Your Daily Dread: Somebody Out There Knows Something, or So Says Every Cold Case Detective

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Horrifying case of mistaken identity: Arrests made in 2010 Cranbrook double-murder
Remains of a human arm found along Salmon River
Four years later, Tonya Jackson’s autopsy report raises more questions than answers
The Search for Emily Hieber
California drug cartel serial killer says he murdered man in Marion County 32 years ago
Countless killers roam Toronto streets
Suzy Lamplugh’s father dies without ever finding out who killed his daughter
LONGREAD: Tim Miller can find almost anyone. Can he find his daughter’s killer?


After 50 Years, Former Binghamton Teacher’s Murder is Unsolved
17 year anniversary of unsolved murder that’s still “an open wound” for Palo Alto Police Department
Missing Air Force officer found 35 years later
Podcast revisits prominent unsolved 2009 Mooresville killing
Inside the Seminars Where Laypeople Learn About L.A.’s Most Gruesome Crimes
Part II: Clues still sought in unsolved cases (Part I, posted yesterday)

This series has officially lasted longer than most of my friends’ marriages:
Lost Colony Part 9: Memorialize Brenda
(previous installments: part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4 + part 5+ part 6 + part 7 + part 8)


Sister of woman missing since 1978: ‘I couldn’t save her’
Reward now $10,000 for info on 2016 double homicide case
Houston serial killer Danny Bible’s lawyers say he is too sick to execute
‘Everywhere he goes, somebody dies’: was serial killer Christopher Wilder responsible for Wanda Beach murders?
DECADE OF SILENCE: Who killed Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis…and why?


COMPENDIUMS²: a compendium of geographically-categorized cold crime compendiums

Eight Cold Cases That Still Haunt the NYPD
Five Famous Texas cases the police may never marked ”closed”
Getting Away with Murder in Cincinnati
UNSOLVED: Lewiston murders that remain mysteries
Orange County’s Unsolved Murders


One of the “Tragic Mysteries in Local History” Has Been All But Forgotten
A young girl dies and three generations live with fear
Lynette White murder: $1 million reward to find Sydney woman’s killer
Butler County Sheriff’s Office: Adam Herrman would be 31 today
Susan Swedell disappeared in 1988. Now Lake Elmo gatherings set to stir new clues
Family of girl killed in 2010 still looking for clues about her murder
LONGREAD He Fought The Law: The Strange Mysteries Surrounding Bobby Fuller’s Death


A collection of longreads about unsolved dismemberment murders:


Phoenix-area mother missing since March mysteriously turns up in NY
Cold Case Files: Joanne Ghostkeeper
Arlington grandma’s brutal murder remains unsolved 5 years later
Leonna Wright’s family seeks answers in disappearance three years later
Mom of Jessica Heppner plasters posters around St. John’s 3 years after her disappearance
Cold case victim Carole Kresik honored with park dedication
New Orleans 1973: Textbook example of how not to stop a serial sniper
LONGREAD about the Barbara Thomas murder: The Horror Unfolds


On Eve Of Her 50th Birthday, Search For Jodi Huisentruit Continues
Local psychic credited with finding missing woman
Parents still searching for answers on 20th anniversary of Dena Dean murder
Friends, family of missing UMass nursing student Maura Murray hope funds will lead to answers
Ten years later, family and friends of murdered Minot State student  Anita Knutson still searching for answers
Upper Bucks murderer, questioned in her father’s unsolved disappearance, dies in prison
Police say they have new lead in Sherri Vanessa Holland’s 1996 disappearance
LONGREAD: 9-year-old killer Cameron Kocher was an early advocate of ethics in videogame  journalism


‘Fell off the edge of the Earth’: 45 years since Edmonton couple vanished
Lauren Spierer case: Family vows to keep looking 7 years after disappearance
New details tie JonBenet psychiatrist killer to 6 killings within days in Arizona
Tabitha Tuders’ family still hopeful after 15 years
Springfield MA Serial Killer: three bodies found at house of horrors
Springfield OH serial killer had connections to slain woman, family says
Baby bones case still haunts former detective
LONGREAD Boca’s oldest cold case: Famed sculptor’s family revisits 1948 double murder


