Daily Dread: Where All The (Missin’) White Women at?

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DAILY DREAD: Where All The (Missin’) White Women at?


Texas woman claims to be missing Bradley sister, disappeared 18 years ago

Illinois man found guilty in teen’s 1992 strangulation death

AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Decade passes since disappearance of Tracy Ocasio

Candlelight Vigil To Mark 25Th Anniversary Of Teen’s Unsolved Murder

Cold case murder revisited

A rape victim helped police catch Bobby Joe Long; she sat front row at his execution

‘This Is A Homicide’: Pennsylvania Family Wants Daughter’s Suicide Case Reopened

Double homicide unsolved for 13 years

Fulton native’s killer won’t stand trial

Going inside the crime lab for a 25-year-old cold case

NEW LONGREAD: Paige Renkoski still missing from Michigan 30 years later

NEW LONGREAD: Ted Bundy possible suspect in ’69 parkway murders, author claims



33 years since her disappearance, father of Kimberly Moreau clings to new tip

Who murdered 12-year-old Rosa Sandoval?

Suicide rulings questioned in Jackson County

One year later | The search for justice in Ebby Steppach case continues

Mother accused of murdering her two children could walk free

Man arrested in ‘brutal’ 1986 murder of woman slain in her Florida apartment

Man who went to help stranded motorist still missing 20 years later

AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Mother still searching for daughter 9 years later

Detectives file warrant for possible new evidence in Roxanne Paltauf cold case

Reward offered for info 1993 disappearance with same suspect as Abilene murder

NEW LONGREAD: Family shares memories of four sisters killed in arson fire

NEW LONGREAD: East Brunswick cold case: Who killed 16-year-old Betty Jean Belt in 1975?

NEW LONGREAD: The Princeton Place Killer



The strange case of Jesokah Adkens

Troopers request help in solving 1977 murder

Attacks on Dallas trans women may be connected

New quest to track down Lisa Hession’s killer

Judge dismisses suit over mysterious death of college student turned police informant

Forever Loved: 25 years since Sandy Sollie disappeared

Kebab shop owner suspected of disposing of schoolgirl Charlene Downes

Special Report: Answers for Rosemary

NEW LONGREAD: Inside the time capsule bedroom of teen missing since 1988 

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Mass murder shocked Kitchener  (part 1 + part 2 + part 3)



Special Report: Disappearance of Michelle Crawford nearly 20 years later

Family hopes increasing reward will help solve teen’s murder in Fairfield Township

Deidre Week’s family hopeful after break in similar cold case

10 years later, murder of Monroe County girl remains unsolved

Kimberly Norwood still missing 30 years later

After three years, Taos woman still missing

NEW LONGREAD: The Strange Disappearance of Tammy Grogan

Simpsonville Sued Over Evidence Destruction in 1984 Rape-Homicide

Is investigation of 1966 murder dead? Maybe, maybe not

PODCAST Episode: The Julie Stanton story

Person of interest in Huisentruit case to return to Iowa



Penn State students’ documentary aims to shine a light on 1987 State College killing

Police suspect personal motive in pregnant woman’s murder 27 years ago

Crews search home for evidence connected to 2006 disappearance of Teresa Butler

Will Iceland’s Most Notorious Missing Person Case Be Reopened?

NEW LONGREAD: A Jury Could Have Stopped Suspected Serial Killer in 1973

COMPLETE 8-PART VIDEO SERIES: What happened to the Jeff Davis 8?

NEW LONGREAD: Chilling details revealed in cold case murder of Joanne Chatfield





Justice Story: Connecticut serial kid killer never charged

25 years later, convicted murderer maintains innocence (plus related vintage LONGREAD)

NEW LONGREAD: What happened to Angel? (plus possibly overlapping vintage LONGREAD)

NEW LONGREAD: Untold story of Veronica Knight, murdered by monsters

NEW LONGREAD: Perpetrator of Wendy Sewell’s 1973 murder has never been caught

VINTAGE LONGREAD: New Zealand’s most enduring missing persons cases




Strangler case stayed cold

She never came back | Somebody killed 6-year-old Peaches in 1980

Police still baffled by two teenagers found dead in pylon of bridge with eerie history

Family of Stillwater woman missing for 30 years won’t give up hope

Couple’s Bodies Exhumed to Help Push Cold Case Forward

Chief to child killer: ‘We’re going to get you. So come forward now and ask for mercy.’

