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80-year-old man charged in 1973 murder of two women who were visiting the Oceanfront
Cherry Point mass shooter’s 2011 murder still unsolved
Texas Mom’s Body Is Found in Lake, 2 Months After Boyfriend’s Remains Recovered After Cryptic Text
BPD teams up with federal agencies in effort to solve cold case of Kristen Lee Morris
Cold Case Murder: Police seek Bessie Williams’ killer in 1983 murder
Cellmate says man charged in 1992 killing of Skokie teen confessed to crime
NEW LONGREAD: ‘Dig deeper into our girl’s murder,’ pleads Michelle Bettles’ parents
NEW LONGREAD: Coroner’s handwritten note baffles family decades after teens vanished


‘Daddy hurt her’: Nobody believed a boy’s story, until he dug up the backyard 20 years later
2 Women Are Found Buried, and Suspects Are ID’d After 1 Survives Suicide Attempt, Then Confesses
Detectives will review a 24 year-old cold case for clues to the disappearance of missing teenager Gordana Kotevski
NY Couple Vanishes in Romantic Caribbean Vacation Mystery
New murder mystery podcast: The Rock Star & the Nanny investigates the unsolved killing of Penny Hill
NEW LONGREAD: The twisted fate of ‘madman murderer’ Thomas Ley
NEW LONGREAD: The death row killers who refused to die quietly
NEW LONGREAD: In memory of Tori Stafford, 10 years later


1957 Wilkes-Barre murder remains unsolved 62 years later
Police: North Dakota suspect planned carefully, hid evidence after quadruple murder
2 years later, Devin Bond is still missing
After 4 decades, cold case of slain teen musician reopened
NEW LONGREAD: Two decades later Lake Macbride mystery abides
NEW LONGREAD: Cassandra Gross family grapples with one-year mark of her disappearance
NEW LONGREAD: 1985 Cold Case: ‘Burning Body’ mystery
NEW LONGREAD: A year after Ryan Shtuka’s mysterious disappearance, his family continues to look for answers


New in Jodi Huisentruit case: Corridor man says he speaks to person of interest
Who killed a young Rochester couple more than 12 years ago?
Twin Sister Of Grand Prairie Woman Missing 2 Months Believes She Was Taken Against Her Will But Still Alive
Police still searching for answers years after Glenda Carter found strangled to death in NE Portland
Cold case: 9 years later, teen’s murder remains mystery in Butler County
Timmothy Pitzen hoax: Who would cruelly pose as a missing child? Brian Rini isn’t the first.
NEW LONGREAD: Could genetic genealogy crack La Salle County’s Jane Doe case?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: What happened to Amber-Lee?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who Killed Ellen Andros?


Timmothy Pitzen: The bizarre backstory of his disappearance
SPECIAL REPORT: Justice for Shelly
A Rincon woman tucked her daughter into bed and disappeared. That was 17 years ago
Family searching for answers since Robin Windross disappeared in 1977
After 30 years, family hopes for answers in Aaron Anderson missing toddler case
12 of the most notorious murderers with ties to Utah County
NEW LONGREAD: ‘Please hunt for me’: Indiana had its own bizarre missing-boy mystery
NEW LONGREAD (adblock-blocked): A Kent woman called 911, then disappeared. That was 10 years ago.


DNA results show person claiming to be Timmothy Pitzen, missing since 2011, is not him
Hope College film cracks 2002 cold case murder
Is Criminal Profiling Dead? Should It Be?
Greenville police solve ‘Julie Valentine’ cold case, arrest mother decades after baby found in field
Almost a decade later, Brittanee Drexel’s family still waiting for answers
Laura Ross’ South Rawdon homicide added to rewards program
Detectives want to find and talk to a person who sent in an online tip about Sharon Gill’s 1990 homicide
Still seeking answers in Virginia missing persons investigations
Five of New Zealand’s most notorious cold cases
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Phyllis Powell disappearance remains etched deep in mystery
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Note Continues To Haunt Investigators 41 Years After Carolyn Montgomery’s Brutal Murder