A psychiatrist in the JonBenét Ramsey case was gunned down—then police discovered more bodies
Ongoing missing person cases like Alexis Scott’s are unusual in central Illinois
Sumter man’s disappearance still a mystery decades later
Decades ago he abandoned his family and assumed a new identity; an search unraveled his lies
LONGREAD: The face in the waves
PART 2: Footsteps on the Tracks (PART 1 previously posted)


Karma took the wheel (backstory)
Private investigator takes on Jason Klonowski murder mystery in Madison County
Fatal Shootings of Psychiatrist and Paralegals Linked as Police Investigate Third Attack
New Kensington 5-year-old girl’s slaying in 1979 still unsolved
GONE COLD | Justice for Love: A mother’s relentless pursuit to find her daughter’s killer
LONGREAD: A real drag? 1963 killing of Pat Akins remains the coldest case
A MORNINGSIDE MYSTERY: 40 years after Morningside triple slaying, police still have questions


She died fishing on a summer day; three years later, police still don’t know who killed her
Colorado Springs police use DNA to sketch killer of Jennifer Watkins in 1999 cold case
AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Killeen family speaks out about missing woman cold case
What Investigating My Stepsister Stephanie Kupchynsky’s Murder Taught Me
Familial DNA search might unlock Delphi killer’s identity
Cleveland family ups reward for information on parents’ murders
Train murder-suicide leads to tip about Elizabeth Collins & Lyric Cook killings
Arrest Of Golden State Killer Gives Woodford Family Hope
Golden State Killer arrest prompts look at 40-year-old local murder, haunting
LONGREAD AS SEEN ON DISAPPEARED:  Murder for marriage:  the plot to kill Mike Williams


Who killed Wendy Kyle? A look at the cold case, 17 years later
25 years of waiting: ‘We will never stop our search for Angela’
Police seek clues in Moline man’s 1994 disappearance
Renewed efforts to find woman missing since 1970
Murder mystery: Who shot the penny-stock promoters?
Unsolved 1960s ‘New Jersey phantasmagoria’ murders linked by wild tale of counterfeiting, four-way sex


China Unsolved: The Black Dahlia Of Nanjing
The Killer Among Us:  ‘Southern Nightmare’ podcast revisits the crimes of the Southside Strangler
Three years later, Mom still seeking answers in Karen Bosta’s disappearance
Foot found in St. Louis County park matches DNA of missing man
Mother of missing La Porte City teen Jake Wilson: ‘We still have hope’
Cold case unit tackles 1986 killing of student in Delaware forest
Even after 50 years, memories of Auburn triple murder remain fresh
LONGREAD Graveyard Shift: At night in the hospital, the ‘Angel of Death’ preyed on the helpless


A trail of blood and a murder mystery in Pennsylvania widow’s death
Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads
Suspected serial killer now believed responsible for three unsolved SA murders
‘It killed us’: N.S. family still searching for justice 25 years after teen’s murder
Police: “Many” know what happened to missing Moline girl Trudy Appleby
Police receiving calls about anonymous letter detailing Barbara Miller’s 1989 disappearance
Sheriff optimistic that new technology might help identify Racine County Jane Doe
BBC LONGREAD The doorstep murder: why did a regular family evening end in gunshots?


Solano man says grandfather was Zodiac Killer
Who killed Bardstown Officer Jason Ellis?
The search for Madison Scott continues seven years later
Going inside the disappearance and murder of a Nampa Police drug informant
Woman Searches for Missing Sister April Andrews in a 12-Year-Old Cold Case
Local sheriff’s office breaths new life into unsolved 1999 murders of mother and child
A longform repost: The Untold Story of the Doodler Murders
Cold Case: ‘Family Annihilator’ evades justice for 42 years, looks exactly like Quentin Tarantino


Search continues for missing Putnam County couple
Georgia Marine’s murder in Belize remains unsolved one year later
Missing Paso Robles woman’s family, friends search for clues to her ‘surreal’ disappearance
Family still searching for answers in 1955 disappearance of World War II veteran
LONGREAD: A teenage boy’s death triggers unanswered questions that have haunted a community for 30 years


