Your Daily Dread: Because Bearing Witness is Cost- and Calorie-Free

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400 years later, Spanish coin is clue in mysterious death
Police: Investigation into Erin Rebecca Taylor’s murder is ‘very much open’
Mom’s billboard seeks tips in Caralyn Aubrey King’s 1997 murder
Mystery of baby left in phone booth solved 64 years later
Composite sketch found in case files relating to 1972 murder of girl
More than 5 years after torsos wash up in Anchorage, cases remain unsolved
LONGREAD: Murder at the State Fair (5-part series + coda)


Connie Smith’s disappearance draws theories, suspects (part 1 previously posted)
LONGREAD: Heaven LaShae Ross’ death is still unsolved 15 years later
One year later, Jenna Van Gelderen’s family hopes for answers
Tulsa detective tries genealogy research in 2004 murder of 18-year-old Brittany Phillips
Pocatello police looking for cold case connections, including girl supposedly killed by Ted Bundy
DNA might be key to solving Tracy Pulido’s murder, five years later
LONGREAD: I Grew Up in the Shadow of the Aurora Axe Murderer


FOX 2 Unsolved: 1979 Payless murders
‘Who killed Theresa?:’ 40 years later, brother seeks answers in Quebec cold case
More than 40 years later the search for 20-year-old Debora Howard restarts
Mother of Jennifer Bailey, murdered in 1990: ‘It’ll never be solved, I don’t believe’
29th anniversary of the missing Jack family
Missing woman’s mother wants to buy daughter Angie Yarnell’s Ivy Bend home
One year later, no arrests in death of teen girl in Havre de Grace
LONGREAD: 30 years later, murder of Medora teacher Keyla Weddel still unresolved


Cayce McDaniel’s family, mother speak on 22nd anniversary of her disappearance
New interviews prove helpful in 41-year-old unsolved murder of Deb Polinsky
Could DNA help solve the murder of Carmen Van Huss?
Tara Grinstead’s accused killers confessed in 2005, court documents claim
Man questioned in Brittanee Drexel disappearance to be released
The Bakersfield 3: Disappearances of Micah Holsonbake, Baylee Despot and murder of James Kulstad
A tip, DNA will lead to killer of Renee Sweeney, say police
The Bobby Dunbar kidnapping case leaves unanswered questions [part 1 (previously posted) + part 2]
LONGREAD: Where Is Arianna Fitts?


Woman’s Remains Identified 2 Years After a Homeless Person Walked Around with Her Skull on a Stick
New technology sparks new hope in brutal killings of Patricia Wilson and her son Robert
Authorities dig up Minnesota pasture searching for the remains of Becky Jo Look, missing 22 years
Jake Wilson’s family far from closure after remains found
Mother struggles to find justice 5 years after the murders of Megan Simmons and Jazmine Shelton
Main suspect in disappearance of Annie McCarrick linked to murder of Irish teen
LONGREAD: Who beat Ruth Jacobson to death in 1991?
No closure yet in case of body found buried in police chief’s yard in 1988


AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Agency ordered to disclose parts of files in ‘boys on the tracks’ case
40 Years Later: Teen Strangled, Killed at Torrey Pines State Beach in 1978 Cold Case
Arizona Woman Vanishes After Sending Strange Text To Roommate
Lake County detectives try to ID ‘Judy Doe’ in 34-year-old cold case
Emily Paul, teen missing for five years, is confirmed safe
Expect a surge in serial killers in 15 years, Canadian author says
Iowa investigators searching for Mollie Tibbetts ask anyone in these 5 areas the night she vanished to contact them
DC police ID remains of 3 women found at apartment building in shallow grave back in April
LONGREAD: The 1958 double murder that shook Mauston


Cold case files: How an unsolved death rocked a small Indiana town
Rosie Tapia’s family marks 23 years since her kidnapping, murder
State Police: Body identified as boy missing since 1979
Family fears missing Memphis man was fed to hogs; search for answers continues
‘Wounds Never Healed’: Golden State Killer Suspect Charged with Claude Snelling Slaying in 1975
Police Continue Search for Experienced Hiker Days After She Went Missing in National Park
Sun Crime State podcast: On the Trail of the Granny Killer
‘Where are you?’ Montreal mother writes to missing daughter 40 years later


LONGREAD: After 66 years, missing Lakeville camper’s case remains unsolved
LONGREAD: Who murdered 14-year-old Ronda Blaylock? Mother dies never knowing who did it
LONGREAD: Mother of three found on banks of Grand River; 31 years later her killer is still at large
Did an innocent man die in prison for a murder committed by the Golden State Killer?
Grandfather of missing teen Molly Miller still hopeful after 5 years
Podcast brings questions to light in Hendersonville woman’s mysterious death
Dad once accused in teen daughter Mistie Murray’s vanishing dies at 68
Pennsylvania authorities exhume decapitated unidentified child found in 1962 in hopes of solving Philly cold case
Renewed probe into Suzanne Miller’s 1974 murder draws ‘overwhelming amount’ of tips


22 years after Amber’s death, alert system reminds us to be ever vigilant for our children
In a Town of 11 People, Mysterious Disappearance Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor
Son looking for answers 13 years after mother Sherry Milton disappeared from Alabama
LONGREAD: 25 years ago, Sara Anne Wood’s abduction changed everything
Cold Case: Murder of young mother Mary Futrill Petersen remains unsolved
Woman hopeful sister’s murderer can still be found
Nine years later, Kayla Berg still missing
Family still looking for Jessica Masker who went missing more than 5 years ago

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