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Cold case: 40 years later, a mother still searching for son
Woman asks for help and disappears: The cold case of Sheila Bradford
Tulsa Police Department plans to re-open 28-year-old case of teenager shot and thrown in ditch
3-year-old Omar Vargas vanished decades ago and his family hasn’t lost hope
‘They need our help:’ Nearly 30 years after daughter’s death, father continues work to find missing people
25-year-old murder case of Missouri girl Angie Housman remains unsolved
Father-son slaying in Virginia’s hunt country remains unsolved
NEW LONGREAD: GONE COLD | The Doll And The Monster
NEW MULTIPART LONGREAD: The mysterious death of Jamie Metzger


25 years after double murder, and still no answers for grieving parents
Sanilac County cold-case homicides share peculiar link
Cold Case Wednesday: Novelette Yancy, murdered near her child
Laurel residents in shock after two murders in 1998
Missing in Alabama: After 15 years, Melinda Wall McGhee is still missing
Authorities in Lethbridge hoping for leads in cases of two missing people who haven’t been seen for decades
Authorities ask for help finding Hood River woman missing since 2004
31 years later, vulnerable adult still missing from Wadena
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Heather Szekeres disappeared nearly two years ago
NEW LONGREAD: The mystery of why six people admitted to roles in two murders when they couldn’t remember anything about the crimes


Authorities identify remains of NH woman who vanished more than 30 years ago
AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Remains of 1976 New Orleans murder victim Mary Ann Perez have been recovered
Dallas County DA’s office says testing is being done on items in Darlie Routier case
Serial killer suspected in more than 90 slayings charged in Texas cold case
Missing Mom Found Buried in Shallow Grave in Park — but 2-Year-old Daughter Is Nowhere to Be Found
10 Years Later: What happened to Corrie Anderson?
New leads give investigators hope five years later in search for Rachel Cyriacks
Cold case: ‘Those three children will grow up without their mother’
NEW LONGREAD: Family terrorized in ‘Watcher’ house breaks silence


Rhoden Family Massacre: Custody Battle Led to Murder of Entire Ohio Family, Cops Say
Pinehurst mother still searches for answers after son disappeared 30 years ago
Police: Bone found near Lowery Field is connected to missing Zoe Campos investigation
DNA Technology Identifies Suspect in Jodine Serrin’s Unsolved Valentine’s Day 2007 Killing
NBC 10 I-Team: Family of missing URI grad searching for answers 10 years later
New podcast to shed light on Susan Powell cold case
Someone Knows Something podcast seeks the killer of Thompson’s Kerrie Ann Brown, murdered in 1986
What happened to 14-year-old murder victim Sarah Boehm?
NEW LONGREAD: Whispers of cover-up remain decades after priest’s murder


A screwdriver. A brutal attack. Who killed Dana Bowman?
‘It’s something out of a Hitchcock film’: Experts re-examine unsolved Canadian airliner bombing
Renee and Andrew Macrae: Sister’s plea in unsolved murder of mum and son
Latest evidence sparks hope for family of missing priest
Cold Case Files: Somebody was watching
NEW LONGREAD: The Burger Chef Murders
NEWLY REPUBLISHED LONGREAD: The inspiring life and mysterious death of NBA player Bison Dele
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Fifty years later, an unsolved Kansas City kidnapping still haunts family and friends


Tulsa Police Department holds out hope for answers in brutal 1987 murder of Candyce Woodward
‘Incompetent’ detective investigating mysterious death of woman, 21, on a camping trip
Law enforcement, family still looking for Carol Evans
What happened to missing newsreader Jodi Huisentruit?
Woman with missing daughter of her own pleads for help in Hania Aguilar case
NEW LONGREAD: How the LAPD Derailed My Investigation Into Biggie Smalls’ Murder
NEW LONGREAD: The Stranger in the Shelter
NEWISH LONGREAD: On the Ice-Cold Trail of the I-70 Killer


Middletown double homicide haunts family, police 33 years later
UNSOLVED: The murder of Valerie Ames
Boy Under the Billboard: Frank Bender’s Last Case
Cold Case: What happened to Irma Mkrtchyan as 5-year anniversary approaches?
Where’d you go? Missing woman in Georgia one of many people who vanished without a trace
Nine years after his disappearance, family still hopes to find Steven Koecher
A serial killer in Cowtown? 70 years ago, Ada Bilbrey was the front-page sensation
NEW LONGREAD: Appalachian Unsolved: Murder in Sequoyah Hills
NEW LONGREAD: 180 people died on serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s shifts in one nursing home. Was that a red flag?


