Your Daily Dread III: Because Sleep is for the Weak

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Mysterious death of online ‘exhibitionist’ shocks small Alabama community of Calera
‘Ooh-ee!’ says Texas Tourniquet Killer in lethal injection
10 years later, elderly woman’s murder remains unsolved
I-Team Exclusive: Investigator ‘confident’ missing couple mystery will be solved
Police still optimistic in catching Lane Bryant store killer 10 years later
Neighbors wonder about possible connection in Wichita murders


Phoenix police: Double-murder suspect killed seven others over three weeks
Investigators Continue To Search For Clues In Northern Liberties Murder Mystery
Jennifer Harris’ family ‘more optimistic than ever before’ about unsolved murder case
Baby Michael: The case that haunts investigators
DPS Offers Increased Reward, Seeks Leads in 1983 Harris County Murder
Baby Bones Mystery: case still unsolved 25 years later
Killer’s Defense Was Demon Possession


Missing Trenton man’s death ruled suicide, but family believes he was murdered
Vanished: David Fortin, missing since 2009
Daughter Desperate to Find Missing Dad
Revisiting 10 unsolved LGBT murders in D.C.
Two years later, family still searching for Ebonee Spears
What happened to Joey LaBute?
St. John’s missing women cases shrouded in mystery more than 3 decades later


U.S. Marshals need help identifying man who stole Tulsa boy’s identity, lived under it for 24 years
Houston killer facing execution this week admitted to 2 more slayings in morbid hoax
Remains of slain girls found, but 1968 murders remain unsolved
Murder of ABC7 producer Anne Swaney in Belize still unsolved after 2 years
Persons of interest photos released in mysterious case of couple ambushed, ‘executed’ at gated community
Family’s search continues 10 years after Yasmin Acree’s disappearance
Police ‘have not forgotten’ missing Paterson woman


Unsolved civil rights-era murder divides scholars, residents
COLD CASE: Adrianna & Jennifer Wix
Search for missing Moline man enters 24th year
Mother of Bianca Jones pleads for public to keep searching for child 6 years after her disappearance
A year later, Toni Anderson’s loved ones dedicate bench but still have questions
Another murdered psychic who didn’t see it coming: Who Killed The Love Guru?


Open wounds: Mysterious killings of teen girls in New Jersey remain unsolved after 50 years
DNA tests on decayed clothing fail to link suspect to disappearance of Bobby Joe Fritz
Grisly Murder Scene Photos from 1910s New York
The Unsolved Murder of David Butler, Noted with a Dull Ache
‘A Place Where Something Evil Happened:’ the Search for Ira Tobolowsky’s Killer
NOTORIOUS: Beaver County Times video series about serial killer Eddie Surratt


FBI: Human remains found in Kanawha Falls area not long missing woman
8-year-old girl killed in Pakistan may been victim of serial killer
Family still searching for clues 50 years after disappearance of Maureen Braddy
Special report: 75 women have been strangled or smothered in Chicago since 2001. Most of their killers got away.
Almost 35 years ago, she let a stranger hold her newborn. It has haunted her ever since.
Can 45-year-old DNA help solve the cold-case killing of Theone Davis?


Living with Slenderman: inside the trials of Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier
The Encyclopedia of the Missing: for Meaghan Good, the disappeared are still out here, you just have to know where to look
New Hampshire unsolved case file: Luella Blakeslee
Police release DNA-derived sketch of man wanted in 2004 slaying of TCC student Brittany Phillips
Audrey Moran & Jonathan Reynoso missing for 8 months
She claims to be a local toddler who vanished 50 years ago — that toddler’s sister says that’s nonsense
Candlelight vigil for missing Binghamton woman, Bambi Madden


Lead detective in unsolved San Francisco Zodiac killer case dies
Investigation continues in death of Nanette Krentel, St. Tammany’s lone unsolved 2017 homicide
Michelle McNamara’s Letter to the Golden State Killer
The Yorkshire Ripper and the unsolved Swedish murders
Cold case: Police seek clues in 1970 slaying of Wappinger woman, 20
Mystery surrounds bizarre disappearance of 70-year-old Stark County woman
Cold Case: Investigators taking a closer look at the murder of Marise Chiverella


