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COLD CASE: Double slaying leaves families frustrated 58 years later
Parole denied for a serial killer convicted of murdering two people on Dauphin Island in 1969
Walk set for 36th anniversary of Janette Roberson’s murder
‘We Just Miss Her So Much’: Vigil Held for Missing Ennis Mother Emily Wade
Man arrested in gruesome murders of 3 men missing since 2014
Who is missing Punta Gorda woman Christine Flahive?
Thomas Brown’s friends open up after his remains are found two years after his disappearance


High hopes new information will lead to justice in couple’s 1979 disappearance
The Justice Files: Red car may be key in solving cold case murders
Young woman whose body was found 31 years ago is ID’d in cold case as Anaheim resident
BPD to reopen Linda Sue Adkins’ 1979 cold case homicide
Could Barbie doll have answers to infamous Utah cold case child murder?
Remains of missing Alberta man found nearly a decade after he ‘vanished’ in Arizona
NEW PODCAST: Where Justice Lies, Episode 1
NEW LONGREAD: The unsolved mystery of the Soviet scientist who disappeared in 1980s Madrid


Bodies of Missing Texas Man and Woman Found Buried in Shallow Graves at Oklahoma Home
The search continues in girl’s 1963 disappearance
Search continues for La Crosse teen who went missing 13 years ago
Who killed Melissa Peskey?
NEW LONGREAD: Man posthumously exonerated in 1981 Mount Vernon stabbing serial killer Krajcir confessed to
NEW LONGREAD: Serial killer Gerald Stano of Ormond was executed 20 years ago
NEW LONGREAD:: Sarah Stern not the first no-body murder case to go to trial


AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Boy’s 35-year-old killing still an open investigation
‘I watched her die’: Former Oregon man confesses to JonBenet Ramsey killing; police dismissive
Investigators: 7 people arrested for using missing Florida teen as ‘sex slave’
No ‘rhyme or reason:’ Motive unknown in 2 Gardnerville Ranchos murders thought connected
Kirsten Hatfield’s Mother: ‘Not Giving Up Hope’ That Her Daughter’s Body Will Be Found
3 years after teen’s disappearance from Greensboro, mom says she never imagined daughter would be missing
Nanette Krentel remembered; North Shore slaying unsolved after 18-months
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Even after 50 years, memories of Auburn triple murder remain fresh


Suspect in Jayme Closs case tried to kidnap her twice previously, complaint states
Cold Case: 40th anniversary of Mother killed after surprising gunman who had tied up her kids
‘They framed her’: 10 years after Melissa Calusinski was accused, effort to clear her name persists
Body part found on Marley Creek identified as missing Glen Burnie woman Melanie Faith Meleney
The six horrific cases that gripped North Queensland
NEW LONGREAD: Connie Smith mystery remains unsolved
NEW LONGREAD: How a Career Criminal Broke the Convict Code and Saved Himself


Oklahoma child murderer killed in prison; victim’s body was never found
Daughter of serial killer, rapist tied to 1990 Greenville murder speaks out
Investigators piece together what happened in 3 months of Jayme Closs’ captivity
Why are Native American women vanishing?
Woman continues search for daughter after 10 years
NEW LONGREAD: Yakama man pieces together identity of slain mother with faded memories and old photos
NEW LONGREAD: On anniversary of discovery of message in a bottle, Brisbane socialite was a rising star before her disappearance


‘They have to be somewhere’: Fresh bid to find Gert van Rooyen’s victims
Rowdy McMillan still missing 21 years after his disappearance in California
Jayme Closs freed herself from captivity and sought help, says Sheriff
Double murder cold case from 11 years ago resurfaces
One year later, mystery still surrounds SC man’s disappearance in Norway
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who Killed Beverly Jean Hope?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who Killed Morris Lax?

