Linkage Blindness IV: Don’t Mess with Texas Edition

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Texas history is splattered with blood —- Joe Stroop

Ice, ice baby---the infamous Houston ice-box murders

Ice, ice baby—the infamous Houston ice-box murders

True crime demigod Skip Hollandsworth on the Texas killing fields.
Houston’s creepiest unsolved crimes, ice-box murders included.
Double trouble: obscure Texan tandem serial killers.
A missing girl, and a psychic with a missing conscience.
And last but not least, a five-part series on budding serial killer and Patrick Bateman doppelganger Jay Kelly Pinkerton; farewell, juvenile death penalty, we hardly knew ye. (part 1 + part 2 + part 3 + part 4 + part 5)

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