Timmothy Pitzen, Chicago-area boy missing for 8 years, possibly found in Cincinnati area
Search warrant turns up something possibly related to missing Joplin woman Sarah Burton
25 years later, Heidi Allen’s legacy lives on
This mother wants to know if you can help find her daughter Briittany Phillips’s killer
Ten years later, family refuses to give up hunt for Wendy Ladner-Beaudry’s killer
Investigators find no evidence in search of Haverhill, N.H home in Maura Murray case
Toronto Police hope for new info in 2009 missing woman cold case
PODCAST (all six episodes at link): What happened to Victor Newberry of Glen Ullin, North Dakota?
NEW LONGREAD: A murderous affair (part 1 + part 2 + part 3)
NEWISH LONGREAD: Clairton girl’s disappearance still haunts family 36 years later


Search for suspect, motive after business owner, 3 employees killed in North Dakota
Bayou bodies: 7 new bodies found floating in water since late December
LISTEN NOW: First 3 episodes of Oakland County Child Killer podcast
What happened to Deborah Heriford? Police still searching for clues in 2011 homicide case
Police seek tips on 2007 disappearance of Abbotsford woman Candace Shpeley
Appeals court to hear arguments as family seeks records in Kristy Kelley’s mysterious death
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Unsolved murder of young waitress was a crime of icy passion
NEW LONGREAD: Commutation of four local killers on death row sends chills, prompts warnings from law enforcement (part I + part II)


Evidence from 1993 Lubbock murder case used to identify suspect after 26 years
Forensic report reveals nature of DNA evidence found on J.B. Beasley’s body
JUSTICE STORY: Massacre on a fishing boat — and there was never a conviction
7 years after disappearance, family finally given missing mom’s death certificate
DNA Is Solving Dozens of Cold Cases. Sometimes It’s Too Late for Justice.
Samantha Josephson’s death rekindles pain for Dail Dinwiddie’s mom
Search resumes in Shuswap for missing women
NEW LONGREAD: Princeton University students suspected in 30-year-old, unsolved murder
NEW LONGREAD: Justice for the Lyon Sisters
NEW LONGREAD: How a Crime Stoppers call unlocked the mystery of the Angel of Belanglo


A college student got into a car she thought was her Uber, police say. She was found dead in a field
Armchair Mamou crime fighters focused on helping families, law enforcement close cold cases
Friends, family mark 2nd anniversary of Calandra Stallworth’s disappearance
Who killed David and Mina Swan? Reward increased to $50K after murder of elderly couple
Family still seeks answers six years after local woman’s mysterious death
NEW LONGREAD: A suspect admitted to it; so why has no one been convicted in Peter Schnellhardt’s death?
NEW LONGREAD: Florida police puzzled over death of mysterious man; fingerprints reveal Athens connection
NEW LONGREAD: ‘We’re not going to give up.’ Cowichin family holds out hope for loved ones who have vanished without a trace


Unsolved disappearance of Indiana Wesleyan student still haunts family 26 years later
Cold case from Carbon County gets fresh look after nearly 43 years
Cold Case Files: 12-year-old Marsi Belecz, the Girl in the Lilac Dress
Austin man indicted in connection with 2016 disappearance of Houston friends
Mother of Jessie Foster holds out hope 13 years after daughter’s disappearance
Investigation of ‘Cooks Books’ killing continues 34 years later
The mysterious disappearance of Trinity Poil
Local Cold Case Team Still Investigating 1983 Unsolved Murder of Christina Castiglione
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Shocking murders in metro Phoenix history
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Mystery still surrounds the deaths of mother, son in 2003 killings in Norman


Parents of Pennsylvania woman stabbed 20 times want answers after death ruled suicide
‘Ripper Crew’ killer Thomas Kokoraleis released from prison; victim’s family reacts
Mary Denise Lands still missing 15 years after disappearing from Michigan
Evansville man left home in 1979 and disappeared, case still cold
Ceremony planned to mark Cheryl Ann Scherer’s disappearance 40 years ago
Son charged with murdering his mother, a Munster doctor who vanished in 2011
‘It tears a person apart’: Sean Leckie pleads for information about his mother’s murder
Cold Case: Nanette Gordon (1985) — new details emerge
Remains found near Protection belong to Kansas priest who disappeared two years ago
35 years later, Brenda Elizabeth Stinson’s unsolved murder weighs heavy on retired officer
Florida couple discovered in ‘burned to the ground’ home were murdered, police say
NEW LONGREAD: The search for April Fabb continues, 50 years on
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED Final Chapter (chapters 1-9 previously posted)


