

LONGREAD: Cape woman eyes new measures to identify sister’s killer 

NEW LONGREAD: Minneapolis murders in 1990s targeted gays

NEW LONGREAD: Murdered woman unidentified for 25 years

NEW LONGREAD: A decade ago, Keith Butricks disappeared after leaving an Enid

NEW LONGREAD: Will DNA help solve a 4th Stanford campus killing?

FULL FIVE-PART LONGREAD: The Strange Disappearance of Harry Lane


Tip renews search for missing woman in 31-year cold case

Man Admits He Killed Nancy Moyer, Then Recants

45 Years Since Bundy Abductions At Lake Sammamish

Who is serial killer Michael Wayne McGray?

Family searching for answers 12 years after woman’s disappearance

“We have her back; not the way we wanted.” Body confirmed as Rosenda Strong

Police seek closure in 2011 shooting that left 1 dead, 1 injured

Missing Zhejiang girl, 9, abducted by couple found dead in sea

Body of woman found inside hotel bed frame, went unnoticed for days

Husband charged with murder after remains of Andreen McDonald found

Family still seeking answers three years after Wenatchee woman disappears

NEW LONGREAD: ‘76 cold case of woman found in box in Benton Co. cornfield reopened

NEW LONGREAD: Twenty-two years later, Denise Johnson’s murder still unsolved

NEW LONGREAD: Who killed this Harnett County teen in 1973? 


Suspected serial killer charged in death of dismembered daughter

FBI seeking your help in unsolved murders of 2 teenage girls

Police ask for help to solve Dayton radio personality cold case

Bizarre twist in missing teen case as Vatican tombs unsealed

Cortney Lake’s father puts up tombstone ‘for a grave yet to be dug’

Chinese police rush to find missing girl as case grips nation

Daughter of mother whose body was burned asking for public’s help

25 years ago, a brutal Petersburg murder led to forensic history

Supporters demand answers on five-year anniversary of woman’s disappearance, death

Our daughter’s death on train tracks wasn’t suicide, parents say


VINTAGE LONGREAD: Unsolved 1978 murder of teen haunts family


Man admits to killing Tenino mother Nancy Moyer in 2009

Man pleads not guilty after foul odor leads to remains of Savannah Spurlock

Sheriff investigating death of murder suspect’s teenage daughter

Man facing child porn charges sold photos of JonBenét after her 1996 death

#ColdCase: Catherine Blackburn

Family of missing Middletown woman hopes for clues

Filmmaker hopes to shed light on Robert Bee case with docu-series, podcast

U.S. scientist found dead in Greece was killed in “criminal act,” police say

NEW LONGREAD: DB Cooper suspect dies at age 75

NEW LONGREAD: Family relentless in quest to bring missing teen home

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Only Kenneth Roth knows how many he killed 


Seven years ago, this week, Evansdale cousins disappeared

Canadian podcast revisits Pinkham Notch murder


Age progression photo released of mother, son missing nearly 40 years

4 years since DeOrr Kunz Jr. disappearance: What you should know

Suspected serial killer David Parker Ray’s girlfriend to be released

Island mom determined to find missing daughter

NEW LONGREAD: ‘Sheep’s Flat Jane Doe’ gravesite gets new marker: ‘She was not lost to God’ 

NEW LONGREAD: Two years after Cynthia Martinez vanished, family still searches 

VINTAGE LONGREAD: 35 years after woman vanished, her fate remains a mystery

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Grand Forks murder still a mystery 25 years later


Investigators search empty home and shed for clues into cold case

Palestine woman, 84, arrested for 1984 murder

Investigation into girl’s disappearance still open 15 years later

Decades-old case of baby bones found in trunk remains mystery

Still searching seven years after Pennsylvania woman Kortne Stouffer disappeared

‘It’s been 18 years:’ DNA links man to death of 88-year-old woman


Detectives utilizing social media to obtain new leads on Penny Krajeski case

A decades-old missing persons case continues to haunt Ontario’s cottage country

NEW LONGREAD: Searching for Keith

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Decades later, Bergen teens’ slayings remain unsolved 

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who killed the couple?


‘She was what gave my life hope’: 12-years later family continues search 

Six years later, search for pair continues

Police following tip about 1977 disappearance of Melanie Flynn

Fatal shooting of 2012 high school grad remains unsolved

Albert Andrew Moss said he had 13 victims, but research casts doubt on his claims

Annette Mason person of interest denies teen’s cold case murder

‘Into thin air’: One year later, still no sign of missing Fargo woman

NEW LONGREAD: Green bicycle mystery, a case ‘worthy of Sherlock Holmes’

NEW LONGREAD: New forensic advances could help solve Gilgo Beach murder, experts say

NEW LONGREAD: Seek clues to identify two Native women

NEWish LONGREAD: Probing 30 years of Madison area’s cold cases


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