Your Daily Dread: Because Maybe that Weird Noise Wasn’t Just the Wind

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Tracking Down a Killer: Detective closing in on cold case
10 years later: No answers in Gaston cold case
Questions surround mysterious murder of Pontiac woman 8 years ago
Kellen McElwee’s disappearance still a mystery 10 years later
FBI, police continue search for answers in deaths of 3 Lumberton women
Michigan man believes his 1960 Lincoln may be Jimmy Hoffa’s ‘death car’
The mystery of the Lost Boys: Part 2 (Part 1 posted last week)


Rhoden Family Members Ask Public For Information On Still-Unsolved Murders
‘Lot farther along than anyone imagined,’ chief says about cold-case homicide of Barbara Miller
Tips sought in cold case search for missing Bedford County siblings
Texas Rangers double reward for info on 1991 murder of Kathy Page
‘We don’t know why he left:’ Teen has been missing for 2 years
Family of teen found murdered in Fairfield fighting for justice six years later
THE DELAY: After an 11-year-old Navajo girl was kidnapped her family and friends sprang into action to find her
On February 11, 2017 the 110-foot Destination disappeared off the coast of Alaska with its six-man crew


Where is Josh Miller?
30 years later, mystery remains in missing Leavenworth County teen’s case
Unsolved Mystery: Did sex-slaver guru murder pregnant woman?
Delphi homicides: Could broader DNA database help catch teens’ killer?
Missing and murdered: 5 Miami County crimes that grabbed headlines
39-year search for missing Michigan teen could end in Georgia grave
Family, friends of woman found dismembered in Brooklyn park demand NYPD catch killer
CULTS, SATANISM: Shock evidence in murdered cabbie’s inquest


Who killed Dickie Kratzer? 1981 Evansville hit-and-run remains unsolved
Missing Missouri Woman Kidnapped, Police Believe
Searching for Answers: Missing Brandon Helms
Police believe mysterious phone call is key in man’s minivan murder
Passersby may have clues to Peachland, B.C., man’s mysterious death
Death in Ice Valley: BBC podcast on Isdal Woman


Garrett woman recalls her story of stopping a serial killer
Jason Knapp, Central York grad missing for 20 years, remembered during memorial service
Police looking for break on two-year anniversary of Canadian teen’s disappearance
No arrests for murder of young Jacksonville family after four months
Killer Connection: America is Haunted by 100,000 Missing Persons and 40,000 Sets of Human Remains
The Phantom Menace (vintage longread about the Texarkana Moonlight Murders)


Keddie murders revisited: New evidence discovered links living suspect to grizzly scene (alas, there are no bears)
“It’s like she just disappeared off the earth:” Birmingham mom of 2 missing 4 years
Haunting scene pics from ‘Slender Man’ stabbing released
Death and the Maidens: the unsolved murders of Patricia and Barbara Grimes
Portrait of a Serial Killer: the murder of 10-year-old Jessica Guzman led Bronx detectives to New York’s most twisted killer since Son of Sam


I-Team: Seeking Justice for Gail and Tamara; A Family’s Search for Answers
CRIME: Police continue 6-year search for missing Rocky Mount woman
Documentary recounts Ignacio woman’s mysterious death
Ray Gricar mystery: New investigator takes over 13-year-old cold case
Podcaster petitioning DA to bring cold case to grand jury
Never Solved, a College Dorm Arson Fire Has Become One Man’s Obsession
3 years later, family implores public to keep looking for missing Provo student
Losing ‘Letta: a 6-part series on the 1982 murder of 12-year-old Carmeletta Green


The mystery of the Lost Boys: Part 1
Dancer’s murder remains unsolved, clues found in her car, fresh set of eyes could be key
County Police Revisit Cold Case of Missing Bethesda Woman
Nicole Silvers hasn’t been seen since the early morning hours of April 9, 2014
Car linked to Rachel Cooke case impounded for forensic analysis
Bizarre twist in death of Belgian backpacker half-eaten by lizard on Thailand island
Mystery Of Deaths Unsolved: 35-year-old Murder Case Still Open, Still A Mystery


