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16 years later: Rebecca family’s murders remain unsolved
Newton Sheriff’s Office seeks public’s help in solving mystery of girl’s death
Memories flood back on Branson’s murder anniversary
Reading the signs: as Taos woman’s disappearance nears 2-year mark, a father still hopes
After 48 years, Jane Doe has a name
The Oakland County Child Killer Case Presentation April 4th


Yesterday’s Crimes: The Zodiac Killer DNA Profile That Never Was
Crime Stoppers Cold Case: Seeking new information in the 1984 murder of Janet Newman
Search and rescue group reviews records for clues in unsolved disappearance of B.C. plane
Sign depicting missing woman stabbed
What really happened to Marianne Schuett?
A Tale of 2 Men and 1 Murder Confession
‘It doesn’t make sense:’ The mysterious death of Kristy Kelley


After 51 years, police recover remains believed to be of missing Cutchogue woman
5 were killed with an ax near Millstadt. 144 years later, the crimes remain unsolved
Police need help solving 2013 murder of 20-year-old Hot Springs woman
14 years later, Vermont State Police investigate active leads in Brianna Maitland disappearance
Family of woman killed by crossbow 20 years ago still seeking justice
Tip in Mesa 11-year-old’s disappearance shows up on dollar bill in Wisconsin
Mystery of missing N.B. teen haunts family, eludes police for three decades
State Police still investigating 38-year-old cold case
Michigan woman remains committed to finding sister missing for more than 40 years


58 from PA who went missing as children more than 5 years ago
Who is John Vansice? Arizona man remains a ‘person of interest’ in Jodi Huisentruit case, police say
DNA tech brings new light to 28-year-old Arkansas murder
Mother of Franklin County man missing since 2013 says she’ll ‘never give up hope’
Wooden cross nailed to tree at site where Allison Foy died
CRIME HUNTER: Are truckers more likely to be serial killers?
Killer’s path long, gory: Wayne Garrison’s own grandmother told of his cruelty


Family at dead end searching for information on missing daughter Krystie Stuart
Case of missing New Brunswick teen remains a mystery more than 30 years later
28 years missing: The Millbrook twins’ family still searching for answers
Police renew push for tips on anniversary of teen Karen Caughlin’s 1974 death
Who Killed Shelley Connors?
Buried: Three-part Carey Mae Parker Podcast


Throwback longreads about still-missing children:

Weckler kidnapping 70 years ago: girl’s May Day disappearance remains mystery
Vanishing Act: Six years after the fact, the disappearance of nine-year-old Christian Ferguson remains a mystery
25 years later, Leigh Occhi case remains a mystery
10 years pass, Jaquilla Scales still missing
Buddy Myers: The little boy who vanished without a trace
Little girl lost: Remembering Katie Worsky after 25 years (companion piece:
Glenn Barker:Serial killer or convenient scapegoat?)


Report: Police serve search warrant connected to Jodi Huisentruit cold case
National network shining light on more than 40-year Visalia cold case
Betteridge’s law of headlines: Was One Man Responsible for Killing JonBenét, Black Dahlia & More?
An update in Natalee Holloway’s death saga
Psychics tell family where they’ll find missing Royal Lakes woman
Family hopes drone will help find answers in whereabouts of Desirea Ferris
50-year search for justice: retired detective carries on the quest for the killer of Alice Lee


Where is Brandy Hall, Episode one: A Detective’s Last Case
Search for missing women rescheduled
Montreal: Gone, but not forgotten
Another potential clue found in Holly Cantrell’s disappearance
Pulaski County’s Most Notorious: Murders
DPS increases reward for 2003 cold case murder of Cynthia Palacio
Jupiter teen, killed 28 years ago, to ‘speak’ via social media
Suzette Langlois’ daughters, police reflect on new details surrounding murder investigation
The ‘Keeper’ Of JonBenét Ramsey’s Tricycle Has A Documentary Ready To Rock


Attempted kidnapper who was fatally stabbed claims he disposed of Natalee Holloway’s body
47 years later, brother of murdered college student still wants justice
Straw hat could be key to solving 1970 murder of Brinks security guard
20 years after Sabrina Aisenberg vanished her parents hope she could be on her way home
Grosse Pointe woman: My mom was killed in a cover-up and I’ll prove it
Bones found in Buckeye awaiting DNA analysis, could clear speculation about Jesse Wilson
The CDC says its missing researcher wasn’t denied a promotion. Police say otherwise.
Searching for Bethany Part 2 (From last week: Part 1)
Jennifer Odom: After 25 years, a mother’s grief and questions remain (Related: photo gallery)