BONUS: If you should find yourself especially intrigued with Morris Lax’s demise the Hamilton Spectator has a 22-part series on the case. I lack the industriousness to provide all the links but here’s Chapter 1 to get you started: The Life and Death of Morris Lax


TRUE CRIME OUTLIER: Jayme Closs is seen for the first time a day after her escape
Boulder police throw cold water on new JonBenet murder confession
Fingerprint match leads to arrest in 1999 kidnap, rape of girl abducted from street
Two years later, cafe owner’s disappearance haunts
Candlelight Walk To Remember Ilene Misheloff, Missing 30 Years
17 years after Rachel Cooke’s disappearance, the search continues
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Centralia boy’s 1991 disappearance still unsolved
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The world’s first psychic detective squad was founded by a St. Louis housewife


The strange case of child-killer Michele Gates and how it changed Oregon forever
Golden State Killer cleared as suspect in Donna Richmond murder
A 12-year-old in Florida was raped in 1983. Cops now have a suspect, but it’s too late
Who killed Lorraine Rodriguez in 1988
‘Phantom’ killer of children sent back to Arizona prison
Death to be reviewed 30 years after teen’s chain-bound body pulled from the Murray River
“Kiss and Kill” Killer, John Mack Herring, died at 75
RELATED “Kiss and Kill” VINTAGE LONGREAD: A Kiss Before Dying


AS SEEN ON IDIDITFORJODIE: Father of child killer Michele Dee Gates accused of shooting her husband
‘You don’t just vanish’: Iowa parents wading through rumors after son’s disappearance
Search for remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman circling back to early tip
‘Perplexing’ disappearance of former Mouseketeer
Ted Bundy Display Planned for 30-Year Execution Anniversary
Cold case: Police say they have no concrete leads in 2016 quadruple homicide
NEW LONGREAD: 11 rapes, 4 states, 1 suspect: The ‘extraordinarily improbable’ defense of Calvin Kelly
NEW LONGREAD: He may have found the body of a serial killer’s victim. Now he needs to find her name.


Car is key to 30-year-old mystery of Irish couple who vanished without a trace
Was witchcraft involved in Hailey Dunn murder? Father describes strange items connected to case
State Police ask for public’s help in 1988 cold case double murder
Missing baby case painful reminder for family of New Braunfels toddler
Boat seized in Trudy Appleby investigation
Who was she? Serial killer Samuel Little’s Jackson victim was transgender, investigators say
Sleeping outdoors with a rifle, murder suspect stalked Malibu for years, officials say


Cold case: Who killed Sayreville High School student Nancy Noga 20 years ago

Nine years after the McStay family disappeared, their accused killer heads to trial
Germaine Gomez’s 1968 disappearance remains an unsolved mystery
Wausau sitter dressed dead infant, gave him back to his mother, went swimming
Gina Hall’s 1980 murder becomes the subject of new book
Reward offered for leads in 2018 fire deaths of couple
Suspect Linked to Bloody Handprint in 1986 Killing Pleads Not Guilty
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 30 years later, unsolved slayings of two matriarchs still haunt families


‘Into thin air’: Family seeks answers, 10 months after young man vanished from B.C. ski town

Mom, sister recall Debbie Gama’s 1975 murder, now on TV
Family seeks help to find blind Detroiter missing in Peru
NC woman says she’s not giving up hope on mom missing for 6 months
NEW LONGREAD: Brothers seeking answers to father’s unsolved murder 47 years ago in Madison
NEWISH LONGREAD: The Mystery of the Killer Vacation
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The Tracey Schoettlin case 25 years later


Cold Case: 18 years since Angelina Wall was found murdered
Man tied to Tara Grinstead murder arrested on disturbing new charges
Video: Sacramento’s ‘Charles Manson Murder’ still unsolved after nearly 30 years
JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Settles $750 Million Lawsuit Against CBS
Son of woman murdered in Washington seeks closure after suspected killer arrested
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Drowning of Recently Adopted Boy Raises Troubling Inquiry
NEWISH LONGREAD: 30 years since murder of Athens family of 5 (part 1 + part 2 + part 3)