30 Years Later: The Colonial Parkway Murders — Part 2 (Part 1 posted earlier in the week)
Chester County woman still missing a year later
Police in Washington state reveal new details in 1987 murder of young Victoria couple
Coroner reaches open conclusion for death of man with sock in mouth
Jane Doe no more: Miami County sheriff IDs cold case victim 37 years later
Preview 7 Investigates: The disappearance of Krista Sypher
Police to announce ‘new developments’ in Madison County woman’s 2010 disappearance
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office still investigating Heather Hodges disappearance
Missing Unity woman’s burned SUV found near Twin Lakes Park, state police say


Lumby man revisits 50-year-old cold case
30 years later, Saanich couple’s killing back in the spotlight
Macin Smith still missing — with no hot leads — more than 2.5 years later
58 years later, Drew Kivell still hopes to solve his father’s murder
Murdered? Or missing? Police once believed someone killed Henrietta Millek
What happened to Margaret Douglas? Wadsworth authorities investigate
Woman’s Dismembered, Naked Body Is Found in N.Y.C. Park


Robin Abrams was fired by the Will County Sheriff’s Department—she filed a federal lawsuit and vanished
30 Years Later: The Colonial Parkway Murders
Woman says Phoenix ‘Canal Killer’ murdered her sister in 1992, now she’s taking action
Profiling the three young women whose deaths are being re-investigated
Baltimore detective turns to FBI, public for help finding Molly Macauley’s murderer
COLD CASE: 45 years later — tips still come in for missing Ingrid Bauer
Menomonee Falls woman’s disappearance in 1988 remains mystery


Beyond ‘Satanic Panic’: Agent has theory on 30-year mystery of missing Kansas teen
Two decades later, the sting of Gorham teen’s unsolved slaying endures
Rocky Mount proved to be the end of the line for a teenager who got off the bus at the wrong stop four decades ago
After 3 Decades, New Evidence Could Solve Missing NH Teen Case
For 16 years, Billerica woman’s disappearance has haunted her family
Susan Marable still missing 27 years after seen getting into maroon pick-up truck


Nearly 9 years later: What happened to Marsha Brantley?
Sketch released of woman whose severed head found near Lake Houston
She vanished 18 months ago with no leads. Now, a volunteer cop has a troubling theory about what happened to her
Tragic tales, but hope for the future at the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women
Possible break in 1971 Orange County double murder
Who Was Stella Walsh? The murder of an Olympic champion and the autopsy that shook a city
The Murder House: a mysterious mansion hidden in the hills of Los Angeles remains frozen in time
Two mysterious deaths and rumors of satanism have created widespread hysteria in Childress, a town that fears it is . . . Possessed by the Devil (harder-to-read version with photos)


Overkill: Murder in Toronto-the-Good
‘Justice for a child.’ Will Lakewood girl’s killer ever be caught?
30 years later in Fort Wayne: Where is April Marie Tinsley’s killer
Suspected Murrysville serial killer subject of crime sleuth’s book
Family Awaits DNA Test in Cold Case
New clues sought 2 years after woman’s body found dismembered
7 years after Albany woman’s death ruled suicide, family isn’t convinced


Aaron Dragonetti’s curious disappearance
Decades-old murder mystery back before public
Marissa Koziel’s Killer Must Be Caught, Friend Says
28 Murders Still Unsolved In Morris County
The CDC researcher who mysteriously vanished in February has been found dead
Missing for 20 years: Central York graduate Jason Knapp legally declared dead
Amid the unrest that engulfed D.C. following the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King, 15-year-old Vincent Lawson vanished


Forty years ago, 14 gay men were brutally killed in Toronto; half of those cases are still unsolved
30 years later: April Marie Tinsley’s killing remains unsolved
New tips rekindling 34-year-old Despard disappearance case
Nassau Homicide Commander: Tips still coming in on 1986 Yeshiva dorm murder
Why CDC Scientist’s Mysterious Disappearance Isn’t Like Other Missing-Persons Cases
Tanner Sharp Case: 8 years later
The Ice-Cold Case: two crusading reporters and their private investigators still can’t crack a notorious KC crime
Couple’s 1983 Murders Still Unsolved


An empty chair: the disappearance of Wesleyan student Tricia Reitler
$15,000 and ‘speechless:’ Allison Bevers endows pig sale to fund Missy Bevers investigation
Family finds peace despite 40-year-old unsolved murder
Not defined by the end: Who was Carrie Singer?
A young mother and crack addict went missing 24 years ago: Felecia, where are you?
Decades after her mother’s disappearance, daughter strives for simple, happy life
Texas Rangers report offers new details about Houston serial killer’s final admissions


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