She was murdered in broad daylight with an eyewitness. 30 years later, her case is still unsolved
‘What happened to Deborah’: Police ask for help to solve decades-old murder case
9 Years Later, Evidence Revealed In The Murder Of Anadarko Pastor Carol Daniels
Who Killed Rebekah Gould? Family Waits For Answers in 14 Year-Old Cold Case
Mom Recalls Last Phone Call with Danica Childs Before She Vanished
Rock Hill girl disappeared 4 years ago. Police renew search asking for help
No suspects in Michigan mother Chelsea Small’s death five years after armed robbery
Decades after GR murders, ‘Scorecard Killer’ still on death row
NEW LONGREAD: ‘Give this family closure’: Police still working to solve 30-year-old Byron Carr murder
NEW LONGREAD: Ferguson Activist Insists Son Found Hanging From Tree Was ‘Lynched’

(Time saver for Unsolved Mysteries fans: the longread above will remind you of this case, complete with gruesome photograph—now you don’t have to google.)


25 years later, murder of Philadelphia teen Julie Barnyock remains unsolved
25 years after Angie Housman’s murder, group of moms works to find killer
What happened to Tammy Belanger? 1984 disappearance of 8-year-old girl remains unsolved
Yosemite Cold Cases: A place full of mysteries
Cold case detectives release sketch hoping to identify ‘Baby Doe’ found in San Diego
FBI seeks to identify man seen walking toward home of missing 13-year-old Hania Aguilar
Family of missing Jefferson County woman still distraught over her disappearance
NEW LONGREAD: 50 year old Tahoe mystery includes an assassination, a secret safe, and Oprah Winfrey
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 50 years after she vanished, Beth Gill’s family keeps searching


OPP hope video can help solve 1980 cold case of murdered Toronto woman
FBI reveals possible new leads in 2007 disappearance of Ashley Summers
7 years after boy vanished, Bellevue police plead for help from public
Where did Emma Fillipoff go? Mom hopes new lead sheds light on 2012 disappearance
‘HELP’ message in dirt leads hunters to missing Idaho teen
$25k reward for info in mysterious death of World Bank retiree
NEW LONGREAD: The True Story of Two Women Using DNA to Solve America’s Most Puzzling Cold Cases
NEWISH LONGREAD: Did Norman Graham kill his girlfriend 38 years ago? Or was it the psychopath next door?
LONGREAD NOT-NEW: The Two Lives of Serial Killer Timothy Krajcir (prose + video)


Search continues for California teen Karlie Gusé
Serial killer Andrew Urdiales dies by suicide on death row
Cold case: Searching for Dannarriah Finley’s killer, sixteen years later
FBI assisting with search for girl abducted outside home
Group of women working to solve Sumter Cold Case
NEWLY REPUBLISHED LONGREAD: A Florida woman disappeared, but she never left home
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Detectives hope new DNA tests will solve girl’s slaying in 1962


The girl in the cornfield: Teen‘s 1979 murder remains unsolved
Morgan Nick’s disappearance still shakes family
Evidence in 1984 Reesa Trexler murder getting second look
Orlando police solve 2001 cold case murder using DNA, genealogy database
L.A. and Riverside counties search for murder suspect wanted for questioning in seven other homicides
Jayme Closs and Cora Jones went missing 24 years apart but their cases share tragic similarities
NEW LONGREAD: A kidnapped girl, a skeleton and a house of memories
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Haunted by murder


The crime news is as sparse as my faith in humanity so instead we have five longreads just askin’ questions:

Who killed Roberta Rinearson?
What happened to Frankie Suhovecky?
Who Killed Ryan Harris?
The grisly saga of Pixie Grismore: Was her murder 20 years ago covered up by politics?