Justice for Joyce: 47 years later, family of murdered WSU student hopes for answers
How Many Uncounted Victims Did the Manson Gang Kill?
Loved ones not giving up hope 34 years after Christy Luna’s disappearance
Mysterious Amtrak Passenger Deaths Raise Questions
Investigation continues into disappearance nearly 3 years ago of Gary woman, her nephew
RCMP renew call for info on girl who went missing 35 years ago
Missing and Forgotten: The search for dismembered Jane Doe’s identity
PART 3: ’67 homicide case never solved, despite national attention (part 1 + part 2, previously posted)


B.C. sister hoping Facebook page will help bring closure in Jack family’s 1989 disappearance
OPP look for leads in 1966 disappearance of toddler from park
‘A void in my heart’: vigil for long-missing Saint John teen Kimberly Ann Amero
Did an anonymous Reddit user confess to an unsolved murder?
Still seeking answers in 2006 murder of father and son
Who killed 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan and why?
After 9 years, police still looking for clues in Tracy Ocasio case
Kristin Smart’s Family Keeping Hope Alive 22 Years after Her Disappearance
The disappearance and search for Elizabeth Salgado, whose body was found Friday in Hobble Creek Canyon
Cold case solved: Austin man indicted in 1979 murder of newlywed Debra Reiding


‘I think about her every day’ — Kent State student still missing after 40 years
Indiana Cold Case: The Burger Chef Murders
Laura Ayala still missing after 16 years
Principal and Mom Lay Dead at Home for Days —  Police Say They May Have Known the Killer
Searching for Shawnta: A Mother, A Daughter, A Sister
Dad of kidnapped Vallejo teen Pearl Pinson speaks 2 years after her disappearance
Family demands justice for murdered son 24 years after he disappeared from Stellarton
Secret no more: A serial killer Israel Keyes’ interviews with the FBI
Sheriff follows leads in cold case double homicide and abduction
Remains Found in Underground Pipe Confirmed as Teen Ebby Steppach  Missing Since 2015

And three interrelated (but unnumbered) articles, in no particular order because we live in times of chaos:

50 years later, unsolved Peggy Reber murder still haunts Lebanon
Grieving mother faced insults, blame after Peggy Reber’s brutal murder
The Peggy Reber murder: Here’s what happened


China Unsolved: The Boy In The Red Dress
Three decades later, Desiree Michaud’s friends and family still seek closure
Julianne Stallman’s 1994 Homicide still unsolved in Butte
The Sollie case is old not cold, and help is needed with other unsolved mysteries
Family, friends mark 29th anniversary of Kimberly Norwood’s disappearance
12 years missing: Brandi Wells family still searching for answers
Vanished in Vancouver: The Kimberly Kersey case
Ron Cousins: The Bible pages murder still baffling police
LONGREAD: The murder of Mickey Bryan, a quiet fourth-grade teacher, stunned her small Texas town


Butler County woman missing since 2004 resurfaces as suspect in Florida woman’s disappearance
Is student’s kidnapper ‘The Irish Triangle’ SERIAL KILLER?
Harmony Bryant’s death renews family’s call for information
Crime Trackers: TPD reopens 1957 cold case
FREEWAY PHANTOM LONGREAD: Six black girls were brutally murdered in the early ’70s
Local girl remembered 23 years after one of Idaho’s most horrific crimes
New book recalls 1973 murder of Scranton boys and killer’s trial


‘A peculiar turn’ in the Axeman investigation of 1918
Hallsville girl missing 29 years this month
Indiana Cold Case: The LaSalle Street Murders
Mother continues search for missing daughter after over 30 years
10 years later, Raleigh detectives still puzzled by woman’s disappearance
Crime, corruption, and sin: the dark underbelly of Los Angeles
PBSO social-media campaign to spotlight missing-child cases this week
LONGREAD: Unforgotten—The unsolved murder of Lafayette’s Red Cross director


Authorities investigating new leads in unsolved Jennings Eight murders
1985 Cold Case: Barbara Bremer
Search Continues For Christopher Kerze Missing Since 1990
Hull’s most notorious unsolved cases of missing people
‘I’m a cannibal’: victim’s neighbor recalls horrific 1970 murder