Months after dismembered body found in landfill, Cartersville man now stands charged
Missing Mysteries: 5-year cold case of Kierra Stubbs draws new questions
Evidence represents Ted Bundy’s time in the Roaring Fork Valley
Why was Wayne Williams never tried for any of the Atlanta child murders?
NEWLY REPRINTED LONGREAD: In 1989 Mosman was terrorised by a serial murderer known as the “granny killer”
NEW LONGREAD: Three women found dead in six weeks in one NC neighborhood. Moms still want answers
NEW MULTI-PART LONGREAD (links for chapters 2-6 in header): MONSTER UNKNOWN


Delray Beach police announce arrest in 1998 cold case murder
Cold-case murder suspect walks after charges of raping Manchester man dropped
Father pleads for clues in toddler’s 2002 homicide
Twin looks for ‘missing puzzle’ in Williams sister’s disappearance
Missing Mysteries: Sister of Carrie Lawson still has questions after 1991 kidnapping
Unsolved murder of Mary Kay Heese now reaches fifth decade
NEW LONGREAD: A young Evansville man was killed and dumped in a field in 1954. Who did it?
NEW LONGREAD: Hunting the ‘Beast of Buckland’


Family of June Bidleman seeks closure in 1985 cold-case slaying
Detective Uses New Technology In Hopes Of Cracking Deborah Tomlinson’s 43-Year-Old Cold Case Murder
The mysterious murder of Corey Powers
South Dakota parents share missing daughter Serenity Dennard’s story
NEW LONGREAD: 40 years and the enduring mist of Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered Children
NEW LONGREAD: The amateur sleuth who searched for a body – and found one
NEW LONGREAD: Son of slain B.C. artist demands RCMP revive dormant investigation as new details emerge


In baffling case, missing Michigan woman found dead in Wisconsin
Police identify woman whose legs were found at a South Side trash company
Mother pleads for answers 15 years after daughter and granddaughter disappear
With rally, family looks for answers in Emma Compton Layne’s death
‘There was lots of blood’: Neighbours find couple’s bodies on the floor of their mobile home Friday evening
NEW LONGREAD: Fort Myers police hope for IDs after face reconstruction of five men found dead in 2007
NEW LONGREAD: Nora Wheeler’s slaying remains unsolved 45 years later (part 1 + part 2)
NEW LONGREAD (AD BLOCK-BLOCKED, sorry to say): 45-year-old Billings Heights double-homicide of Clifford and Linda Bernhardt solved, sheriff says


A perplexing decades-old missing persons case remains unsolved
Lisa Leckie’s killer left typewritten note, London police reveal 10 years after murder
Family shares new information about missing Box Elder woman
29 minutes inside Barry and Honey Sherman’s home: Who was the visitor?
PODCAST: IT ALL STARTED WHEN three women turned up dead in Lumberton, North Carolina, in the spring of 2017
NEW LONGREAD: Mystery of Richey Edwards, 90s rock star who vanished at peak of career
NEWLY REPUBLISHED LONGREAD: The day spree killer Christopher Wilder reached the end of the road
NEW LONGREAD: The mysterious death of Marjorie Barber (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4)
NEW LONGREAD (AD BLOCK-BLOCKED, unfortunately): Discovery of killer’s death brings back haunting memories of Scott Drake’s gruesome murder


12 years after Stephanie Eldredge disappeared, a man’s been charged for her murder
‘Serial rapist’ arrested after DNA linked to 1981 rape cases
Family, police still looking for answers 28 years after Michael Dunahee went missing
The search for Jessie Foster, a woman who vanished in Las Vegas in 2006
True-crime podcast examines Northern Liberties native, 1970s serial killer Joseph ‘The Shoemaker’ Kallinger
VINTAGE LONGREAD: In 1921, a teenager died alone in Kentucky and was buried without a name. A century later, a team of sleuths set out to find his identity.