Unsolved Pendleton quadruple homicide: Family pleads for help finding answers
Arizona’s Missing: Rochelle Ihm last seen in 1986
New technology could aide in the search for Amy Milhaljevic’s killer
Cold case mystery: The disappearance of Lillie Miller
UNSOLVED: The murder of Jennifer Medernach
Saratoga Springs police reexamining 1980 killing of Sheila Shepherd
Unsolved: Hayward woman vanishes in 1971
LONGREAD: Robin Graham disappearance: A chilling Hollywood mystery
LONGREAD: 20 YEARS LATER | Lives go on after Maddie Clifton’s disappearance, death


Police have found no evidence of foul play in Saudi sisters’ deaths
Judge orders release of victim’s 911 recording in Gilgo Beach killer case
COLD CASE: Fantasia Hotel haunts Wendy Smith’s family years after closure
Monroe County’s oldest cold case: In the summer of 1963 two teens went out on a date but they never came home
How DNA, genetic genealogy led to arrest in 1997 cold case killing of 28-year-old Georgia woman
One year later: No updates in death of Vernon teen Traci Genereaux
Remains found in Virgin River Gorge identified as one half of missing McFalls couple
Years after Halloween disappearance, Mid-South mother’s autopsy report released
Saint Rose students try to piece together the cold case mystery of 20-year-old Suzanne Lyall’s disappearance
Two years after Maine woman went missing, her disappearance ‘doesn’t make any sense’
NEW LONGREAD: Gina Thacker’s murder approaches 10 years with no tips, leads
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Gory Fenton triple murder still unsolved after 73 years


How Did Sisters Fleeing Saudi Arabia End Up Bound And Dead In The Hudson River?
Long Island Family Discovers Skeletal Remains In Basement While Digging For Long Lost Grandfather
Dickinson family hoping for break in Halloween cold case hair-fetishist murder
Family hunts down clues to mystery of son’s unsolved murder in own home
True crime podcast ‘Wine & Crime’ examines D.C.’s unsolved cases
Who stabbed retired teacher Gail Hariton to death in her home 18 years ago?
Jayme Closs: The bizarre crime story gripping America and baffling police
UNSOLVED | The Runaway: In 2001, Jessica Wallace ran away for the last time + Behind the Scenes of The Runaway
NEW LONGREAD: My mom’s role in capturing serial killer John Wayne Gacy has haunted me since I was a child
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Decades-old unsolved deaths of 10 women still haunt Baton Rouge investigators


Human remains found near Vatican’s Rome Embassy revive 1983 cold case
After 40 years, state police put new focus on Folsom family’s slaying
How DNA techniques could identify the young victims in Vancouver’s longest-running cold case
36-year-old cold case still haunts Lancaster
Couple found murdered in Clinton Twp home still unsolved 3 years later
A Halloween discussion of Cleveland’s most gruesome unsolved crime: the Torso Murderer
The Grady Babies: Where are they going, where have they been?
LONGREAD: How a killer is still escaping justice 26 years after death of Norfolk schoolgirl
UNSOLVED | Missing in the Mountains: Six-year-old Kelly Hollan Jr. went outside to play on February 12, 1982, and never came home + Behind the Scenes of Missing in the Mountains


7 cold cases from the Miami Valley that will leave you shocked
Relisha Rudd Still Missing as 13th Birthday Arrives
Ohio mother Cheryl Coker disappeared after dropping daughter off at school
Police dig for Suzy Lamplugh’s remains in garden of prime suspect in a bid to solve the 32-year mystery
UNSOLVED | Killing Cowboy + Behind the Scenes of Killing Cowboy
LONGREAD: Did she do it? Sandra Melgar is serving 27 years in prison for brutally stabbing her husband
LONGREAD: Murder, lies and a missing deer head

As far as I’m concerned all works in the father-was-an-uncaught-serial-killer genre should have the same title: Daddy Didn’t Pay Enough Attention to Me (optional subtitle: Fuck You, Daddy!). On a related note, Steve Hodel has a new LONGREAD in the South Pasadenan: Retired LAPD detective reveals new evidence pointing to prime BLACK DAHLIA MURDER suspect — his father


