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Phoenix Coldon Vanished 7 Years Ago — her SUV Was Found Running with Purse, Shoes and Glasses Inside
Metro’s Most Wanted – The unsolved murder of Debbie Simpson
New clues could lead to developments in 1977 unsolved murder case
Community group hoping reward leads to clues in Carina Saunders dismemberment murder
Podcaster aims to ‘rattle loose a secret’ in murder of Mary Jo Templeton
Daughter of missing pregnant woman still seeking answers
Transgender woman’s killing is one of few unsolved hate crimes in Washington County
‘Cookin Up Justice’ With Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey Highlights 25-Year Old Cold Case
Man cleared as suspect more than 10 years after wife, daughter murdered on hiking trail
Crystal Rogers: Detectives provide inside look at investigation
NEW LONGREAD: The Love Story that Upended the Texas Prison System


LONGREAD: 50 years after Michigan family’s massacre in cottage, investigators put rumors to rest
Woman Missing for 8 Years After Getting Bus to NYC to Find Twin
Idaho girl disappeared 25 years ago today
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who killed Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Miller?
‘He took her’; Family of Arieanna Day still waiting for answers on her disappearance
36 years later, still no conviction in Alaska mass murder
Man arrested 43 years after death of Carol Jean Pierce of Sturgeon Bay
State police in Westmoreland County send out new call for info in girl’s 1967 murder
This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Bear Brook, Unobscured, and More


Skeleton of Strangled Boy Abandoned by an Interstate May Finally Be Identified — and Killer Found
Christian Ferguson’s mother celebrates her missing son’s birthday with a candlelight vigil
Last seen taking the bus, her mutilated body was found in an Aussie playground
Family hopes billboard will jumpstart Amanda Jones disappearance cold case
NEW LONGREAD: On the Trail of Missing American Indian Women
NEW LONGREAD: The Aftermath of a Police Officer’s Murder Conviction in Rocky Ford
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Sheryl Ann Tillinghast’s Case Still Open 44 Years Later
VINTAGE LONGREAD: 48 years later, memory of a Leota Camp’s brutal death lingers


Podcast re-examines Johnsburg teen’s 2002 disappearance
New Clues Found in Asha Degree’s 1990 Disappearance
Mother feels cold case investigation into deaths of 2 boys has hit ‘dead end’
Friends and detectives plead for answers in cold case murder of Louisville mother Tiffany Thompson
LONGREAD: Who Killed Sherry Edgell?
LONGREAD: Who killed Delia Adriano?

This documentary about the execution of serial killer Elroy Chester is magic: it features the malapropisms “legal injection” and “escape goat;” a woman giggling maniacally while discussing her boyfriend’s murder; and a homicidal rapist who walks into a stranger’s house announcing, “”I bet you wish you’d locked the door.”

VIDEO: Killing Time (2013)


Parabon Comin’: Arrest made in Kathryn Crigler, Betty Jones 1990 cold case
Odessa serial killer Michael Eugene Sharp topic of TV program
Cold Case Files: Princeton grandmother murdered in her own bed in 1996
Couple admit to killing 20 women after police discover them transporting dismembered body parts in stroller
“We just got to find her body,” Family still searching 5 years after Molly Miller’s disappearance
Sister of Mikelle Biggs speaks about her disappearance
Dead Man Talking is the Railroad Killer true crime podcast that will have you hooked
LONGREAD: Does Bakersfield have a Secret Serial Killer?
LONGREAD: Who killed Pam DeVizzio?


A Death at Twilight: Chapter four (Chapters one + two + three, previously posted)
Vigil for missing North Yarmouth woman turns into memorial service
Five years later, Sudbury woman’s murder remains unsolved
LONGREAD: One of Forsyth County’s oldest unsolved homicides remains a secret 47 years later
LONGREAD: Piecing together the portrait of serial killer Timothy Ray Burkhart
LONGREAD: Notorious crimes in Indianapolis-area history


Case of University of Cincinnati student found dead in West Chester creek gets new attention 40 years later
Theresa Ann Davidson-Murphy still missing on 19th anniversary of her disappearance
Search for Dana Bruce reaches 10 years
In 1981, a pre-teen went missing in Ottawa. He has never been found
Six years later, mom believes children thought dead in Bedford County fire are still alive
Ex-Marine Andrew Urdiales Sentenced to Death for California Serial Killings
Jessica Earl: Missing woman with Louisiana ties featured on new podcast episode
A Mystery Killer with ‘Duck Feet’ Shot Two Men in the Head Over Two Days in Chicago
Family relieved by arrest 11 years after Gwinnett woman found in swamp
NEW LONGREAD: A true story of murder and the 1925 lynching of Robert Marshall (part 1 + part 2)
1998 LONGREAD: The Vanishing of Kristine Kupka (plus coda)


AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Kerstetter disappearance, missing platinum still an open case
Fear grips Clearwater neighborhood after elderly couple’s double murder
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office make arrest in girl’s 37-year-old homicide
AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Ex-deputy suspected in disappearances of two Collier men responds to lawsuit
East Bay Family Seeks Help Solving Daughter’s Year-Old Unsolved Murder
Four years after Detroit Lakes woman’s sudden disappearance, sheriff’s office issues call for public’s help
Jeanne Melville’s death still a mystery almost 50 years later
LONGREAD: Lansing’s Most Infamous Cases
LONGREAD: Woman holds out hope for sister who vanished in 1972

Two things: although it’s not mentioned in the article this serial killer drove a gnarly van—I always called him the Jeepers Creepers killer.

Police chief: ‘violent serial rapist and murderer’ killed Greenville woman in 1990, committed multiple other murders, rapes across US

Also, it irks me to no end when journalists and police departments credit “a Virginia lab” for breaking a cold case. The Virginia lab has a name, Parabon, and I’m sure they’d like some credit and publicity for their hard work. We need to make “Parabon” the “Omar’s comin'” of UNSUB nation.


Sheriff’s Office: Serial Killer responsible for 1998 murders of mother and daughter is dead
Suspect Identified in 1985 Murder of Virginia Vincent
Baby Lisa’s parents speak on the 7th anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance
‘Nobody worked her case hard enough:’ After 51 years, N.C. family continues to search for the truth
Family members desperate for answers in five-year-old pair of murders
New evidence surfaces in decades old Orange Socks murder case
Mystery deepens as search teams find no sign of missing elementary school teacher Kristin Westra
Quarry search over Renee and Andrew MacRae disappearance
OSBI: Fast-food restaurant employees may hold keys to solving cold case
LONGREAD Janice Lynn Foiles: An unsolved crime of icy passion
Questions Remain One Year After Mother, Daughter Murdered While Sleeping
Man charged in 1986 rape, murder of Marietta mom and teen daughter


Remains Of Former Pea Ridge Police Officer Cerilla Doyle Found In Iowa
Search Continues for April Andrews, Teen Who Went Missing Over 10 Years Ago
Search crews in Smokies find body of missing hiker Susan Clements
LONGREAD Lost in the Great Smokies: Mystery surrounds disappearances over the past 40 years
Victim in 20-year cold case may be linked to known serial killer Scott Kimball
Podcast ‘Bear Brook’ Explores How N.H. Cold Case Will Forever Change Murder Investigations
Orthodox Jew murdered in suspected serial killing in Chicago
Investigators release new plea for help in Short family murders
INTERACTIVE: Three Rivers, Two Mysteries
LONGREAD 1985 Maurin Murders: How a Detective Led the Charge in Closing a Notorious Pair of Cold Case Homicides


New push underway to find Hillsboro mother and child who disappeared 13 years ago
Three years, no leads in Megan Foglesong case
Cold Case: Homicide Of 15-Year-Old Found In Hudson Valley in 1970 Remains Mystery
Leslie Conrad’s daughters want justice for Lower Wolfville woman’s 2006 murder
SCSO investigating Debora Howard’s 1976 disappearance
Skeletal Remains Found In Colorado Mountains Believed To Be Beverly English, Missing Since 1980
DNA evidence links man to cold case from 1973
LONGREAD Nine Blocks From Home: Who Killed Tiesha Sargeant?
LONGREAD From the archives: Search in Smokies for lost boy Dennis Martin produces lessons for future searches


33 years later, DNA identifies Kentucky Jane Doe
11 years on, search continues to bring closure in Agnes Kennedy’s murder
Search Teams Uncover Clues In Cold Case Murder Of Beverly England
Detectives who handled triple, quadruple homicides still hopeful they will be solved
Farmington police revisiting Carla Helmer’s 1992 cold case homicide
Mystery deepens over mom who vanished while hiking with daughter in Smoky Mountains
Unsolved: Mother and daughter killed in Fremont in 2004
Merced cold case has $75,000 reward for information in couple’s 2006 murder
A Death at Twilight: Chapter three (Chapters one and two previously posted)


