Your Daily Dread: Because an Unsolved Mystery is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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‘Frankford Slasher’ Case Still Haunts Philadelphia, Remains Unsolved
UNSOLVED: The 1987 murder of Melissa Ellison
COLD CASE: Investigators dive deep into disappearance of Kemberly Ramer
Remains Found In Yard In 2018 Identified As Woman Last Seen In 1960s
Man arrested in Regina Krieger’s murder; girl was fatally stabbed 24 years ago
Man run over by train in Macon suicide linked to 1991 vanishing of Sabrina Long
Samantha Harer Found Nude, Had Unexplained Injuries: Lawyer
New Podcast: Finding Gina Renee Hall
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Danick Adams’ Murder Mystery
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Was local farmer convicted of the Drummond family murders really guilty – or was a more sinister plot at work?


1966 murder-robbery solved, case closed with suicide of suspected killer
Suspect Caught In 1973 Newport Beach Murder Of 11-Year-Old Girl Thanks To DNA Evidence
Pomona man charged with murder of 11-year-old Inglewood boy in 1990 cold case
Former soldier charged with 8 year-old’s murder linked with another 40 cold cases in France
Is Annie Doe, Annie Lehman?
Search for killer continues 12 years after Quincy mother’s horrific murder
Yesterday’s Crimes: Strangle and Slash in San Leandro
NEW LONGREAD: Serial Killer Or Accidental Drowning? KDKA Investigates What Happened To Dakota James
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED CHAPTER 5 (chapters 1-4 previously posted)


Is There A Serial Killer On The Loose In Chicago? Dozens Of Similar Cases Unsolved
Local officials talk to students at Penn State-Beaver about severed-head mystery
8 unsolved cases that continue to haunt Butler County families
Petition calls for celebrity genealogist to investigate Angie Housman mystery
Mother seeks to reopen case into son’s mysterious death
Reward Increased In Unsolved Murder Of Demetrius Griffin, Burned Alive In 2016
NEW LONGREAD: After 69 years, Indiana cold case has new life
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Killings of N.J. girls remain unsolved after 50 years


Hope Ann Moore’s disappearance still a mystery 20 years later
New leads in Tabitha Tuders case point detectives back to Nashville
Kirsten Hatfield’s family still searching for answers 22 years after her disappearance
Jerika Binks remains missing one year after vanishing during a run
Unsolved: Single mom found murdered in St. Pete apartment in 2013
Five years and Meagan Pilon is still missing
NEW LONGREAD: Gruesome find in a north Suffolk field 30 years ago today sparked an unsolved murder investigation
VINTAGE LONGREAD: A Decade Later, Hollywood Video Slayings Still Haunt Families, Survivors
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Burlington’s oldest cold case continues to baffle investigators


Are unsolved murders along Cleveland’s East 93rd Street corridor connected?
UNSOLVED: Amos Yoder’s son found Amos and his wife beaten and bound to their bed
What’s changed in decade since Pa. woman mysteriously died during Sea Isle polar plunge weekend?
After 19 years, Asha Degree’s mother holds on to hope her daughter will be found
NEW LONGREAD: Linda Marie Kohlmeier’s Knox County murder lingers — more than 50 years later
NEW LONGREAD: Eighty years later, we’ve identified Matt Warren’s killer
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Lyndon Fuller’s family still searching for for answers in ‘bizarre’ Berwick cold case 29 years later
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Murder-Suicide in the Keys Unravels a Doctor’s Decades-Long Mystery


Arrest made in 1993 murder of Sophie Sergie at University of Alaska Fairbanks
Appalachian Unsolved: 6-year-old Avery ‘Peaches’ Shorts
Man charged with first-degree murder in three historical cases
Brother Appeals For Help In Disappearance Of Sister, Niece As Police Release New Details
“I love you” were the last words 7-year-old Danydia Thomspon said before she disappeared on her way to school in 1997
Double Initial Murders: Michelle Maenza
Cold Case: Woman found in 1976 never identified. Victim was in her fifties or sixties. Her hands were cut off.
Pieces of the Past: Murder of Mai Helvey unsolved for 35 years
NEW 2-PART LONGREAD (both parts at link): Unsolved? A Rockland murder mystery

BONUS: Seeing Gavin de Becker back in the news courtesy of Jeff Bezos’ Peckergate has reminded me how much I loved his book, downloaded here in full: The Gift of Fear