As 60th anniversary nears, family longs for justice for murdered Spokane nine-year-old Candy Rogers
Grieving family begs for new police search in cold case missing teens mystery
The Candyman: A real-life Halloween horror story
Mother still holds out hope 20 years after Midland’s Jake Just went missing
Primary murder suspect named in 28-year-old cold case murder of Pam Felkins
Police: Man broke into Jayme Closs’ home and stole her clothing
UNSOLVED | Behind the Scenes of Justice for Jane Doe
Into thin air: New lead in Tazewell missing hunter case
LONGREAD: ‘It’s still a horror’ No answers, 30 years after UBC student’s disappearance


47 years, zero answers: 16-year-old Janice Hannigan of Toppenish disappeared after Christmas Eve in 1971
A look at some of Weld’s most heinous crimes
Hundreds turn out to remember parents of missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs
True Crime in the Ohio Valley: Seeking Justice for Sister Robin
Why Is Our Culture So Obsessed With Dead White Girls?
BARRY AND HONEY SHERMAN LONGREAD: Murder of an Unusual Billionaire
6-PART LONGREAD: Stalk. Murder. Repeat.

WARNING: I you click around willy-nilly on the serial killer multi-part you’ll run out of free articles on, as I did. In that case you may use my favorite proxy,, but only if you solemnly swear you’re up to no good.
Instructions for proxy novices: cut and paste the longread address ( into the provided space on the proxy page and voilà—you’ll be in like a homicidal stalker intent on stealing your underpants.


Police identify Fairfax, Va. sisters found dead along NYC’s Hudson River
Decayed human skull found in Oakland backyard
Arizona’s Missing: Where is Mikelle Biggs?
Billboard Put Up In Attempt To Help Solve 1996 Murder Of Towson Student Jody LeCornu
Ontario police reopen investigation into 1972 death of Indigenous teen
Florida transplant’s disappearance from Mt. Washington remains a mystery
Sheriff’s office solves 17 year old murder after suspect dies
St. Pete murder mystery: Did woman’s kindness make pair a target?
Sister of woman found dead 8 years ago hopes for answers
Seeking closure in 1974 Fort Worth cold case where three girls went missing
LONGREAD The case of unclaimed body A-123076: 20 years later, a family heals
LONGREAD “I’ll Take Murder for $100 Alex” — The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen


Southwest Florida mom seeks answers 25 years after her son was burned alive
Missing infant’s family still holds out hope, 17 years later
Horrific ‘witchcraft’ murder is Warwickshire’s longest unsolved killing
The Shadow Keeper: Reflecting on the Dorothea Puente Case 30 Years Later
Nearly 3 years later, vanished 20-year-old with disabilities still haunts family
Reward increased for information in Pinal County double murder
Denise Pflum case is far from cold
Mom of Sabrina Long urges accused abductor to ‘tell the truth’ in 1991 vanishing
LONGREAD: Reopening the Blue Mound Massacre
LONGREAD: Redhead Murders among alarming trend of unsolved highway homicides


Sketches Released of 2 Women Found Duct-Taped Together Along Hudson River
More human remains found at Antelope Valley site where three bodies were recovered
After months of searching, mothers of Bakersfield 3 hope for a breakthrough
Without a trace: The disappearance of Christopher Douthat
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who killed Catherine Millican?
Three years since Ebby Steppach’s disappearance
Breakthroughs in missing couple case announced: Terry Smith remains identified, truck found in Boise
Search party locates dog that went missing along with 76-year-old Idaho woman Connie Johnson
Family, friends mark 5 years since Deltona slayings of mother, children
LONGREAD: The Pig Lady of Cannelton
LONGREAD: Searching For the Truth About the Actual Murderer in The Exorcist


#FACTSMATTER: Ted Bundy was convicted of 3 murders, not 36: Does Ted Bundy Still Haunt the Northgate Mall?
Alpine Manor serial killer’s release on hold, victims’ families fight parole
Mothers suspect same man involved in daughters’ unsolved murders
UNSOLVED: Blind veteran and blind caregiver beaten to death in St. Petersburg
Toronto police make arrest in 25-year-old stabbing death of Barbara Brodkin
NEW LONGREAD: UNSOLVED | Justice for Jane Doe
NEWLY REPUBLISHED LONGREAD: ‘She was mine. And I lost her.’ A full account of Sabrina Long’s 1991 disappearance