NEW LONGREAD: Five years and too few answers in Chillicothe missing women cases


NEW LONGREAD: Daughter searches for answers after trooper disappears in 1972 



16 years after Greer bank triple murder, investigators not closer to answers

Cigarette butt leads to arrest in Angie Dodge murder case

Cold Case Files: “The Last Block”

Fresno County Cold Case: Who killed Alma Pena?

Woman has been missing in Hawaiian forest for 8 days as massive search continues

Victim’s sister says man being paroled for 1975 murder at NC State may be innocent

Man Charged in Murder of Canadian Couple in Pompano Beach Home

NEW LONGREAD AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED:  Macin Smith Case Focused on Parents

NEWish LONGREAD: These unsolved murders still haunt the Four Corners

VINTAGE LONGREAD: The Mystery of Douglas Legg




Revealed: victims of ‘crossbow massacre’ that killed five

Caldwell man arrested as suspect in the 1996 rape, murder of Angie Dodge

Durham County Reopens Unsolved 1980 Teen’s Murder

Hayward man arrested for 1974 cold case murder already in custody 

Unborn baby cut from womb of missing 19-year-old Chicago woman

Julie Valentine’ mother charged in second baby’s death, sheriff says

Myra Lewis case frustrates sheriff 5 years after toddler’s disappearance

Searching for Hannah

Health care worker charged with 11 more murders of elderly women in Dallas area

NEW LONGREAD: Family speaks about 4 murdered in 1997 ahead of killer’s execution

VINTAGE LONGREAD: A Mysterious Lake George Tragedy (part 1 + part 2)



Roswell police are still searching for clues in the 1988 murder of an 8-year-old boy

Cold case: Family wants answers to teen’s murder

UNSOLVED: The 1969 strangulation of Pearle Bartley

A slain professor, two naked men and a suicide: “One of the strangest cases”

911 call reporting New Braunfels baby missing released 8 years into investigation

Suspect in Grisly Sword Killing Confesses to 6 Other Murders

A 20-Year-Old’s Death Was Ruled a Suicide — But Family Says She Was Murdered


After 2009 disappearance, family of Hattie Brown suffers a decade of pain

NEW LONGREAD: Who killed Kevin Martin?

VINTAGE LONGREAD: After 3 Decades, New Evidence Could Solve Missing NH Teen Case



4 men have gone missing in West Michigan in less than 2 years

Fate of Central Texas girl abducted 30 years ago remains a mystery

What do investigators need to solve Ellabeth Lodermeier’s cold case?

Man Who Worked with Traveling Carnival Allegedly Murdered Three Women 

NEW LONGREAD: Old freezer in warehouse reveals terrifying secret

Elmore County mother and son have been missing for 2 years

AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES:  Search Continues In 1986 Cold Case 

Who killed a Jefferson Parish school teacher and her boyfriend?

American Airlines pilot arrested at Louisville airport, charged in 2015 triple homicide

VINTAGE LONGREAD: Playing with Fire



A dismembered body, a love child and the Klan: The wildest SF cold case you’ve never heard of

NEW LONGREAD: MAYBERRY TEXAS (Article + 5 Part Video Series)


Crossbow murder mystery deepens as two more bodies are found

AS SEEN IN Gladiator Days:  The story of the ‘Most Dangerous Man in Nevada’

Tammy Jo Alexander’s message from beyond the grave (plus web extra!)

Father fights to find answers 18 years after student nurse vanished on a trip 

Could solved cold case unravel Harmeier homicide? (plus ancillary article)

VINTAGE LONGREAD: The grisliest Nashville murder you’ve probably never heard of

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