Pennsylvania child Cherrie Mahan still missing after getting off school bus in 1985
Haskell Police Re-Open 30-Year-Old Missing Persons Case
“She had Goals, Dreams, a Future:” Family of Amber Wilde Holds out Hope for Answers
Man convicted for infamous East Texas KFC murders up for parole in June
UNSOLVED | Mystery of the Missing
In One Ear: What happened to Marty?
She was killed and dumped in a ditch over 40 years ago. A deputy coroner has vowed to find out her name.
Maura Murray’s family presses for answers
Family of murdered Memphis woman believes serial killer’s drawing proves she was killed by him
NEW LONGREAD: Black Widow Killer is North Carolina’s oldest woman on death row
NEW LONGREAD: Elyria police reopen 1990 cold case of teen’s murder (ARCHIVED STORIES ATTACHED)


UNSOLVED: The vanishing of Jacquelyn Lorraine Markham
Authorities want help solving odd cold case over Hamilton County man reported missing in 1993
Gregg County Sheriff’s Office releases name of Lavender Doe
Lady in Red remains a Mississippi mystery. Who is she?
Sheriff’s Department checking into 16-year-old disappearance of Erin Hoover Davis
Puzzling loss: Delores Griffin’s remains identified after 43 years
RELATED: Arizona trucker indicted in 1992 Austintown cold case, suspected in several slayings + Friend of teen who was murdered in 1990 looks for closure
NEW LONGREAD: Appleton’s Connie Boelter homicide investigation shifts away from former bank president
NEW LONGREAD: University of Florida student Tiffany Sessions vanished without a trace 30 years ago. Her dad was determined to find her.


UNSOLVED | Tied Up and Tortured
U of M Student’s Remains Identified After 4 Decades
Minneapolis police make arrest in woman’s 1993 murder
Detective reopens 1984 double murder case, citing similarities to Golden State Killer crimes
Monica Keenlance of central Illinois was constantly on the run
Newly engaged couple’s murder still unsolved five years later
Police says torn letters key to 1986 killing of boy in Nevada, arrest of mother in Palm Beach County
WATCH HERE: 5-part Oakland County Child Killer docuseries
NEW LONGREAD: Richard Marquette case shocked Oregonians after ‘butcher’ slayer scored parole, killed again
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED CHAPTER 4 (chapters 1 + 2 + 3, previously posted)


38 years after skull is found, Jane Doe has a name
Former mayor describes chilling phone call about a murder confession 41 years ago
Claude and Sue Shelton told their children they were going to truck stop in 1971. They never came home.
Unsolved mass lynching grand jury testimony set for release thanks to N.J. lawyer
Skelton Brothers: Author sheds new light on search for missing brothers
A fallen firefighter’s family and friends continue to search for answers 25 years after his death
NEW LONGREAD: How a 46-year-old slaying became a Monroe County legend
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Inside the puzzle of Roseville’s ‘three little girls’ tragedy


The mysterious death of Justin Taylor
‘Cookin Up Justice’ With Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey Highlights 2017 Double Homicide Case
Mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident reopened 60 years later
Hammersmith nude murders: new clues in ‘Jack the Stripper’ case
Local 4 premieres “Oakland County Child Killer” special Wednesday (plus related LONGREAD)
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Abandoned pet cemetery has eerie, murderous past


New podcast chronicles mysterious disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings + podcast link
30 years later, Tiffany Sessions remains missing
After 15 years, missing woman’s mother ‘still in shock’

Bonus Round: a fortuitously-timed Unsolved Mysteries mini-burst:

Las Cruces Bowl massacre still unsolved; $25,000 reward for information
New England’s Unsolved: Who killed US Marine David Cox?
Forensic artist sketches image of Charles Horvath-Allan, who disappeared 30 years ago
NEW LONGREAD: 40 years later, mystery still surrounds the Sarah Joe and five Hana fishermen who didn’t return


Woman arrested on charge she murdered her child 33 years ago
Mother of murdered children still awaiting justice: slayings of Cody Garrett and Linda Gibson still unsolved after 25 years
Living with a cold case: Local woman writes book about husband’s 1980 murder
Ten years later, Randa still missing
The Justice Files: Reenactment of ’94 missing mother case released on social media
Double Initial Murders: Wanda Walkowicz + Vintage 1973 report
The Mongo Murders: part 1 + part 2 (an introduction, previously posted)
NEW LONGREAD: Bruce McArthur, serial killer who stalked and terrorised Toronto’s gay village, sentenced to life
NEW LONGREAD: Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped in 1989, and police are still searching for her killer


