Linkage Blindness XIV: Unavenged Crimes with Multiple Victims—More, More, More!

Posted: January 3, 2017 in Uncategorized
“Murder is like potato chips: you can’t stop with just one.” —- Stephen King

Although the doll is lovely, if I survived the massacre of my family I'd hope for a more practical present---like a Bullmastiff, perhaps, or maybe a military-grade flamethrower

Although the doll is lovely, if I survived the massacre of my family I’d hope for a more practical present—like a Bullmastiff, perhaps, or a military-grade flamethrower

The Bluebell bloodbath and the amazing tenacity of eleven-year old Terry Jo Duperrault, the original Final Girl
Enduring mysteries: the Kingfish Boat Ramp slayings and Florida’s inexplicable popularity as tourist destination
A thirty-year retrospective on the Colonial Parkway murders with more twists and turns than the road itself
The unsolved annihilation of the Rundle-Sturm family—not all Valentine’s tragedies are affairés de cœur
The novel 1984  brought us doublethink; the year 1984 brought us this yet-unsolved triple murder at Golf’n’Stuff
Last on this list but tops in weirdness: not unsolved but woefully unavenged, the Gavis family murders are full of surprises—you think it’s going to be a ho-hum teen-kills-his-family story . . . and then the grave robbing begins


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