Missing student Blaze Bernstein found dead, case investigated as homicide
Who Murdered These Jewish Snowbirds In Their Florida Condo?
State Police asking for public’s help: Suzanne Lyall has been missing since 1998
1984 murder of woman bludgeoned to death still unsolved
Police still looking for man missing since 1994
Rachel Cooke remembered on 16th anniversary of disappearance
Missing Burley woman’s skull found; authorities still looking for rest of her remains
Tammy Call’s cold case reopened in Vernon Parish


Seriously Serial: longreads about serial crimes, solved or ostensibly solved at minimum

The Serial Killer Who Got Away with Murder
The 15-year Hunt For a Serial Killer After a Dozen Murders, 40 Rapes and the Sporadic Pursuit Of Prime Suspects
Route 40 Killer Remains an Enigma After Being Convicted 25 Years Ago
The Legacy of the Cincinnati Strangler
Lucious Boyd, Lady-Killer
No Safety in Suburbia: Anatomy of Seven Weeks of Terror
Who did it? Doubts outlive key figure in Stamford’s notorious killings


Who Killed 14-Year-Old Claire Hough, Whose Mutilated Body Was Found on Calif. Beach in 1984?
Ocean City woman still searching for sister who disappeared 24 years ago
Alice “Anita” Oswald: Still Searching For Answers
Suspect in Person County murder has 2 missing ex-wives, sheriff says
The mysterious, unsolved death of Jody Rilee-Wilson
A Town In Terror: How Jerry McFadden’s 1986 crime spree stole the lives of Hawkins’ best, brightest


The brutal unsolved murders carried out by the ‘East Lancs Ripper’ suspected of sexually mutilating two women
COLD CASE: Police believe they know who killed Barrie’s Katherine Janeiro
37 years later, Robin Brooks’ murder remains unsolved
New Podcast Asks: Did Cops Investigating Atlanta Child Murders Get the Right Guy?
Susan McMillion Roop: ‘The Missing Valentine’
Losing ‘Sunny,’ Part 1: Two decades after a young woman’s brutal slaying, those left behind still try to cope
Losing ‘Sunny,’ Part 2: Who killed Adrienne Sudweeks?
Losing ‘Sunny,’ Part 3: After nearly 20 years of grief for family and friends, a cold case gets warmer
Losing ‘Sunny,’ Part 4: Trial, and closure, in 20-year-old murder case prove elusive


Where is Susan Swedell? Washington County reignites 30-year-old investigation
Aunt uses balloon launch to revive toddler’s unsolved murder 27 years ago
Lessons of the Gruesome Case Behind One of America’s Last Legal Executions by Hanging
Body parts found with undetonated explosive matched to torso found in September
Remembering Mikelle Biggs, 19 years after her disappearance
LONGREAD: What happened to Dana Ireland? (Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3)


3 recent missing person cases baffle Colorado authorities
Three friends were killed on a single day in the D.C. area. Police think the cases may be linked.
LRPD makes plea for public’s help in triple homicide case
‘Somebody please come forward:’ daughters of woman killed at mall plead for answers
Vanished! Mysterious disappearance of college student from OC park
Mother of murdered girls confronts suspected killer on his death bed
Why five Atlanta Child Murders cases are still unsolved
Cases of three women who disappeared from Vernon Parish in 1980s reopened


Mother writes letter in teen daughter’s unsolved 1980 case
Upstate NY cold case files: 10 mysterious deaths, disappearances that stumped police
Search continues for couple who mysteriously disappeared after visiting family in Indy
D.B. Cooper letter, newly released by FBI, offers startling coded clue that might reveal skyjacker
City in fear: Greensboro’s only serial killer ‘just looked evil’
The Lords of Bakersfield: Powerful gay men. Vulnerable teen-age boys. Murder.