Kansas City police reveal new leads in Fawn Cox’s 1989 homicide
3 men suspected they could be infant kidnapped from Colorado Springs in 1986
Human Foot Found on Shore of Wash. Island Belonged to ‘Happy’ Young Man Missing Since 2016
20 years later, Saco teen Ashley Ouellette’s death is still unsolved
35 years later, Pembroke police pursue killer in case that changed town
Taylor Co. inmate linked to Jeannie Quinn murder, 1993 missing person cold case
The Justice Files: Utah’s first serial killers show no remorse
10 years later: What happened to HaLeigh Cummings?
Mother of Sky Metalwala still won’t talk to Bellevue police 7 years after son’s disappearance
NEW LONGREAD: ‘My sister, where are you?’ Missing woman’s sister wants justice for Rosenda Strong
NEW LONGREAD: Would I have been one of Ted Bundy’s victims? My mom? My friends?


Dad wants NH authorities to dig for Maura Murray’s remains
Who murdered Maria Honzell? 1977 cold case remains unsolved
Cold Case Investigators Discuss Denise Oliverson’s Disappearance and Possible Bundy Connection
20 years later, the search continues for Erica Baker
Christine Diefenbach’s unsolved murder turns 31 today
Police Offer $100K For Leads on 1970s ‘Doodler’ Serial Killer
‘Just remember Barbara’: Search group of friends organizes tribute for missing Sumter woman Barbara Nave
Unsolved slaying of stripper Tamara Greene gets national audience in podcast
NEW LONGREAD: Searching for Sky Burnley
NEW LONGREAD: Out from the Void—Eugene’s dead, missing and unidentified people (part 1 + part 2)


San Francisco Police Release 1970s ‘Doodler’ Serial Killer Sketch
Nearly 18 years later, Bianca Lebron still missing
Michiana Unsolved: Mysterious remains
He said his wife and son moved to South Korea. Decades later, a detective learned the truth.
Former lead detective opens up about HaLeigh Cummings’ disappearance
Malheur County team turns attention to cold case involving murdered nurse May Hori
Tips sought: OSBI playing cards include couple’s unsolved 1983 Cold Case
7 Things to Know About the Mysterious Death of Florida Woman Investigating Cold Case
What happened to Savannah Spurlock? Here’s what we know about the search
NEW LONGREAD: FATHER KUNZ UNSOLVED CHAPTER 3 (chapters 1 + 2, previously posted)


Bodies Found in 2 States Identified as Mother and Son 20 Years After They Were Murdered
The Lisa Stebic case: 12 years later, where does the investigation stand?
Family says anonymous tip led them to skeletal remains they think belong to missing uncle
State police look for leads in cold case of Oneida teenagers missing since 1990
Mother of ‘Bakersfield 3’ woman posts video saying leg found in lake is not her daughter’s
Beaufort County deputies seek clues in Dorothy Kay Olbert’s 1975 murder
Delphi murders: Unanswered questions 2 years after the slayings of Abby and Libby
NEWISH LONGREAD: What happened to Ellabeth Lodermeier?

I-Team: 1994 murder of grandmother haunts family
Cold County Part 1: The Disappearances of Karin Mero and Hannah Zaccaglini
Family holds out hope of finding Quebec teen who disappeared 10 years ago
Crime of the Week: Robtown Double Murder Unsolved
Her murder went unsolved for nearly 40 years, until DNA pointed to a serial rapist named ‘Animal’
Las Vegas sex-trafficker who is suspect in unsolved double homicide threatened victims weeks before the murders
NEW LONGREAD: Murder in Peking – two hot takes on a grisly 1937 cold case involving British teen
NEW LONGREAD: New details about the final hours before Yorkton teenager Mekayla Bali’s mysterious disappearance


Real Time Investigation: The Mongo Murders, an introduction
On 11th anniversary of the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak, many call for justice
Podcast features Kimberly Moreau’s missing person story
Brothers break silence on exoneration fight in death of 21-year-old Deanna Crawford nearly 12 years ago
CATCHING A KILLER: Why it’s tough to nail serial murderers
Search warrants issued, data pulled from electronic devices in search for missing teen Karlie Guse
NEW LONGREAD: The vanishing of Granger Taylor
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Investigators hold out hope in Julie Valentine case