COLD CASE: 27-year-old Renee Bergeron’s mutilation slaying unsolved after 25 years
Is it time to let go? Mother tells story of daughter who disappeared in 2003
In-Depth: What happened to Judith Geurin?
Family seeks answers 4 months after mysterious disappearance of Jerry and Susan McFalls
A new ‘D.B. Cooper’ suspect? Yet another possible identity for elusive hijacker
Unsolved: A dismemberment murder, a suicide and a haunting tape in Lowell
Missing children: Fathers of Julie Surprenant and Ariel Kouakou united in heartache
EAR Investigation, DNA Technology May Help Solve Another Decades Old Murder Case


AS SEEN ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: Arrest made in 30-year homicide cold case of Jay Cook and Tanya van Cuylenborg
Police hope remnants of Bucks County home, once owned by a murderer, holds clues about long-missing man
Brooklyn religious store owners’ mysterious murders leave hole in the community
Michiana Unsolved: The Miriam Rice Murder
The Teacher’s Pet: The unsolved murder of Lyn Dawson
Prosecutor’s office IDs person of interest in 4 Springfield unsolved homicides
Murder of 13-year-old Amanda Goodman remains unsolved 29 years later
She let a visitor in and was stabbed more than 100 times. Who killed Irasema Chavez?
VHS tape that survived Ike could help solve murder of Galveston woman stabbed in heart


Cold case murder of beloved seven-year-old Killeen girl heating up
5 years later, woman found in shallow grave in Fort Worth still unidentified
Mother remains hopeful for missing daughter Bethany Markowski 17 years after disappearance
Eileen Stewart cold case: Sixty years on, Tasmanian mother’s disappearance remains a mystery
911 call reveals emotional moment daughter found parents murdered inside home
Two years later, still no justice for 11-year-old Josue Flores
Justice for Niqui: Still seeking answers nearly 17 years later
LONGREAD: The Hunt | Inside strangler(s)’ playground amid ’96 Olympics


New Connecticut cold case podcast called (wait for it): Case Unsolved
15 years later: Blue Ridge Savings Bank triple murders still unsolved
Authorities investigating new leads in unsolved Jennings Eight murders
Cold Case Files: 11-year-old Karen Ewanciw slain in 1975
Help me solve my father’s 1974 cold case murder
Redhead Murders: ‘We Are Looking For You’
Where’s Wesley? Butterfly release marks 17 years since boy’s disappearance
1989 murder of Sunbury woman is linked to drug-related execution-style homicide


‘That ain’t transmission fluid’: Witness recalls grisly discovery in Ronnie Hyde case
The burning cold case of Megan Curl
4 years later, this is where the investigation into Jennifer Cahill-Shadle’s disappearance stands
The killer who came knocking: ‘Maria was horribly murdered’
Greater Manchester’s missing children – 11 youngsters from our region who have disappeared
Surveillance video and DNA composites from Irasema Chavez’s cold case
LONGREAD: The search for Sheriff’s Office posse member Sam Grider
Relatives of missing girls disappointed after search for their remains called off


‘Someone hated her’: Student shot, stabbed, run over, mutilated in 1988; killer never found
‘The Bible Belt Strangler’: E. Tenn. students draft serial killer profile in unsolved cases
What happened to Lilli Dunn after she went missing from her Southgate home in 1980?
Ten years later Brandon Swanson’s missing persons case still unsolved
Evidence in 15-year-old Mary Darlene Howard’s homicide to be re-examined 38-years later
FBI, Manchester PD Conduct Search Related To Denise Daneault’s 1980 Disappearance

Meanwhile, in Florida: feast your eyes on this combination cooking/cold case web-series (spoiler alert—the big-boned southern lawman likes his steak well done): ‘Cookin’ Up Justice’ With Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey (episode 1 + episode 2)


The search for Wendy Burkey’s killer 17 years later
Unsolved Murder: Samantha Cothran
Susan Shearin Clary’s unsolved homicide still haunts retired investigator
Comprehensive list of Notorious Michigan serial killers: Who were they?
A 14th human foot — this one in a hiking boot — washes ashore in Canada
The 500 unsolved cold-blooded NSW murders to be opened again
LONGREAD: The Arlington Serial Killer Who Changed History