Cold case: Wheelchair-bound millionaire convicted 35 years later in stabbing death of former Ohio woman
Unsolved mystery of Kellisue Ackernecht’s disappearance now 10 years old
Family, friends of murdered teen Elaine Nix still looking for answers 19 years later
30 years later, investigators say there’s new developments, still hope in Paul Girard’s unsolved murder
Mother pleads for information about 20-year-old daughter’s murder
Car of Putnam County couple who have been missing since May found in Fentress County
Unfound: Upper Burrell woman searches for missing daughter Brianna Hughes, solace
NEW LONGREAD: Who is the Somerton Man? The clues that could provide an answer
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Back to Brooklyn House of Evil


3-PART LONGREAD Two decades later: an exclusive look at the Freeman-Bible investigation
Tylenol Murders Remain Unsolved After 36 Years
Tulsa family hoping daughter comes home after she went missing at bachelorette party 34 years ago
Son vows to keep looking for mother’s killer in 32 year old San Diego cold case
Unidentified Human Remains: The Boy Under the Billboard
JonBenet Ramsey case files subject of Boulder court battle in $750M defamation suit
LONGREAD Ghost blimp’s enduring mystery: How did crew vanish before Bay Area crash?

Not to brag but I’m really good at evading Adblock-block; I use google cache or search the newspaper’s Twitter account since most tweet-links (for whatever reason) remain unrestricted. Sometimes I fail; this is one of those times. You may need to open an incognito window: Some Q-C Missing Remain Unfound


AS SEEN ON SENSING MURDER: Could Patricia Neufeld’s 1978 Murder Be Linked To Golden State Killer?
Unsolved case: No trace of Diane Wolf 19 years after she went missing
You may not have heard of these 6 unsolved Central Florida cold cases
‘Someone may be familiar with his gait’: Police seek mystery man in Kristina Ward video
AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Denise Horvath-Allan still pursues answers in son’s disappearance 30 years ago
Search Warrant in Jodi Huisentruit Disappearance Sealed for Another Year
Death of woman found in trunk renews attention on unsolved Clackamas County case
Clues to whereabouts of three Fort Worth girls missing since 1974 elude family, volunteers
NEW EAR/ONS LONGREAD: Unsolved Mystery?
VINTAGE LONGREAD: Who killed Janett Christman?


Delphi murders: Libby’s sister, at Ball State now, does ‘anything to keep the story alive’
FBI joins new search in 1980 cold case connected to love triangle
SCSO seeking information in Debora Howard’s 42-year-old missing persons case
‘Extremely Personal’: Retired Principal Allegedly Murdered at Mom’s Home by Jealous Estranged Husband
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who killed Lynne Brennan?
The ‘Accused’ podcast now out in book form
2 years later, detectives still seeking clues in Keeshae Jacobs’ disappearance
A year later, family of missing Middletown woman Chelsey Coe still searching for answers
LONGREAD: 20 years and still no motive for Bethlehem’s Lookout murders
LONGREAD: Girl’s 1968 Christmas Eve murder still haunts downtown YMCA


LONGREAD Adams County unsolved cases: These four mysteries remain active decades later
LONGREAD Unsolved homicide: The search continues for Edna Laughman’s killer
LONGREAD SPECIAL REPORT: Journey to justice for Christina Muse
Making a Murderer Will Return for Part 2 Next Month on Netflix
4 Unsolved Miami Valley Murder Mysteries
New Clue Emerges in Mysterious and Gruesome Deaths of 2 NYC Neighbors
El Dorado missing persons case still unsolved after nearly 30 years
Denise Johnson’s unsolved 1997 murder pushes reporter to search for leads in new podcast
Convicted hitman charged with murder in 2007 disappearance of B.C. teen Katelyn Noble
15 years later, not giving up finding Justice for Jone Knapton
Four years later, Bath Co. family still searching for missing daughter