No leads 13 years after Bambi Madden disappeared without a trace
After 32 years, family still seeks closure in Roberta Mae Klotz cold case
Manson Follower Robert Beausoleil Gets Parole After Spending 50 Years In Prison
Police Searched Tunnels Under DC General for Missing Child Relisha Rudd
NEWISH LONGREAD: Christine Jessop’s cold case a tale of tragedy, little redemption (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + update)


Daughter Of ’80s Cold Case Victim Wants Answers
Boise man arrested, linked to cold case murders in Idaho, Washington
Man convicted in brutal cold case killing set to be released
5 years later, investigators still looking for answers in stabbing death of grandma, toddler
Logger, his son, and live-in girlfriend are found shot dead at remote Washington compound
Vigil for Jenna Marks One Year Since Disappearance
NEW LONGREAD: Family reconciles memory of the Midlands’ oldest cold case, the ‘forgotten little girl’


For detective working on Traci Hammerberg cold case, murder is impossible to forget
Police make public appeal on third anniversary of Shelley Desrochers’ disappearance
Police re-examine Sarah “Jeanette” Benson’s 1981 homicide
Authorities: Photo purporting to show missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs not credible
Families Of Loved Ones Who Have Disappeared In Surry County Demanding Answers and Action
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who Killed Jane Stanford?
NEW LONGREAD: Looking back at New Zealand’s cold case killings 1940-1980 (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4)

Alternatively, for those short of attention span and/or time this is the NZ highlights reel: ‘Maniacal’ Moa Creek axe attack among unsolved cases


How VA prosecutors got 2 high-profile ‘no body’ murder convictions
Social media posts about Closs not credible, sheriff says
Best True-Crime Podcasts of 2018
VINTAGE LONGREAD: New Hope in 75-Year-Old Murder Mystery (part 1 + part 2)
VINTAGE LONGREAD: A Town Confronts a Child Murder in its Past (part 1 + part 2)
HATBOX BABY, PART 10: A trip to Iowa gives more answers — and more questions in the ‘Hatbox Baby’ mystery
(previously posted: Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 + Part 4 + Part 5 + part 6 + part 7 + part 8 + part 9)


Photographer series focuses on the 20 year search for Suzanne Lyall
No arrests six years after Keith Ratliff found shot to death in his Georgia home
Man convicted in 1986 murder seeks DNA testing, believes results will clear him
Disappearance of Mesa girl Mikelle Biggs still unsolved 20 years later
Staten Island couple eyed in bizarre slaying of missing man
Bodies of two Albuquerque missing teens found west of Rio Rancho
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 45 years later, cold murder case in rural Utah heats up


Mystery surrounds Grand Canyon hiker deaths
Families, investigators still resolved in search for remains of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman
Search for Geneva Adams’ body continues: plot in Illinois cemetery turns up empty
Community comes together to search for Ashley Morin
NEW LONGREAD: ‘We have no justice’: Serial killer’s death sentence canceled
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Skiba-Chivers Vanishing is a Cold Case Frozen in Time


ADBLOCK-BLOCKED, UNFORTUNATELY: Friends push to find LI woman who vanished 28 years ago
’You have at least one serial killer’: 1998 East Bay killings remain a mystery
Crime Stoppers: Who killed a young Dayton mom?
Samantha Harer’s Gunshot Death Classified As Suicide
The crimes and last meals of prisoners executed on death row in 2018
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Why did Jan Stavros mysteriously disappear without a trace?


AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Authorities say 22-year-old case of missing Patty Vaughan is ‘not cold’
Filmmakers document story of ADK serial killer in ‘Garrow’
Jayme Closs: Has the case gone cold?
Lori Ann Conopa’s 1985 Medford murder case unsolved
Family pleads for answers 24 years after Utah mom disappeared
NEW LONGREAD: Pamela Cantaline’s 1985 homicide gets new attention

ADDENDUM: I’ve been sitting on the NewsOK series ‘Looking for Logan Tucker’ until the full print version drops—but apparently only Part 1 is going to be available to non-subscribers. The entire podcast is free, however.