Take those green bananas out of your grocery cart, Mr. Voss; Parabon comin.’ Cold Valley Special Probes Unsolved Lewis Clark Valley Murders


Neighbors of missing Wisconsin girl Jayme Closs heard gunshots 20 minutes before 911 call
Victim’s Best Friend Still Seeking Answers To 31-Year-Old Cold Case
Connie Ridgeway’s unsolved murder still rocks North Alabama community three years later
New lead in mysterious disappearance of young mom Candace Shpeley
A Shocking Crime on Cape Cod: Is this the Lady of the Dunes?
Missing Ontario woman’s ID found in remote northern B.C. town
‘If that person is still living I want them to pay.’ Crystal Marler’s disappearance haunts family 20 years later

2016 LONGREAD series on Lacey Newlin’s mysterious death: 60 years down a cold case road + Distant relative’s death still mystery + Photo collection + Found at the scene of the crime


Brookley Louks disappearance featured on true-crime podcast
Cruise singer Jackie Kastrinelis’s body to be exhumed in fresh bid for answers
Fresh twist in cold case murders links the death of two young women
Chief Says Murders Of Retired Clearwater Couple Hard To Fathom
Investigators Probe Foul Play In Couple’s Grand Canyon Plunge
‘Traumatic’: Jayme Closs neighbor recounts night of Barron deaths, disappearance
Estranged husband leads police to remains eight years after Venus Stewart’s disappearance
And today’s generically entitled LONGREAD award goes to: The Coldest Case, a Desert Sun true crime series in five parts


NC Wanted: Separated by decades, disappearances of Sampson County boys with dogs remain a mystery
Person of interest in disappearance of missing teen Caleb Diehl charged with 15 new felony counts
Who am I? Grave exhumed in 40-year mystery of Lynnwood bones
No New Leads in the Case of Tracy Pickett, missing since August 12, 1992
Mourning the loss of a daughter, unborn grandchild in 2009 unsolved homicide
Could DeKalb police do more to find Jenna Van Gelderen, last seen in 2017?
Nearly 6 months after Nancy Woodrum’s disappearance, few signs remain
NEW LONGREAD: Looking for Jennifer
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Rumors Surround 1980 Killings of Pair Found Brutally Murdered 29 Years Ago


Mother of missing Wisconsin 13-year-old Jayme Closs was the ‘family angel’ relatives say
Headless murder mystery – why the ‘Bolney Torso’ killing is still unsolved 27 years later
Decades old Illinois Jane Doe Case linked to Columbus
Regina Bos still missing 18 years after vanishing in Nebraska
AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Following leads on the cold case of Jeremy Bright
AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Susan Walsh took on a strip club ring, then disappeared
Reward Increased for Information into Jocelyn Sarabia’s Murder
How an unlikely family history website transformed cold-case investigations
Pennsylvania Man Who Murdered Wife, Stepdaughter Could Be Serial Killer: Police
INCOGNITO WINDOW REQUIRED FOR ADBLOCK USERS: Las Vegas boy’s kidnapping case remains open, 40 years later
NEW LONGREAD: 10 terrifying murders committed on Halloween night
VINTAGE LONGREAD: The Brittney Wood case, a twisted tale of perversion still unfolding


911 call log reveals new details in disappearance of Jayme Closs, deaths of her parents
Georgia woman arrested, charged with kidnapping in Sabrina Long’s 1991 disappearance
Still No Answers Two Decades After Disappearance Of Crystal Marler
Genealogists are building family tree for unidentified Thousand Oaks murder victim
Victim in unsolved 20-year-old Baton Rouge rape recognizes suspect at wedding reception
New lead in kidnapping of Christopher Abeyta
Kids playing in the Kansas woods stumble across remains of long-missing Army veteran Ashley Meiss
‘I cry all the time’: weepy serial killer Paul Bernardo denied parole after 25 years in prison
LONGREAD: Police May Have Solved the 1999 Cold-Case Murder of Kassie Federer
LONGREAD: Police say it’s unlikely they’ll ever find 12-year-old Kirkland Lake murder victim Katherine May Wilson
LONGREAD: Mysterious 1982 death, new accuser become part of probe into convicted pedophile and ex-NOPD cop
LONGREAD: Women’s disappearances in 1979 were eerily similar
(plus tangentially-related LONGREAD: Pocatello girl remembered 23 years after one of Idaho’s most horrific crimes)