Vernon mom haunted by daughter’s 1998 disappearance
DNA, genetic genealogy identify San Diego mom’s murderer after 40 years
Bo Dukes sentenced to 25 years behind bars after confessing to helping his best friend dispose of Tara Grinstead
Suspect in 1994 cold case arrested with assist from Oxygen series Cold Justice
New police investigation, podcast shine new light on nearly 30-year-old disappearance of Connie Royce
Fresh eyes taking look at unsolved 1997 murder of Laney Gwinner
Police reopen Spear Creek triple murder case
NEW LONGREAD: A dancer vanishes from Lenox Square in ’84 and is never seen again


A serial rapist took the blame for South Florida woman’s murder. A serial killer was really the culprit.
Authorities plan to re-test Atlanta Child Murders evidence
What happened to Brianna Maitland? Vermont teen still missing after 15 years
Documentary shines new light on UMKC student’s mysterious disappearance in 2006
Jennifer Kesse’s family to get police records from missing woman’s case
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED CHAPTER 9 (chapters 1-8 previously posted)
NEW LONGREAD AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: How did an Iowa man’s remains end up in a trunk in Wyoming, with a bullet in his skull?


New technology gives hope in trying to solve 1964 murder of 9-year-old Hazleton girl
Grosse Pointe Farms teen Paige Stalker’s murder still unsolved after 4 years
New ‘movement’ in search for Virginia woman missing since 2011
Body found in Wheelersburg is that of missing Portsmouth woman Rebecca Lee Kerns
‘Justice hasn’t been served for her’: 6 years after her death, Aliza Sherman’s murder remains unsolved
Cold case: The search for Myrna Spuehler’s killer continues
Who is Jody LeCornu? You might have seen her on billboards in Baltimore
NEW LONGREAD + PODCAST: Who left little Dusty Bowers to die in the snow?
NEW LONGREAD: The police sex scandal that ‘rocked’ 1929 Portland – and might be tied to a notorious unsolved murder


Man with Connection to Springfield Three Arrested in TN for Alleged Kidnapping
Police need help identifying little boy found dead behind cemetery
‘Thai bride’ body found on Yorkshire Dales in 2004 identified
Friends, family identify dismembered body as Woodbridge High graduate
14-year-old Andrew Gosden pretended to go to school one morning 11 years ago and never came home again
NEW LONGREAD: Mystery deepens over Nevada murder of ex-priest from N.J. ‘credibly accused’ of sexual abuse of boys


Jack the Ripper finally identified, forensic scientists claim
California man arrested for 1986 Van Buren County cold case
Athens social worker’s death remains a mystery
29 years later, search continues for killer of Jupiter teen Rachel Hurley
DNA, forensic genealogy link man who died in 2017 to 2 cold case rapes, killing
Community still seeking closure 54 years after Tyrone girl’s disappearance
NEW LONGREAD: The True, Complicated Story of the Ayahuasca Murders
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Kennebunk family still waiting for answers 35 years after murder of Mary Tanner


Family members gather on 30th anniversary of one of city’s oldest unsolved homicides
Unsolved Bay County: The disappearance of Pamela Ray
Deaths of 6 men tied to Ferguson protests concern activists
A Moment in (Local) History: The Mysterious death of Martin Ahern
New crime solving technique may have led to arrest in 1999 murder cases of J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett
Monday marks year since Longmont’s Rita Gutierrez-Garcia disappeared
Woman formerly accused of four children’s murder says notorious serial killer Kathleen Folbigg could be innocent
NEW LONGREAD: Can the killing of Holly Branagan 40 years ago ever be solved? (related archives)


Arrest made in 43-year-old murders of David Schuldes and Ellen Matheys
Man charged with rape, murder in J.B. Beasley-Tracie Hawlett case
Minnesota family’s 1933 slaying is still unsolved
Detective seeking closure for family of woman killed in 1985
White County detectives ‘not giving up’ on 1995 cold case, despite lack of new evidence
‘Foul play’ suspected in disappearance of ‘somewhat bohemian’ Monica Chisar: police
One year anniversary of the disappearance of Susy Tomassi
NEW LONGREAD: Charles Manson, Rose Bird, Caryl Chessman and California’s Wrenching Death Penalty Debate
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Marking 50 years since the Shell Lake murders, Canada’s worst random mass killing