Remains identified as Manhattan Beach woman who vanished in 2016
Who killed Melissa? Grieving mother wants answers
Elwyn Crocker was Santa at Walmart. But two children were buried in his garden
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Where are the Vosselers?
Missing woman Sarah Hill’s family seeks answers
Unsolved death of British teenager who had her heart ripped out leads to heated feud between authors
Unsolved: How Ferguson Township police are tackling 3 cold cases in new ways
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Decades later, Bergen County teens’ slayings remain unsolved


Decapitation of young Ashland man remains unsolved 7 years later
JonBenet’s tricycle: Murdered six-year-old’s abandoned toy reveals new truths in famous case
Couple’s disappearance turns into homicide case
1924 shotgun murderess: ‘They were mean to me’
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Finding Christie Mullins’ murderer-40 years too late
NEW LONGREAD: Her nude body was found 30 years ago, slashed and heartless; who killed Lisa Sanders?


What happened to the five Sodder children?
Notorious Child Killer Marybeth Tinning Is Back Home in N.Y. Decades Later
2 decades pass, Stephanie Lynne Sanchez-Chavez’s murder case remains unsolved
Mother of missing Skowhegan woman gets ready to spend holiday without her
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Missing Ann Crist believed dead, but family still seeks answers
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Dark echoes of Adele Komorowski’s murder linger 45 years later


Family, friends still hope for closure in Virginia Williams’ 1993 unsolved murder
Georgia man charged with murder, arson in wife’s 2013 death
The case of Edward Lee Elmore: SC inmate was freed after decades behind bars on death row
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Life changed forever’ when Tammy vanished
VINTAGE LONGREAD: She listened as baby sitter was murdered, wants killer to never walk free


Thirty years later, hopeful cops turn up the heat in Christine Diefenbach’s 1988 cold case
The 30-year mystery of a missing Central Coast woman Ursula Barwick solved
David Sneddon still absent from Christmas after 14 years
Saturday marks 28th anniversary of missing Richard Hitchcock
NEW LONGREAD: Hickory’s peculiar connection to the JonBenét Ramsey murder investigation
NEW LONGREAD: Former deputy’s death leaves Parkway victims’ families wondering what he knew
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The untold, unsolved case of Jessie Hoover


Missing Woodland Park woman, Kelsey Berreth, presumed dead; fiance arrested in her murder
Death of woman found burned, partially clothed in Staten Island woods ruled a suicide
Help Us Find: Rosa Maria Shipley
Suspect in Martinko murder not suspected in wife’s death or cousin’s disappearance
The ‘dead’ girl who fooled a nation
Levelland woman’s homicide investigation sheds light on 1993 disappearance


A homicide that haunted Iowa: what we know about murder charge in 1979 killing of Michelle Martinko
The Jeatran Murders: After 50 years, Clearwater police hope to crack city’s coldest case
Melanie Ethier, 15, disappeared without a trace Sept. 29, 1996
Persistence may pay off in search for Brandy Hanna killer
Mother of model whose body was found without organs still seeks answers
NEW LONGREAD: Chilling details revealed in suspected cold case murder of Joanne Chatfield
NEWISH LONGREAD: 34 years after their child’s murder, parents keep her memory alive


Arrest made in mysterious killing of 12-year-old decades ago. The killer was another child, cops say.
Greeley PD taking a new look at Jonelle Matthews’ 1984 disappearance
1993 Levelland cold case reopened after person of interest named in Jeannie Quinn’s murder
Police sought clues for 4 missing women where remains of 1 were found
NEW LONGREAD: Where is Missing Runner Jerika Binks?
NEW LONGREAD: She Was Exonerated of the Murder of Her Son. Her Life Is Still Shattered.
NEW LONGREAD: Missing German Mike Mansholt found without organs in Malta