Killer never brought to justice in 1955 slaying of Lucile Bacher
Darla Kustra vanished, leaving only severed foot behind
Grisly dismemberment murder of Bolton’s Morris Conte remains unsolved
Cops begin excavating in Bowmanville teen Noreen Greenley’s 1963 disappearance
Sixteen years later, police continue to work leads in Marie Fleury murder case
Lydia Hemperly’s 44-year-old cold case still unsolved
Who killed Joseph Poulin, Tery Giles and Linda Plummer? 1986 triple-fatal arson case remains unsolved
Who killed Emily Courchesne? A year after slaying in remote Bay Area farmhouse, family still seeks answers
Case may be cold, but search for Stephanie Crane continues
Candlelight vigil to be held 10 years after Amber McFarland’s disappearance
HELL AND GONE: Podcast features Rebekah Gould cold case
Poorly-titled multipart LONGREAD and podcast about a series of mysterious aquatic deaths: THE RIVER


29 years later, killing of Acie and Carolyn Worthy still unsolved
Police trace 911 call after Wisconsin Jayme Closs girl goes missing, parents found dead
Nanette Krentel slaying to be examined by TV show People Magazine Investigates
Search for leads in local girl Shelia Renae Finch’s 1989 abduction, murder never ends
FBI works with Elizabethton students to identify Bible Belt Strangler
In Volusia cold case, Anne Parianos, slain 13 years ago, likely knew attacker
Springfield police say they’re still trying to solve 9-year-old Shirley Jane Rose’s 1975 kidnapping, murder
Mendoland’s Oldest Mystery: Clyda Dulaney’s Murder (with a cameo by the Family Manson)


Missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs in danger, not a runaway, sheriff says
Tip campaign in unsolved killing of 10-year-old Holly Piirainen to be held Sunday in Sturbridge
Nearly 20 years after high-profile murder, police break Kassie Federer case
Mysterious killing of Manitoba teen Kerrie Ann Brown explored in CBC podcast
Missing Pieces, a FOX 5 DC True Crime podcast: Missing Bethesda woman Alison Thresher
Investigating death of AJ Hadsell, police search for evidence on her stepfather’s Playstation
NEW LONGREAD: A day hike in Rocky Mountain National Park ended in a grisly death
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Twenty years later, Auburn police re-explore mysterious death of college student Candice Fenton


Jayme Closs, 13, missing after parents shot dead in Barron, Wisconsin
The search for Ketie Jones’ killer continues two years after her death
Kate Bushell, Lyn Bryant and Helen Fleet – how three horrific murders could be linked
DPS Offers Increased Reward, Seeks Leads in Rena Rincones’ 1994 Disappearance
LONGREAD: How Genetic Sleuthing Helped a Kidnapped Girl Recover Her Identity
The Roxlyn Bowie mystery: Part I + Part II
Making a Murderer’: With Season 2 about to drop, what we know from Season 1


Jodi Huisentruit Case: A chance encounter with John Vansice and a lasting memory
No suspects in 1978 murder of South Carolina mother Norma Lanyon Jackson
MONSTER CITY: New tome on Pat Postiglione, world’s greatest cold case detective
Spruce Grove teacher’s murder a priority file for police, 7 years after her death
Billboard seeks public’s help in identifying 1976 Jane Doe, Grundy County’s only cold case
New information in Tammy Call cold case could lead detectives to her killer
LONGREAD: What happened to Robert Bee Junior? (Part 1 + Part 2)
LONGREAD: The story behind a horrific Midtown murder that took a dozen years to solve (Part 1 + Part 2)

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