This Indianapolis murder case was cold for two decades. New information led to an arrest.
OPP renew call for tips on 45th anniversary of teen’s unsolved death
Parents beg abductor ‘to phone or write us’ after daughter disappears
Cold Case Detectives Identify Suspect of Unsolved Rapes and Murder; DNA and Genealogy Helped Solve the Crimes
Middletown woman’s slaying still resonates 16 years later
What happened to Kristina Rhodes?
Could Ted Bundy have Whitman County, Spokane victims?
The Justice Files: Double murder in South Ogden remains unsolved
NEW LONGREAD: ‘For the first time in 25 years, we have a face to this crime’
NEW LONGREAD: Death of Ellen Greenberg is a locked-room mystery that has experts at odds


Pamela Cahanes cold case: DNA match leads to arrest in Navy grad’s killing — 34 years later
Detective, community still searching for Kathleen Shea 54 years after she disappeared from Pennsylvania
Nineteen years after teen’s unsolved murder, family wants answers
Sheriff says they won’t give up on finding answers in KC teen’s mysterious death
Unsolved Hernando homicide will be featured on Oxygen’s ‘Cold Justice’
Valley woman believes she’s found the man responsible for her sister Brandy Myers’s disappearance 27 years ago
A Tipster Pointed to Where a Body Was Buried, Revealing a 40-Year-Old Mystery
Notable inmates on California’s death row and their crimes
VINTAGE LONGREAD: What happened to Carole Packman?


Precinct walk continues search for gunman, answers in 2018 triple murder
Pilot lived a mysterious double life
A trail of murder: Serial killer Anthony Kirkland captured 10 years ago
Snowtown ‘bodies-in-the-barrels’ serial killer Robert Wagner seeks potential release date
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED CHAPTER 8 (chapters 1-7 previously posted)
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 75-year-old unsolved family murder mystery
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Candy Montgomery’s Love and Death in Silicon Prairie (part I + part II)


Yesterday’s Crimes: The East Bay Strangler
‘I couldn’t sleep for about 2 or 3 nights straight;’ 2 years later, neighbor remembers Gentilly murders
Grisly Double Homicide Solved Thanks To DNA
Two decades after vanishing, her daughter suddenly showed up with children, a new identity — and speaking Spanish
Almost two years later, still no sign of Holly Crider
DNA testing helped police confirm missing Utah teen was killed by Ted Bundy
Indiana Grandma Seeks Answers After Toddler’s 2015 Disappearance from Relative’s Home
After Teen Son Went Missing From California Boarding School in 2004, Mom Says ‘Part of Me Is Missing’
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The ‘Beekman Hill maniac’: The story of sculptor Robert Irwin’s Easter weekend killing spree
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who Killed Heather Broadus?


Vacaville police ID woman whose mysterious 1991 death remains unsolved
Woman searching for son who vanished in 1974
Girl, 9, Found Murdered On Hacienda Heights Trail Identified
6 years later, family seeks answers in East Bridgewater woman’s mysterious death
2 years later, mother of dead Lumberton woman has more questions than answers
World’s End serial killer Angus Sinclair dies
4 Evansville-area missing persons cases still shrouded in mystery
NEW LONGREAD: How a Young Girl’s Death in 2000 Gave Birth to an Urban Legend
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Fiendish serial killer terrorized Tulsa in ‘40s
VINTAGE LONGREAD: In 1947, a Month After the Black Dahlia, the “Lipstick Murder” Shocked L.A.