A call for fresh tips in 1999 murders of Roger Smith and Wendy Haveron
Cajun FBI Solving the Fifty Year Disappearance of Alice Marie Reeves
Honolulu Police reopen a cold case from 1972: The murder of Nancy Anderson
On Cassidy Bernard’s birthday, family still hopeful RCMP will solve her murder
Remains of missing person Krystie Stuart found in Apple Valley
Double Initial Murders: Carmen Colon
New Mexico ceremony marks ‘horrible’ discovery of bodies
One year later, murders of Loudoun Co. mother, son unsolved
OCSO still searching for missing girl Andrea Durham 29 years later
NEW LONGREAD: Fayetteville police chief’s 1935 death remains a mystery
NEW LONGREAD + PODCAST: To Catch Melanie Layton Callison’s Killer (part 1 + part 2)


No answers 32 years after Jenny Lynn Pandos disappeared from Virginia
Deck of cards renews hope of solving 10-year-old Christine Cole’s decades-old murder case
Family still holds out hope on 8th anniversary of Joshua Davis’ disappearance
Cold Cases | Not forgotten: Linda Pagano
COLD CASE: Who killed Brenda Gaddis?
Family of Carrie Culberson continues to search for her decades after convicted killer imprisoned
Connie Boelter: Waiting for Answers
NEW LONGREAD: Halfway Across the Delphi Murders
NEW LONGREAD: Killing of famed Knox hairdresser remains mystery after 35 years


47 years later: Investigator has hunch in teen’s disappearance
Police: DNA, forensic genealogy helps solve 40-year-old homicide of Portland woman
2009 disappearance of Milford man remains a mystery, baffles investigators
New cold case database bringing renewed hope for 14-year-old Gabrielle Distefano’s family
As anniversary of Kelsie Schelling’s disappearance nears, family again offers $100K reward
Bone fragments found in wall during investigation into 1989 disappearance of Barbara Miller
Jennifer Kesse’s family wants police file on her disappearance — but even reviewing it could take years, judge says
Elizabeth Wettlaufer confessed to attacking a 15th patient. The public was never told.
NEW LONGREAD: A former cop is suspected in the deaths of three women. He died just before he could be arrested.
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Decade after Daytona Beach serial killer leaves 4 women dead, cops still seek answers


Missing children: Nine infamous cases of Bay Area children who vanished
2007 homicide of Luciana Davey and her 11-year-old son Frank still unsolved
East Berlin man speaks 20 years after mother’s disappearance
Husband wants Linda Vavaris’s murder case reopened years after it went cold
Murder of Clearwater couple David and Mina Swan remains unsolved
Family retrieves remains of Lina Reyes-Geddes, missing for 20 years
How did my sister die? Woman wants answers about year-old case from Henry County Sheriff’s Office
NEW LONGREAD: Ilene Misheloff disappeared 30 years ago — ‘How do you give up on your child?’


Podcast draws attention to cold case of missing Wallingford girl
The fifth anniversary of Amber Long’s slaying has come and gone and still no arrests
Mysterious death: Plea deal angers family of Jennifer Myers, woman found dead inside Wheat Ridge home
NEW LONGREAD: Detectives planned to arrest sheriff’s deputy for 1967 killings. He died last week.
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 30 years ago, father’s evil act shocked small Otter Tail County town
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 50 years later, unsolved Guthrie Center murder still an open wound


‘Who killed Teryl Orcutt 29 years ago?’ Deputies post on social media, asking for community’s help
10 years later, family still hopes for justice in Priscilla Dondi Hickman’s death
Investigators ask for public’s help solving Littleton bowling alley cold-case triple murder
Evidence destroyed in 1991 cold case murder, documents say
New Website, $50,000 Reward Announced In Unsolved Maggie Long Murder
Police: Probe into Barbara Miller’s 1989 disappearance ‘very active’
NEW LONGREAD: Family holds out hope they’ll find boy missing for 45 years
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Helen Hill’s Unfinished Story


Remarkable Discovery: DNA links family to missing DC woman
Putnam man serving time for Josette Wright killing to get new hearing
Disappearances of Christine Markey and Tammy Mahoney live on for families, investigators
Justice Files: New tip could turn Rosie Tapia murder in a new direction
21st anniversary of Renée Sweeney murder: Police have a suspect in custody this year
NEW LONGREAD: Ted Bundy Survivor Kathy Kleiner Tells Her Story
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Strangled Flint babysitter case closed decades after accused killer freed