DNA evidence leads police to charge Iowa man with murder for 1979 killing of Michelle Martinko
Medford’s Christie Farni missing for 40 years
Margaret Sweet’s Christmas Eve homicide remains unsolved 10 years later
Family of teen murdered in 2012 pleading for answers as they celebrate her birthday
NBC15 Investigates: Dr. Thomas Speer Cold Case
NEW LONGREAD: The Sydney schoolgirl who vanished without a trace
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The disappearance of Dr. Margaret Kilcoyne, one of Nantucket’s greatest unsolved mysteries


She swiped her co-worker’s Coke can. Police say it cracked a 28-year-old murder case.
Sheriff: No fingerprints, no shoe prints, no DNA in Jayme Closs case
Police reveal missing Colorado mom left freshly baked cinnamon rolls in her kitchen but her keys and purse were gone
Deputies look for new tips in 1963 cold case double murder of two teens in Bushnell’s Basin
Lower Valley human remains discovered in 1988 to be exhumed for DNA
16 years later, Angie Fullmer’s family seeks answers
NEW LONGREAD: The terrible crimes committed by women on death row
VINTAGE LONGREAD: An Alabama child’s tragic kidnapping and murder shocked America in 1962


Slaying in Sequoyah Hills: Who killed Rose Busch?
Cape woman at odds with police, views son’s death as no accident
Authorities search graves, but remains of woman who vanished 42 years ago not found
Science provides new lead in 30-year-old Florida cold case
Everyone has an opinion on the mysterious Jayme Closs disappearance. Even psychics.
NEW LONGREAD: Chicago Tribune 40th Anniversary John Wayne Gacy Retrospective
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The Disappearance of George Snow


Las Vegas police reveal details of mysterious Irma Mkrtchyan investigation
Mother of Ayla Reynolds, attorney to speak out about unsolved case
Lower Valley human remains discovered in 1988 to be exhumed for DNA
NEW LONGREAD: The Unsolved Mystery of the First People Killed During the Civil Rights Movement
NEW LONGREAD: Roger Stringer testified against his son; now he believes a defective rifle is to blame
VINTAGE LONGREAD CIRCA 1982: The Search for Steven Thomas


No arrests 25 years after Texas woman Angela Ewert’s body found
New book details evidence in unsolved 1985 murder of Donna Gentile
Family wants answers after woman found dismembered in landfill
The Justice Files: In search of answers in couple’s 2012 murder
Missing in Kansas: Tabitha Brewer
Convict linked to two unsolved Spokane cases has parole denied in Idaho
NEW LONGREAD: Hailey Dunn disappeared in 2010, and mysteries linger
NEW LONGREAD: After 42 years, does an answer of what happened to Geneva Adams rest in a graveyard?


Grandson arrested in 1984 cold case murder
Family believes Kirkwood woman & her grandson were killed by the same person
Prosecutors, police appeal for help in slaying of Andover couple seven years ago
Help needed in identifying cold case victim with ties to Acadiana
AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Search for Brandy Hall produces few head-scratching moments. Can grave-finding machine help?
NEW SAMUEL LITTLE LONGREAD: How police and the FBI found one of the country’s worst serial killers
NEW SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE LONGREAD: The Zodiac Killer case, 50 years later


South Dakota’s unsolved mysteries: 5 to remember
Who killed the Bricca family? Local historian explores cold case in new book
No connections found in men’s deaths near Downtown Austin waters, police say
Eight years after her disappearance, human remains found in search for missing woman Linda Meier
College students try to help police with 2013 cold case of mother slain in Taylor
NEW LONGREAD: The unbelievable tale of a fake hitman, a kill list, a darknet vigilante… and a murder
NEWISH LONGREAD: Tri-Willow murders left children, community in grief, fear
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Two Barmaids, Five Alligators, and the Butcher of Elmendorf