Girard’s Charlotte Nagi Pollis still missing 25 years later
Beckenridge mystery: Multiple ‘sightings’ of missing pair
After 29 years, Paul Hicks wants killer of his daughter brought to justice
The forgotten ones: KCK police reveal new leads in 20-year-old murder case
JUSTICE STORY: ‘Attila’ the son-in-law and his trail of death
Nearly 8 years, still no answers in Kelly Rothwell’s disappearance
Family found dead in Morrisville grew isolated, spoke of demons in weeks before grisly discovery
DNA snapshot puts a face to a possible suspect in 10-year-old girl’s 1994 slaying
As Southern California investigators try to ID young girl found in duffel bag, another missing child turns up alive
NEW LONGREAD: Do Iowa police have right man in grisly killing of 9-year-old? Fourth trial will try to answer
NEWLY REPRINTED LONGREAD: A beloved Miami college student vanished 25 years ago. There was a murder, but no closure


Real Monsters | What is known about the gruesome Jacobs family murders (full at link, part 1 + 2 previously posted)
ONTARIO COLD CASE: Sleuth from Nova Scotia finds kindred spirit in missing Ontario mom
Police reopen 62-year-old missing child case
New Zealand’s vanished children – Our cold cases
Police getting ‘closer and closer’ to finding young girl’s killer
Missing Tacoma girl featured in People Magazine. Do you know where Teekah Lewis is?
Three charged in triple homicide in southern Ontario
VINTAGE LONGREAD: What really happened to Marianne Schuett?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: She vanished years ago and famously reappeared with amnesia. Inside the mystery of Jody Roberts


Cold case detectives re-open murder case of Texas teen Sonya Wallace
Sioux Falls Police: Mother Arrested In 1981 Cold Case
Jake Patterson writes to TV reporter that he will plead guilty in Jayme Closs abduction case
A closer look at the Bakersfield 3: part 1 (previously posted) + part 2 + part 3
After four years of searching, West Chester police identify woman’s remains
Woman posts three billboards inside Baltimore asking: Who killed my sister Jody LeCornu?
Man seeks ‘justice’ in cold case involving body dumped in I-95 median in Stafford
NEW LONGREAD: Mother reflects on past 20 years as Mishawaka triple murder case finally comes to a close
NEW LONGREAD: ‘One of saddest cases I’ve ever seen’: SLO police still seeking killer from 1991 cold case
NEW LONGREAD: The science of serial killers is changing


Cold Case: A Murder at Stone Mountain Park
New Hampshire unsolved case file: What happened to Eddy Segall?
Mom prays every night for Moss Point son missing for decades
EPISODE 1: The gripping first episode of a podcast investigating the death of a small-town North Dakota man
A suspect is finally charged in Charlotte’s 2008 quadruple murder mystery
‘Ripper Crew’ killer Thomas Kokoraleis to be released soon
Husband faces homicide charge in Cumberland County woman’s 2012 disappearance
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED CHAPTER 7 (chapters 1-6 previously posted)
NEW LONGREAD: Capac’s unsolved mystery (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4 + part 5 + part 6 + part 7 + part 8 + part 9 + part 10 + epilogue)


New leads emerge about Sioux Falls woman who vanished 45 years ago
Sheriff says Leigh Ann Sluder a suicide ruling will stand
A closer look at the Bakersfield 3: Where is Baylee Despot?
Was this Middletown woman murdered? More than 3 years later, case remains a mystery
MP wants federal review of serial killer Cody Legebokoff’s move to medium-security prison
Tulare County Sheriff’s Office hoping to solve girl’s 1994 murder with new DNA evidence
NEW LONGREAD: ‘I never, ever expected foul play’: What happened to Belinda Peisley?
NEW LONGREAD: This Evansville lawyer was shot to death. Decades later, mystery still lingers (part I + part II + part III)

03-06- 2019

Danielle Stislicki Who Vanished in 2016 Is Presumed Dead, Imprisoned Sex Criminal Is Charged
11-Year-Old Alabama Girl Was Strangled to Death Before Body Was Found in Woods, as Man Is Charged
Juan Corona, convicted in slayings of 25 farmworkers, dies at 85
Mother of 14-year-old daughter on her murderer’s early prison release: Where is the justice?
A decade wanting ‘closure’: Family seeks information on missing woman Jody Hockett
Arrest made in cold case of San Angelo woman who was murdered in 1986
10 years later: Who killed Eric Birnbaum?
‘He’s a sociopath’: How serial killer Samuel Little was linked to 1981 local homicide
‘Girl in the Closet,’ accused of sexual assault of 14-year-old girl (related vintage interactive)

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