A half a century later, Clearwater police still on the hunt for the Jeatrans’ killer
Will Cierzan disappearance still baffling after 2 years
Reward offered in cold case double murder in Schiller Park
Ohio physician allegedly ordered 28 people potentially fatal doses of opioid painkillers
Bolingbrook seventh-grader Rachel Mellon missing for another year without answers
NEW LONGREAD: Who is Dennis Rader aka the BTK serial killer?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 48 years later, memory of a mother’s brutal death lingers


Chilling surveillance video shows last known images of murdered woman whose nude body was found in nearby woods
Reward increased for tips in Anne Paetz’s unsolved 1999 murder
Suspect Arrested in San Diego Man’s 2006 Cold Case Sword Killing
4 victims were gunned down in 2015. A suspect now faces charges in their deaths.
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Unanswered questions leave father . . . haunted by death
VINTAGE LONGREAD: New twist in Vermont farmer’s mysterious 1957 death


DNA Just Led To A Major Break In A Murder Case That’s Stumped Police For 27 Years
‘Crazy Brabant Killers’: ex-gendarme arrested on suspicion of hiding evidence
Candlelight walk to mark 30th anniversary of Ilene Misheloff’s disappearance
Concordia University students dig into years-old Chelsea Small cold case
13 years later, Jennifer Kesse’s family says they’ll leave ‘no stone unturned’
New Hampshire unsolved case file: What happened to Patricia Ann Wood?
The Stayner brothers: 20 years after the Yosemite serial killings
NEW LONGREAD: The Life and Murders of Ted Bundy, 30 Years After His Execution


Into thin air: Haleigh Cummings disappeared 10 years ago
Hunt County investigators searching for single mother who vanished in 1991
The eerie Berks tale of a woman’s 1923 murder on Neversink Mountain
Burglary gone bad led to public defender Nancy Bergeson’s death, records allege
Blue Island hit-and-run that killed Robby Silva, 11, in 2005 remains unsolved
After Mom of Newborn Twins Goes Missing, Scammers Seeking Ransom Money Target Worried Family
Police still working on Sherri-Lynn McEwan’s 5 year old unsolved murder
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The Babysitter Mystery
NEW LONGREAD SERIES & PODCAST PART 1: The Unsolved Murder of Alfred Kunz


RCMP using old files, new techniques in attempt to crack cold cases of three missing women
Homes used by serial killer Darren Vann to strangle, hide 7 women will be razed, city says
Trucks featuring Teekah Lewis to be unveiled on 20th anniversary of her disappearance
Judge declares missing Unity woman Cassandra Gross legally dead
Delphi Murders: Investigators say internet rumors can hinder search for Libby & Abby’s killer
Dark Poutine podcast: The Beast of B.C. Clifford Olson, Part 1
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The unsolved murder of Jodi Cooper
VINTAGE 3-PART LONGREAD: He killed his parents in Omaha at age 16 and escaped from prison nearly a decade later. Then he simply vanished.


No arrests 46 years after Sarah Lou Gammons’ brutal California killing
New clues emerge 15 years after teen’s disappearance: ‘We just want to know he’s safe,’ family says
Police make arrest in 2009 homicide of assistant federal public defender Nancy Bergeson
Cops working on the Abby Williams and Libby German case looking into man arrested on suspicion of child molestation
NEW LONGREAD: Inside the Hunt for a Murderer Who Escaped from Prison 45 Years Ago
NEW LONGREAD: Arrest of two grade schoolers for murder 20 years ago shook the city — until it became clear their admissions couldn’t be correct.


Body believed to be missing Texas woman Emily Wade found in creek bed
Police, desperate for clues, plan flyer handout in nine-year search for missing child Patrick Alford
Indiana police investigating new lead in cold case murder of Delphi teens
Recognize her? Artist reconstructs face of woman believed to be serial killer’s victim
Still no answers in Holly Cantrell case
Family still looking for answers 7 months after disapperance of Belmont County couple
Has ‘murdered’ mother-of-10 who vanished in 1976 finally been found?
Still no sign of missing Mono County teen three months after the 16-year-old disappeared
NEW LONGREAD: Genetics extends the long arm of the law
VINTAGE LONGREAD: In 1959 Bruce Campbell vanished into thin air

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