12 Most Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries of the Year
Michelle Martinko was killed 39 years ago but investigators aren’t giving up
New inquest ordered for 1975 ‘Little Girl Blue’ murder
Berkeley County makes arrest in 37-year-old cold case where 2 teens shot and left for dead
3 Days After Colorado Mom Vanished Her Employer Received Text
Coroner’s finding in Jamie Metzger death: “Homicidal violence.”
‘Help us fight for her’: Sister of slain B.C. student speaks out about unsolved case
Parabon DNA technology brings new hope to cold cases
NEW LONGREAD: Knox woman’s death dismissed as natural until serial killer Samuel Little’s confession


PARABON DELIVERS: 20 years later, brutal murder of 23-year-old Renee Sweeney solved
‘I was a coward:’ Alleged confession of Tara Grinstead’s accused killer describes what happened
‘Killing Fields’ Victims: Can you help identify them?
AS SEEN ON IDIDITFORJODIE: Man found guilty of 1986 Brighton ‘babes in the wood’ murders
Family of Jennifer Kesse, missing nearly 13 years, sues Orlando police for case file
CBS’ ‘48 Hours’ looks at new developments in the Jodi Huisentruit case
NEW LONGREAD: What Happened To Brisbane Man Gary Venamore?
NEW LONGREAD: Suspicious disappearance of Edisto Island woman baffles loved ones


‘You know what happened to Danielle’: Vancouver Police appeal to killer in 16-year-old cold case
DNA confirms remains found of Mandy Ciehanoski, Volusia County woman last seen alive in 2011
Jessica Neilson’s parents feel abandoned by Montreal police, 10 years after her death
Russia’s worst-ever serial killer who enjoyed murdering ‘immoral women’ has his victim total raised to 78
Family holds out hope they will find Erin Gilbert, missing since 1995
NEW LONGREAD: Family of Washington man seeks justice 43 years after his apparent murder
NEW LONGREAD: Murder in the Mountains, a Roger Coleman Retrospective
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Forty years, three murders and no answers in Franklin County cold case


Still no answers behind murder of Jackson couple three years later
Human leg found in Salford river is missing woman’s, police say
Murder Remains a Mystery 9 Years After Restaurateur’s Strangulation
Search for missing Colorado mother intensifies
Uncertainty taking toll on family of missing Brownsville resident Ramiro “Kimberly” Avila
NEW LONGREAD: Who was the ‘Thai bride’ dumped in the hills?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Looking Back at Enid Marriott’s 1930 Murder (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4 + part 5 + part 6)


Man accused of killing Hania Aguilar was on parole at time of her death
30 years later, podcast revisits disappearance of Wallingford’s Doreen Vincent
‘Justice for Jennifer’: Help bring closure for father who watched daughter die in unsolved hit and run
WATCH: ‘Cookin Up Justice’ With Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey Highlights 12-Year Old Cold Case
Escaped child killer gone 45 years makes U.S. Marshals’ most wanted list
Family of woman found dead in Lumberton last year still holding out hope
Three years later, no sign of missing nurse, but husband has moved on, remarried
One year later, Jamie Metzger death investigation still open, police say
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Pain of wife’s unsolved slaying still ‘fresh as it was 40 years ago’
NEW LONGREAD, AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: The pair of orange socks that link two grisly murders


After nearly 50 years investigation into missing Oscoda youths still active
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who killed Kathy Lynn Gloddy?
Suspect in Jan Rohrer’s 1973 homicide lived near victim, was officer’s son
Still haunted by the murder of Geraldine Pickford
“Who killed Amy Mihaljevic?” launches Lake Erie Murders miniseries
Man accused in Nona Dirksmeyer murder arrested after alleged kidnapping attempt
No arrests in killing of Shanaya Coley year after her abduction
NEW LONGREAD: GHOSTS OF HIGHWAY 20 (full series + youtube playlist)


A Myrtle Beach waitress was found dead in a ditch 40 years ago. The same questions linger.
AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Uncle of missing teen Ashley Summers charged with rape
Sheriff’s murder 50 years ago still haunts Wicomico
New England’s Unsolved: New push for evidence on 40th anniversary of teen’s murder
Mutilation suspect’s neighbor found tarp leaking blood
Sheriff: Wisconsin couple’s killer took only FOUR minutes to enter house, shoot them dead and abduct Jayme Closs
NEW LONGREAD: Five years of Dateline’s Missing in America, 109 still missing
VINTAGE LONGREAD: ‘What Happened to My Mother?’