Cold case: Christmas Day double murder in 1980 leaves family with questions
Brownwood woman grieves as thirteen year-old Amanda Goodman’s 1989 murder remains unsolved
Ann Arbor girl missing since 1970 tied to search at killer’s rural grave site
Rachel Good’s father seeks truth almost 15 years after her disappearance
2 murders, 1 killer? Police seek justice for women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads
Cherokee Co. investigators seeking information in Jennifer Judd’s 1992 homicide
Investigators hope science can help identify San Angelo’s two ‘John Does’
Susan Jacobson Still Missing after Vanishing 5 Years Ago in Roseville
Notorious Michigan serial killers: Who were they?


Unsolved: Three months, five missing girls and the tumultuous summer of 1974
The I-70 Killer, who terrorized Indiana and the Midwest, is still out there
Re-Examining The ‘Redhead Murders’
Unsolved 1967 Bertram Kidd & Marjorie Sharp double homicide: PART 2 (PART 1 previously linked)
Missing Pieces: Case still unsolved of young mother killed on Crystal Beach
Pollen breathes new life into investigation of Jane Doe with severed hands
Rachel Good’s father seeks truth almost 15 years after her 2003 disappearance
Who killed Grace Chen? Friends, family still search for answers four years later
Suspected serial killer may have served lover’s remains at barbecue, documentary says


Yesterday’s Crimes: DNA Profiles and the Murderers Who Might Be Zodiac
Lindsey Baum, 10, Who Vanished While Walking Home Alone from Friend’s House Is Found Dead 9 Years Later
Maine Father Continues His Search 32 Years After Daughter’s Disappearance
Search for bodies in Macomb Township enters day three
LONGREAD about Oregon’s missing and unidentified: Out from the Void
Missing Coachella Valley couple disappeared exactly one year ago
An arrest in Jennifer Bastian case: Tacoma police arrest suspect in 1986 child murder

Every night I take five minutes to post interesting crime stories, and now I’m asking for something in return—I want to name this serial killer. I hereby dub thee the Lisa Lopes Shooter, and peremptorily declare all TLC-related puns and headlines exempt from the strictures of good taste: ‘Left eye’ killer leaves distinctive mark on victims in Mississippi


Catching a killer: Detectives work toward cold case conviction in Toni Ann Tedder’s 1990 homicide
Police search for 4 to 6 bodies at site where Michigan child killer Arthur Ream buried teen
Deverrie Schiller’s mother: “I have a right to know the last face she saw when she died”
After 15 years, still no answers in Christian Ferguson’s disappearance
Mother of Sage Smith Looks to Public for Help in Disappearance Case
Looking for Lessig: solving the mystery behind her father’s assumed identity
‘Hope For Justice:’ Rita Gutierrez-Garcia’s Family Searches For Answers
50-year search for justice: carrying on the quest for the killer of Alice Lee


What happened to Julie Cutler? 30 years on, the question still remains
Unsolved mystery: Livingston sheriff asks for public’s help in Barbara Blount’s disappearance
Marvin Clark of Tigard missing for 92 years
Inside Investigations: Who Killed Alberta Jones?
LONGREAD: The Great Unsolved Mystery of Missing Marjorie West
Police: Four to six young girls may be buried in Macomb Township wooded area / Related video link: the title credits have been removed, but the Dateline episode about (alleged) serial killer Arthur Ream can be found here (part 1 + part 2)


Husband-wife serial killers may be link between two 40-year-old mysteries, police say
Did a serial killer who stalked young girls murder party-loving teenager Jacci Ansell-Lamb?
Toronto police obtain DNA profile of killer in 1991 cold case murder of Lori Pinkus
Murder of young mom Alicia Jackson remains unsolved seven years later
Double-murder of elderly Lake Oconee couple remains unsolved
Who Killed Daniel Duignam? Mystery Surrounds Fatal Shooting of Temple U. Student
Years of anguish for family of missing Clifton woman

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