New CBC podcast investigates 1997 double homicide
The Paradise Ridge Ax Murders: diving into a 121-year-old Nashville-area mystery
After fifteen years, two Eastern Iowa families are still waiting for closure
Former Brave Combo member has been missing for 15 months
Project Unsolved: Decades later, search continues for suspect in CU student Sid Wells’ 1983 murder
Families of missing persons keep searching — for their loved ones as well as for closure
One year later, the brutal death of Livia Smith remains unsolved — and friends and family demand answers
46-year-old cold case murder remains under investigation


A sister is still haunted by her twin’s unsolved death
Search continues for Ashley Loring Heavyrunner
The brutal randomness of Samantha Olson’s murder
Gone 10 years, the mystery remains: What happened to Wendy Hudakoc?
Seattle’s own civil rights assassination is still a cold case
Toronto police offer $50k reward for information in 20-year-old murder case
Mother Pleads for Answers About Her Daughter’s Murder After 20 Years
Forty years ago this week, a mystery began that still haunts investigators


19 years later, missing Mesa girl still haunts sister
Does the mystery of D.B. Cooper lead back to Michigan? Michigan author thinks Grayling grocery store manager may be legendary skyjacker
KILLING TIME: The Downs brothers didn’t have much in common, until they each committed very different murders and ended up together on death row.
The Deputy Who Disappeared: Jon Aujay went for a desert run in 1998 and never returned


Unsolved Virginia slaying resonates, 26 years later
Vernon Sheriff asking for help solving 1989 cold case homicide
Murder of CSP Trooper still unsolved after 40 years
Family fears no one searching for surfer missing since 2016
(Part 1-ish) One missing, one murdered
(Part 2-ish) A decade of fear: Women who were killed or went missing in Santa Fe during the 1980s

Unbelievably, the so-called “Fag in a Bag” murders aren’t the only homicides with a (tenuous) Exorcist  connection: Murders on Main


Tim Edwards murder still unsolved 12 years later: Beloved teacher and rancher not forgotten
New Website Puts Spotlight on Unsolved Dunlap Murder
Setagaya family murders remain unsolved 17 years later
Was Son of Sam behind Westchester ‘Dartman’ attacks?
Nikki Allan murder: Detective trawls Chronicle archives as hunt for schoolgirl’s killer continues
Investigators say they have ‘definite course’ in 18-year-old murder case involving disappearance of two girls


Sheriff finds ‘extremely valuable’ long-lost investigation notes in case of missing girls from Welch
NEWS: Family wonders, where is Christine?
Jogger’s death continues to haunt family, community
The Haunting, Heartbreaking Mystery of ‘Little Jacob’
30 years since disappearance of Deisy Herrera
A popular British podcaster is set to shine a light on the unsolved murders of two women whose mutilated bodies were found in Wigan countryside
Family wonders: Who’s leaving roses on murdered woman’s grave?


Spokane man links chunk of concrete to cold case
Clearwater detectives still seeking info on 49-year-old murder case
Woman pleads for answers 23 years after her mother disappeared in Salt Lake City
Ten years later, hiker’s murder still haunts those closest to case
Quadruple murder in upstate New York took place just miles from unsolved 2014 multiple homicide
New hope in 25-year-long murder inquiry as police chase two new leads
Why hasn’t the Traci Pittman Kegley missing person investigation continued?


32 years gone, missing child inspires child safety awareness
7 years pass since Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn’s disappearance
Bay Area family still holds out hope for teen abducted in 2016
Mathis murders: 30 years later some authorities remain convinced of John Mathis’ guilt
Police asking for public’s help in cold case from 1992
L.A. Woman Who Vanished Months Ago May Be a Human Trafficking Victim, Authorities Say
The mystery of the young Kent man found decapitated and his family’s never-ending search for justice


Who killed Peaches? Little girl’s murderer never charged, though police had suspect
Truro father still searching for son after 19 years
Who Killed Father Ryan? A 1981 Odessa murder haunts crime researchers
Twenty-nine years later, Rebecca Pauline Gary remains missing from Louisiana
Investigator searches for killer in 25-year-old cold case: “I’m coming after them”
Murder of Vermont golf pro Sarah Hunter still drives Capital Region


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