LONGREAD: 9 unsolved multiple homicides in Montana
Target 2 Investigates Amber Wilde case at 20 years
8 unsolved murders in the Miami Valley
After 40 years, Suwannee County has suspect in missing persons case
Cold Case: Lutricia Steele
New Search Launched in Beverly England’s 1980 Disappearance
Five Years, No Answers: Miami Gardens Family Seeks Justice in 12-Year-Old’s Death
True Crime Podcast ‘Dr. Death’ Examines the Tale of a Maniacal Dallas Surgeon
Marion County deputies ask for help to solve Patricia Sofia’s 13-year-old unsolved homicide
‘My Heart Tears Apart’: Mother Continues Desperate Search Two Years After Elaine Park’s Disappearance
L.A. Baseball-Bat Killings Suspect May Be Linked to Disappearances of Relatives


Cold case of Osteen girl abducted from bus stop unsolved 40 years later
Dail Dinwiddie: 26 Years Later, Her Disappearance Remains a Mystery
Search for clues continues in 1984 Virginia State Trooper cold case murder
Missing persons of Acadiana: Do you know anything about these cold cases?
A Death at Twilight: Chapter two (Chapter one previously posted)
Where’s Ben? 12 years later, few answers to Ashland man’s disappearance (part one + part two + part 3)


LONGREAD: Remembering Julia Mae
2001 Cold Case: Murder of Linda Smith
Police hope to generate leads on 20th anniversary of Agnieszka Ziemlewski’s murder
LONGREAD: Serra slaying haunted city; cops never gave up
Registered Sex Offender Charged With Murder In 2014 Slaying Of Simsbury Jogger Melissa Millan
One year later, no sign of Alexis Scott
LONGREAD: How familial DNA trapped a murderer for the first time
Clues sought for missing Miamisburg woman after year of police probe


Sunken cars can hold tragic secrets in Florida’s waterways
Lisa Chandler missing 11 years
New leads in case of man missing since 1985, Victoria police say
Police Are Looking For A Connection In The Beating Deaths Of Men Sleeping Outside In LA, Santa Monica
Police Have Suspect In 2014 Killing Of Insurance Executive Stabbed While Jogging In Simsbury
LONGREAD Mother, brother looking for answers 25 years after pregnant Mississippi teen disappears
LONGREAD THE DISAPPEARED: Police on Long Island wrote off missing immigrant teens as runaways
LONGREAD Tony Jones was hitchhiking around Australia when he vanished; despite a creepy tip-off, the case remains unsolved


1986 Killing of Virginia Duclos Bruce in Hamden Remains Unsolved
DNA and genetic genealogy used to ID suspect in “NorCal Rapist” case
8 years later: Paige Johnson’s mother still hopes for answers in daughter’s disappearance
The deadly shooting of Jessica Downey and Evans Johnson remains unsolved
LONGREAD The Night Watchman | the Unsolved Murder of Plano Police Officer Green Wesley Rye
LONGREAD A Lonely Road: The mysterious death of Brittany Martel
Mother Stays Hopeful on Anniversary of Daughter Mary Opitz’s 1981 Disappearance
Hope Revives 1955 Case of Missing Tot Freddie Holmes


TARA CALICO LONGREAD: 30 Years Later and Still No Justice
Stearns County sheriff says Wetterling case ‘went off the rails’ at the start
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Who killed Laura Kempton?
Three missing girls. A family’s hopes. And this week, a long-awaited dive into a lake.
LISTEN: First podcast episode of ‘Who Killed Tommy?’ available now
‘This could be your daughter, your wife’: How Jennifer Teague’s disappearance shook Ottawa
Convicted killer, already facing death penalty, admits slaying two girls in Illinois in 2005
Newly released autopsy reports show the 2016 unsolved massacre of Rhoden family was methodical, vicious
AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED: Cash award for tips leading to Clinton Nelson, missing for 12 years
DNA leads to arrest in 30-year-old rape and murder of Colorado Springs resident Mary Lynn Vialpando
LONGREAD: 50 of the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries from Each State


Six serial killers who left deep scars on Wisconsin
Authorities taking new approach to solving 1978 murder of Menasha’s Dawn Schnetzer
Where’s Sandy Rea? Shawnee case still unsolved 34 years later
Mad or bad? The riddle of Australian convicted child killer Keli Lane
Jury: Gypsy Hill killer guilty
AS SEEN ON SENSING MURDER: Man living in Manatee County arrested for 1999 cold case murder in Sarasota
Runningbird, Wanner disappearances remain among Red Deer’s unsolved cases
Missing in Indian Country part II: Lawmakers seek answers for why Native American women vanish (Part I previously posted)

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