Police confirm arrest in 1973 slaying of Bay City teen Jan Marie Rohrer
AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Years after Brandy Hall’s disappearance, Palm Bay woods searched
20 Years Later: 8-year-old Oregon boy who vanished searching for Christmas trees
Cold Case: Seeking Justice For Murdered Teen Kellie Jean Poppleton
NEW LONGREAD: ‘It’s taken so long’: Lee Standifer’s last night and David Earl Miller’s road to execution
NEW LONGREAD: Two families worked side by side until a murder shattered their American dream


Podcast aims to shed light, renew clues in Albuquerque teen’s unsolved murder
‘Hatbox Baby’ Sharon Elliott, who spent years trying to solve old Arizona mystery, dies at 86
30 Years Later, Sarasota Police Make Arrest in Judith Doherty’s Cold Case Killing
#UNSOLVED: Man found dead on Thanksgiving Day in 1979
Hostel security guard arrested after American woman vanishes in Costa Rica: Authorities
Family of Levelland woman found murdered in Abilene seeking answers
Transgender teen Sage Smith still missing after vanishing from Virginia in 2012
NEW LONGREAD: Tom Niblo’s early morning murder unsolved two years later
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Fifty years have passed, but Litton brothers’ murders remain a mystery


Authorities ID remains of Leslie Diane Marty, missing since 1983
Notorious case haunts state after 70 years
What happened to Ella? Family searches for answers to 1955 murder mystery
Her car was found in Savannah but, 5 years later, still no sign of missing Bluffton woman
Online true crime groups, discussion boards seize on Jayme Closs disappearance
Mysterious murders of Phoenix roommates in 2010 remain unsolved
Miami woman ‘vanished’ during a trip in Costa Rica. Her family needs your help
Daughter of woman who disappeared frustrated, worries August case was overshadowed
NEW LONGREAD: Decades later, a tangled murder case remains unsolved
NEW LONGREAD: Who is she? Serial killer Samuel Little admits murder of Mississippi woman whose body was never found


The Way We Were: Aiken County couple’s 1977 slayings still a mystery
When a pair of teenage girls decided to hitchhike home, one of them made it out. The other didn’t.
Suzanne Jovin murder mystery continues 20 years later
Search for Kierra Coles, pregnant postal worker missing nearly 2 months, continues
Skeletal remains identified as LMU student missing since April 2017
NEW LONGREAD: After Grady baby kidnapping, a full family life


Mary Shotwell Little & Dianne Shields PODCAST: 2 Women, 50 Years, Gone Cold
DNA could crack open Kirsty Bentley cold case 20 years after Ashburton schoolgirl’s murder
Every day ‘more difficult,’ but Jennifer Hillier-Penney’s family still looks for answers
‘They threw her out like a piece of garbage.’ Mother fighting ‘botched’ investigation of Lauren Agee’s death
NEW 3-PART LONGREAD: Who killed Mary Hopkins in 1951?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Unsolved Murder at the 1965 Miss Memphis Pageant


He says he didn’t kill a girl in 1984. But his back tattoo says he did, state argues.
Profiler: Killer likely knew Hania Aguilar or her neighborhood
U.S. Air Force wife Kelli Cribbs Abad still missing seven years after disappearing in Japan
Saratoga Springs police take fresh look at Sheila Shepherd’s 1980 unsolved homicide
Sussex County serial killer Patty Cannon’s deeds are almost too gruesome to believe
New DNA technology could help close 12 year mystery of ‘Lavender Doe’ cold case
NEW 6-PART LONGREAD: The lingering case of Tommy Zeigler
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Death Of Apopka Woman Still A Mystery To Family, Detective

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