FBI offers $15K reward for missing teen boy who saw father killed
Baltimore-bound USS Cyclops vanished 100 years ago. Its fate remains a mystery
Sense of Mystery Deepens Over Slaying of Family
How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace
Double Murder Still Unsolved After 28 Years


The Unsolved Murder of the Mysterious Ida Lowry
Young kids rarely vanish. But it’s happened in Kansas at least six times since 1977
Detectives seek new leads in Clark Co. cold case: ‘She remains missing to this day’
Cousin’s disappearance fuels bus driver’s passion to find the missing
Muncie father continues search for daughter, 4 years after her disappearance
Memorial stone planned for long-missing Mary Lands
RCMP Historical Homicide Unit races against time to solve Alberta cold cases


‘You think about it every day:’ 13 years since Bianca Piper disappeared
COLD CASE: Witnesses sought in killing of Knox artist who died within walking distance of home
He killed 3 people in SC with a hatchet – and there may be more victims, sheriff says
Appalachian Unsolved: Cross-country trip ends in Canadian’s mysterious death in Knoxville
CRIME HUNTER: Cops closing in on cold case killers
North Carolina man arrested for 1986 slaying of 15-year-old Tracy Gilpin


Colleen Cason: New focus heats up Ventura cold case
Family pleads to find Marilyn Wallman’s killer four decades after disappearance
$25,000 Reward Offered for Model and Actress Who Vanished in Los Angeles
Jenkins and Lawrence say DNA evidence exonerates them in Meagher murder case
Still no sign of retired Dallas firefighter one year later
The 1983 slaying of Susan Shearin Clary, a case that continues to haunt the Roanoke Valley
Frozen in fear: Friend of Edmonton victim fears killer four decades later


Hope I’m wrong but I had an epiphany about the EAR/ONS Shrinky-Dink Killer the other day; police are going to identify him and show up at his house . . . forty-eight hours after he dies peacefully in his sleep.

Sun City woman survived rape by serial killer in 1976. She wants you to help find him
New investigation of decade-old Oklahoma cold case identifies a suspect
$3K reward offered for hero in case of missing Andrews woman
Police suspect sketch from Sioux Lookout raises eyebrows in Sudbury
Severed hand mystery takes SHOCK TWIST as cops discover 54 human fists buried in SNOW
Could new national DNA database provide a break in one of Alberta’s most gruesome cold cases?


Unsolved 1990 Clarkston homicide case reopened
New focus on the 28-year-old Amy Mihaljevic murder case that haunts Bay Village
Man’s mysterious abduction unsolved 5 weeks later
Tree in Lucas Hernandez photo connected to case from decades earlier
Searching for Bethany
Search for Ryan Shtuka goes on
Mysterious witness cracks shocking CQ murder cold case open
Police Say They’re Getting Close to Arrest in Murder of 93-year-old Sioux Falls Grandmother


The macabre story of Vladimir Messer
New clues emerge in case of Metro Detroit nurse murdered while jogging
Arson killing 7 family members still unsolved, still haunts loved ones
Still no leads three years after Atascocita couple brutally murdered during home robbery
Finding Cleo: CBC podcast solves decades-old mystery of Saskatchewan girl lost in Sixties Scoop
$10,000 reward offered in East Bay cold case murder of house sitter during home invasion robbery
‘I believe they’ll find him’: Woman spent her life trying to solve mystery of husband’s 1956 disappearance


SC boy was sexually assaulted and strangled. 29 years later, his killing is unsolved
Family continues to search two months after their parents disappear from Arizona
State Police seeking info on 1973 ‘Double Initial’ murder victim Wanda Lee Walkowicz, 11
An Exclusive Extract From ‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’ By Michelle McNamara
Man questioned in 2013 missing persons case released from prison
Parents of Annie McCann, found dead in Baltimore of ‘Bactine poisoning,’ press Gov. Hogan to intervene
Man believes discovery of woman’s remains solves decades-long family mystery


Mystery of Michigan family slaughtered in their log cabin in 1968 remains unsolved
TWISTED TROPHY: Cops release shock photo of suspected victim of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur
VSP Pursuing New Leads in Alicia Showalter Reynolds Homicide
Springfield officer recalls conversations with daughter after father’s disappearance
On the evening of Feb. 2, 1990, Pam Felkins was abducted from the Crossroads Video store in Greenbrier
Walker County detectives say they won’t give up on 37-year-old murder mystery
Police, family ask the public for help in the 14-year-old missing persons case of teenager Brianna Maitland
Convicted Killer Charged With 1986 Double Homicide Of East Bay Women


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