Your Daily Dread II: Because an Interesting Crime is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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Children’s remains found in Missoula may have Michigan connection
Family seeks information from public on 5th anniversary of couple’s deaths
After 36 years, St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office searches to identify “Jane Doe”
Tracey Ann Patient killing: The 40-year murder mystery that has haunted NZ
Twenty years later, Auburn police re-explore mysterious death of college student
A look back: Vineland police try to solve ‘Lost Boy’ case: Where is Billy Jones?


Ten years later, Marshall student’s murder remains unsolved
Officials plea for information 6 years after couple’s unsolved murder
Lambton OPP to give update on 43-year-old cold case death of Karen Caughlin Thursday
Virginia woman’s disappearance continues to puzzle police, two years later
Vernon cold-case unit seeking help with teen’s 1980 murder
Double murder remains unsolved after 20 years
Skeletal remains of 3 children found in Missoula shed still a mystery


Amazing; yesterday an arrest in the Suzie Bombadier case and today an arrest for the 1989 murder of Mandy Stavik:

‘Biggest case ever:’ Sheriff’s officials make arrest in 1989 murder of Mandy Stavik

To celebrate I’ve selected some long-reads about unsolved murders and disappearances of girls and young women under the age of 21; perhaps we can keep the momentum going:

Janet Raasch’s murder mystery endures for decades
Mount Prospect teen’s 1976 disappearance still haunts family, cop, reporter
Beverly Jarosz murder, 50 years later, getting new attention
Murder mystery remains unsolved—30 years after a college student from Minnesota was murdered in Ovid

For some reason the installations of this lengthy series on the murder of 13-year-old Jan Marie Rohrer aren’t numbered so I’ve listed them by date—irksome oversight on the part of MLive or meta-commentary on the difficulty of solving cold case homicides?

Little Girl Lost: Slaying of 13-year-old Bay City girl in 1973 remains a mystery today
Little Girl Lost: Brothers of slain Bay City teen seek closure in 39-year-old cold case
Little Girl Lost: Best friend of slain Bay City teen says ‘It’s been a struggle for me’
Little Girl Lost: Neighbor of slain Bay City 13-year-old met violent end in second unsolved case
Little Girl Lost: Bay City man seeks justice for mother’s unsolved slaying and says he was questioned in 13-year-old’s disappearance
Little Girl Lost: Former Bay City police detective shares theory on 1973 Jan Rohrer slaying
Little Girl Lost: Conviction of Bay City-born John List 19 years after killing family proves cold cases can be solved
Little Girl Lost: 1973 slaying of Bay City teen is not forgotten by local police


Missing in MI: Kimberly King’s best friend speaks out on 1979 missing case
Family of Augusta twins missing since 1990 announce reward into case
Cold cases: Local investigations reopened
1992 Disappearance of Arkansas Man Remains Mystery

Addendum: there’s been an arrest in the Suzie Bombadier case—Antioch police make arrest in 37-year-old kidnapping, homicide case
My favorite Bombadier long-read: My obsession with a cold case


Brandie Peltz murder case still cold 31 years later, new tips welcome
Special Report: A woman’s severed head was found in the woods. Who is she?
Mysteries remain as anniversary of disappearances approaches
40 years later, no one knows who killed Mary Ann Favre

Addendum: Aurora PD sprang for DNA phenotyping in the Al Kite case—DNA technique revealing face of Aurora man’s killer 13 years later


Police dismiss serial killer rumors surrounding Toronto’s gay village disappearances
The Car Barn Murders: Montgomery County’s Oldest Cold Case
Cold cases: Despite modern technologies, too many crimes remain unsolved
Professor may have found break in notorious 1965 unsolved murder
Cold case homicide began with chilling phone call to a newsroom 37 years ago
“Come looking for me if I’m not back.” The story of the most perplexing unsolved cases in Arkansas history


Who killed Cindy Blazek? 31 years later, her family is still trying to find out
Other cold cases: Severed legs, murdered women
After a yearlong police investigation and no arrests, two Utah parents are left to wonder: Who killed our son?
A Future Murderer Investigates a Murder – video report
Deputies reopen cold case nearly a decade after woman missing from Garfield County


Who Killed Jim and Tina? A double homicide in Kyle, Texas, goes unsolved
Revisiting the 1974 cold-case murder of Dr. Donald Ripley
Unsolved murder: North Richland Hills grandma shot while answering door
Cold case reopens family wounds: siblings remember outgoing mother, loving child; relive trauma
Summer McStay may have been raped before she was killed, buried in desert, court document says


How a Killer Massacred an Entire Family on a Fishing Boat in Alaska — and Was Never Caught
Remains of missing Platte Canyon student identified: the death of 17-year-old Maggie Long has been classified as a homicide
Notorious ‘Torso Murders’ blood trail revealed in Vintage photos
3 years later, still no suspect in Scottsdale woman’s murder
Who was Fred the Head? Murdered man’s identity remains a mystery


Spindle, Fold, Mutilate: a collection of long-reads about unsolved mutilation murders

Convicted killer has strange ties to three unsolved murders
What Happened To Ryan? A young man’s death, a mother’s grief and her fight for answers
Getting Away With Murder: the Andersen Case
Can DNA Evidence Solve a 30-Year-Old Crime?
The Girl on Church Hill: A Murder Mystery:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV


AMY BILLIG CASE: ‘Is Amy There?’
5 YEARS LATER: Investigators continuing to look into new leads in the Lyric and Elizabeth case
Reward extended in case of Moline girl missing since 1996
State police investigating 1973 Oneida Castle death
Investigators seek any new info on teen’s death as 34th anniversary passes
UMKC’s unexplored connection to Black Dahlia murder mystery


10 years later, Jenna Nielsen’s brutal murder still unsolved
Investigators seeking clues to 18-year-old murder case
N.C. mother’s search for missing son still strong after 35 years
Decades Old Cold Case Shares Eerie Connection To Recent Murder Of Temple Student
Windsor police offer $10K rewards for information on historical homicide cases
Police face challenges in Simi Valley’s oldest unsolved murder case
COLD CASE: Family seeks answers in murder of DC teen found dead in Charles County 37 years ago
Shawn Chelf hopes new evidence can help Dallas police detectives find the person who killed his mother, Laurie Kay Bosman, in 1987


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