Linkage Blindness VII: WTF Edition

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
Insert your own "coming out of the closet" joke here

Insert your own “coming out of the closet” joke here

Nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death — William Burroughs

A headless corpse with chicken wings and corn kernels stuffed in the bloody stump . . . WTF?
A drag performer kept a murder victim in her closet for 26 years . . . WTF?
A dead infant dismembered, disemboweled, skinned and burned . . . WTF?
A 14-year old girl strangled, sodomized and skewered lengthwise on an archer’s bow . . . WTF?
And finally, most shocking of all: in an article about penumbral Manson murders the author casually reveals Maury Terry, beloved crime writer and conspiracy connoisseur is . . . a Golden Girls  fan. WTF?

  1. curious says:

    How old was the criminology professor in 2001 when he passed? 65? 70? 80?

    Has anyone entertained the thought that the renouned professor was the murdeter. That the cover up or conspiracy was to protect him? (Knowingly or unknowingly)

    If he was that smart perhaps he could 1) get away with murder, 2) know people mighr suspect his son – or even point in that direction if necessary (knowing evidence would never be found or linked to his son …legally), 3) have just enough clout and or pressure to intimidate anyone who would actually start investigating his son 4) intimidate others and their career advancements in Law Enforcement – knowingly or unknowingly; leaving them incapable of ever conducting a proper investigation of him or his son due to fear of ruining their careers if wrong OR just unable to PROVE anything prosecutable.

    Also, he would have known the Sims …board of education. He may of been allowed inside. No forced entry. As reported.

    Perhaps Joy’s clothes were only staged. In attempt to lead investigators to a pedoohile or …weird son.

    How old was the professor in 1978? Was he still teaching at FSU?

    The female’s so called half confession after a recent divorce …may have been nothing more than to frame her tecently ex-husband without herself